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 1.          When I say devotion that means I am not talking about faith or belief. Belief is just like morality. People who believe something often think they are superior to others.

All that happens the moment you believe something is that your stupidity acquires confidence. Confidence and stupidity are a very dangerous combination, but they generally go together.

If you start looking at the world around you, you would clearly understand that what you know is so minuscule that there is no way to act with confidence.

Devotion is an act, it is not directed toward one thing or another, the object of devotion is immaterial. Yes every moment of our lives God is listening to every things that we say and do.

Whatever we are telling, whatever we are thinking these all are creating messages for itself, therefore think something best so that it might be best for me.

If you go deeply into any aspect of life, you will move further away from any conclusion than ever before. The more you delve into life, you see that it is an endless and unfathomable process.

You cannot get it because you are it.  When you realize experientially that every atoms, every gain of sand, every pebble and every piece of life from the smallest to the biggest is unfathomable.

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If you learn to bow, to hold everything higher than yourself, it does not seem to be good for your self –esteem.

2.           Even if you spend a lifetime, you still won’t understand a leaf an elephant. A devotee is someone who is willing to dissolve into the object of devotion.

If you are a devotee of life, you will become one with it. Don’t be an outsider to the life process. Become a devotee. Dissolve. The sole aim of every individual’s life energies is to touch the infinite the very core of our making.

They know no other aim. Your mind may be thinking of money or a new house, your body may be longing for food or sleep, but your life energies are always longing to break the boundaries set by your physical and mental structures.

Yoga means to experience the mental and physical process distinctly, not as the basis of yourself, but as that which is accused by you.

If you managed these two instruments of body and mind consciously, then your experience of life is one hundred percent of your making.

All you need to do is create distance between you and everything that you accumulated from outside. Life can be tasted and transcended only when there is a distinction between the psychological and the existential.

The spiritual process means a return to life. It means following the deep intelligence of your life energies. But limiting yourself to doing only what you like is a horribly compulsive way to live. Karma literally means action.

Action is of three kinds. It could be in terms of the body, mind or energy. Whatever you do with your body, mind or energy, leaves a certain residues. Karma is like old software that you have written for your self, unconsciously. Depending on the type of actions that you perform, you write you software.   

3.           In India Karma is a common word. If people exhibit any kind of compulsive behavior, others will immediately say, and that is called Karma.

The bitterness or sweetness of any experience is not in the event itself, but in how you perceive and respond to it. What is a very bitter experience for one person could be a blessing for another.

It is important to remember that karma is not a negative word. Karma is what gives stability and structure to your life.

Every moment, impression is flooding in torrents into your system through your five sense organs and each of them is being recorded.

It is very useful for your survival. If we deleted all of it, we would not know how to handle even the simplest aspect of life. So our software is not in itself the problem.

It turns into a problem only if it becomes the filing factor in your life. To talk of good Karma and bad Karma is like talking of good bondage and bad bondage.

There are no such things. Karma is just your own creation. It is neither good nor bad. It is software that can be useful if we have some freedom from it.

This is all the spiritual process aims to do, loosen the grip of Karma upon you.

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Whatever be the nature of your past karma, there is enough awareness in a human being to take complete charge of the karma of the present moment.

If we want any kind of transformation, any kind of forward movement in our life, it can only happen if we break the cyclical pattern of karma. Anything that is cyclical suggests constant motion but it doesn’t really go anywhere.

If you are sensitive to life, you realize this early. If you are less sensitive, you realize this as you grow older. When we are in a certain state of insufficient, we keep thinking that everything will be okay once our dream is realized.

The very process of living is itself dissolution of Karma. If we live every moment of our life totally, we dissolve enormous amount of karma.

When we experience everything that comes your way absolutely, when you experience every life breathe with utmost intensity, without the distractions of thought and emotion and might better.

Yoga offers a way to distance yourself not just form your karma, but form the very source of karma, which is the discriminatory intellect.

It offers you the choice every moment of your existence to be either a victim or a spectator or the very master of your life.

4.      With certain amount of effort and practice we all can write software of joy and wellbeing for ourselves. An internal action is one that does not involve either the body or the mind or the physical dimension of energy.

The body and mind are ours but still lives in external only due to concentration.  If our actions find outward expression, involving body mind and the physical dimension of energy, that is karma.

5.           If we observe that every forty minutes life changes, you will see that every forty minutes you are going through a physiological cycle. Once you see that, then with the necessary attention and awareness you can ride the cycle and move toward transcendence from the limitations that these cycles set.

So, every forty minutes, life presents you with an opportunity- the opportunity to become conscious. Our body has some type of specialty which not just a physical one.

If you bring the right amount of awareness to it.  Then after you can be free from compulsive need for food and sleep.

These qualities associated with the earth, with self-preservation. When your energies are dominant in these chakras, your qualities are earthy and you are more in the grip of nature. They are concern with the longing for the infinite.

They make you receptive to a force that we customarily refer to as grace. This is one of the reasons for the tremendous emphasis tradition.

To make the leap from the agna to the sahasrara takes immense trust. Suppose you were confronted by a bottomless abyss, and someone asked you to plunge into it, you would either have to be utterly crazy, extraordinarily courageous or absolutely trusting to do it.

 The sixth limb of yoga is referred to as dhyana (concentration), or dhyan (concentration), which is essentially about transcending the boundaries of one’s physical and mental framework. 

What is deity? A deity or energy form alive and a form of specific purpose to achieve fulfilment in different aspects of life. In fact, the traditional word for deity is yantra, which literally translates as machine or a working energy form.

Even, if those who do not know anything about meditation come and sit there, they become meditative by their own nature. That is the kind of remarkable tools it is.

If, I were given the necessary support and opportunity, I would like to consecrate the whole planet. If you learn how to use the five elements in a certain simple geometric formation, you can create a highly beneficial energy space for yourself.

What is the meaning of self-realization? You might wonder. The yogic tradition is filled with stories of the great yogi Gorakhnath. Some say he lived in the several centuries. Tantras (powerful words) are very and certain capability, without it there is no spiritual process.

If you have no tantra in you, you have no technology to transform people, all you have are words. Words can be inspirational and directional, but not transformative.

What is missing is human consciousness?  Everything else is in place, but he human being is not in place. If human beings stopped obstructing the path to their own happiness, every other solution is at hand.

You cannot transform the world without transforming the world without transforming the individual.

Yogic life is the very important and spiritual life. So everybody must follow this route and obey this route. Then only it is possible to all your needs in your life. 


Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.


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