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2.       Goal.  While everyone knows what a goal is, this chapter shows the method of laying it out step by step so that show the method of laying it out step by step so that you not only have a dream goal for your life. You are also successful in making it come true. Follow the pointers because these are the crucial highlights of Dhoni’s success.

 I have elaborated certain method. Napoleon Hills said that “A GOAL IS A DREAM WITH DEADLINE”. It is also said that to achieve anything substantial, you who we need to put a timeline to it and make it your goal., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

All abstract dreams and wishes floating in your mind take a definitive shape once you put a deadline to it, like even though Dhoni played a variety of games.

3.       Dhoni said that winning the world cup was a double dream for Dhoni. There also people who want to be successful. They have a passion for life, a desire to explore, to dream and to fulfil them to go beyond and make a difference before they hit the grave. 

These people no matter where they came from seem to move around with an invisible ladder. They need to climb. It was the dream of a nation of its millions for whom cricket is a religion so Dhoni was burdened with realizing their dreams and fulfilling his. But this dream comes with a deadline which transpires into a GOAL. Dhoni plays an array of sports. 

He plays football basket ball, hockey table tennis and lawn tennis. The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never anywhere.

4.       Dhoni focussed and worked towards it diligently. Bit by but, played various cricketing tournaments at the school level. Setting a goal gave my life a purpose, a direction, and a meaning. It elevated the quality of his life to unimaginable heights. If you don’t have your own goal in your life, you will be spending the rest of your life fulfilling others. I am a great believer of this thought. 

Because I have discovered that around the people who pursue a goal are people who don’t. Goals are for those people who want to make it count so tag along and we will see how Dhoni does it.

5.       Plan. Speaking of how Dhoni achieves his goal, the first things I will need to write about it is that he does so without much fuss or fanfare. He rather uses some simples guidelines :-

          (a)      Set small goals        (b)      Simplify your goals  (c)          Visualization
          (d)      Grab and create Opportunity

          While we plan and strategize our goal. It is imperative to keep all these pointers in mind if we
want to be a winner. The goal to the goalpost formula is valid only when we underline the whole things against timeline.

6.       While we will be discussing in details the uniqueness of Dhoni’s goal setting style please do not be conned by looking at the simple layout of the goal to the goal post plan. All the attitude skills that we spoke about in the previous chapter will be required in every layer of the layout. 

Whatever in our mind so write it down in details and that layout above allows you to align you to your goal. So what kind of goal should we set. Or what kind of goals Dhoni says he sets for himself. Goals should be achievable yet challenging. 

While it is said that it should not be so farfetched that we cannot even visualized it, it should be stretched enough to be titillating. Experts say that too simple and easy a goal makes it boring, but on the other hand, too stiff ones scare one off. 

We must makes our goal little bit unique so that nobody should be like that. He did have a goal for every aspect of his life but his life and they were all short term ones.  

7.       The strategies that Brought Home the World Cup 2011.  The strategy, though complicated in the surface, was simple. He lived in moment, picking up one match at a time. The idea was to go about each match with full concentration without thinking of the remaining matches. 

Writer Mr Surendar saying that if you want to become God so you must have the dedication like God. Just like Sachin is God in the history of Cricket. Sachin tried to learned from all the big and senior cricketers but never try to compare with them. 

Dhoni said that Tendulkar has his inspiration, but never his benchmark. He instead focussed on his game with conviction and that brought him to Sachin even to the point of captaining him. 

We all wanted to study this theory of his in detail because we all grew up learning that we need to plan and plan for our entire lives. But Dhoni says that the match at hand has the maximum clarity than something that comes ten days later.

8.       Simplify your Goal. I like to make things simpler for my mind. I like to make things simpler for my mind. I like to create simple plans. Once the plans are simple and achievable for the mind, they are easy to execute. 

A very important exercise if we are trying to achieve something. A goal can be as big as a mountain or the size of a pebble that fits into your fist. The goal should be like peak or mountain.

9.       Goals are bound to differ from person to person, and so our treatment of goals largely depends on the nature of the goals. They come with shorter or longer life spans and hence the categorization into big life time goals and short terms goals assume importance.

10.      Why is simplifying a goal so important.   Everything in life, this too requires hard work, demanding new skills and changes. Rules in a game keep changing with time and condition. 

Like Dhoni once said that, “if you want to achieve any target/ goal any’s in your life so you must have a particular date and the strategies plane to win the game”. Always experiment with new techniques, innovations such as randomly switching bowlers, Dhoni believes, that if this strategies does not work, then that will. 

His accurate analysis of the match and his immense ability to take on the spot decisions, which has been a subject of study in many B- school across the world, is attributed to this quality of keeping things simple.  Too many what its or then whats paralysis.




12.      Visualization.  Even before I start talking about visualization, I would ask my readers not to get confused between the concept of visualization and thinking about the end result. 

While thinking about the end result, over thinking and obsessing about it is a negative trait of the mind, whereas visualization is a technique. Visualization is a type of exercise by which make any goal very easily to achieve.


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