1.           Whatever happens in our life is it truth or not?  All things are made up in life is only for reason. Nature is made up for human being and human being is made up for natures. By doing positive also do the right action to complete your goal. Destiny will be created only by you., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Everybody wants to become success in their own life. But nobody wants to discuss their life with problem for what circumstances come in their life.

2.          Actually people attracts the people those who have money. Find your purpose of your life and cultivate your purpose well. Cultivate your garden. Focus your attention in your garden where you can ripe your goal better.

Your decision will be not sure that it might be perfect so that your investment will be great. How much benefit will get it just to understand the reality. It doesn’t matter whether you not take any stocks of small amount. You can take it the small amount of your stocks.

3.           What are the points have to remember while you investment in stocks? Market is not stable at all the time.

Always belief on your investor. Those who are ready to investment they must ready to understand and how much you opened on the stocks.

The intelligent investor is two types’ which means always understand the plan and strategies to give profit at all the time consistently.

Autopilot investor automatically happens. First thought means you physically must invest and another are less and fearless which consistently wait for future and safe in future it means emotionally support required. Just wait for in the future.

Some shares are like which have to invest in such a way that might well not be losses only due to right knowledge.

A safe investor always invests like in such a way that he thinks first about how to take in safe and how much to be in risk. Take a risk according to your age. What is bond and stocks?


Simplifying the stocks in different way :-             

(a)         28 years age will keep/ invest 72%   of stocks

(b)         81 years age will keep/ invest only 1-9% of their stocks.

(c)          If you are in age less than 30 years so must invest 90% of your total stocks.

How stocks will cover in life? How can we think in future and how to invest in our life? All the people must have to be invest 25% of their income who are 30 years of age. Any time I must have to cash flow charges in my hand.

Just think that your amount will must have for emergency work. So never think to invest all your money at one time. You invest only how much risk can take in your life.

Your investment should be worth only while you obey with the discipline. If share market has money so why I am not ready to invest all my money. Is it true to invest all my money in share market? So it is definitely wrong.

It is only right for those who have the financially strong for two years in loss conditions. If you analysis these all above so you are ready to invest in share market.  Don’t take any such bond which might give more taxes to the bond.

Being defensive is better to play a planned way and in aggressive way.  Which is called a Self Defence. Whenever market is in volatile and lot of people where is loss so many people also invested in that. Always choose right way to invest your money.

     (a)   Invest your money where you believe otherwise

you don’t take risk for any bond.

              (b)         Don’t  invest all your money in a single stocks.

              (c)          If don’t have money so take a help from anyone.

              (d)         Take a help from anyone to choose any stocks.

              (e)         Take any mutual fund stocks.

              (f)          No need to check portfolio on daily basis after choosing long term investment.

4.           One of small cap will change my life. Even my life will also be changed by my small stocks. Never take any stocks for short time benefit. Because it means you are wasting your time and you may also decrease your benefit.

Those who always invest in the form of month. It means you may always be in loss. You don’t invest money like in monthly basis profit. Learn to invest money in stocks. A good intelligent always when stocks are in low rate.


5.           The real experience can be known only by failure of your own stock. What you lost and same you learn and invest in future. To understand the stock market or what way you are choosing your stocks. “The basic rules of investment is never put your all eggs in same bucket”.

All the time you understand the fundamentals of Share Market. Don’t take lot of share, instead you understand some of best shares your invest your best with that shares. Your love of share and learning will only increase your benefit.

You must try to become an Intelligent Investor. Warren Buffet who is the king and master of Share Market.

6.           There are two types of investment:-

              (a)         Aggressive Investment.   It means you
continuously choosing shares.   

              (b)         Defensive Investment.     It means getting less
returns but not loss.

Defensive Investment is far better than Aggressive Investment. Mr Market said that you purchase me/ choose my shares only when my shares is down and sell when you get more money greater than their actual value of shares.

Benjamin Grahim always said that you always invest your money on defensive investors. You invest to yourself as 50/50 as bond and nifty-fifty equity.

Enterprising Investor.   This investor is those who always take more benefit because they consistently attached with share market and they also learn continually and consistently.

If I am thinking that this price may be at the price of hundred rupees so you must purchase at the range of 90 rupees because you must get profit when you purchased.

You must learn the strategies of Mister Market. Always you try to see the well performer of share market. You always see the share market so that you can invest your best value with best shares.   

Never Keep Your Money In Your Home

You must read the concept of share market. Because more inflation will decrease your life more than what you accept.

Never invest in more IPOs as you are beginner because it gives less profit most of the shares. Never get emotional with shares as shares is increasing at fix ratio. So never love and emotionally attached with shares.

Never believe on any best one unless you not believe. You also see the margin while investing money. You invest only that money which is excess in yourself. When you do not understand something that means you must let asked with someone else.

First you learn about business and then invest. Investment is not a game but it’s a part of the game which has to be understood sharply.

You take benefit of the life as much as you believe the matters. Once you can know the quality than you are ready to invest in your life or can buy the shares according to your income. You invest only ten percent of your income.

But you must take initial steps for stock market. You check the whole in google about the shares their PE and others including ration you read all the fundamental history of any company.

One financial planning must be required in your life. So that you make a note and write  in your life that how you will invest in your life. 

7.           Just ask why I am in this work and why I am using these strategies. Am I using the strategies and fundamentals of stock markets? The Intelligent Investor.

So first you understand the shares Market and then invest money because it is only money and investing is only to your so invest purposefully and act like believers”.

One of the best investments of the life is to understand the logic of share market and then invest in financial.

You invest ninety percent in your life while you are under the age of thirty. You take as much as you can invest according to your salary.

You invest only ten (10) percent of money. Don’t take too much shares in your life or also don’t invest all your money in the same bucket. You must invest your money in one instead you take three types lover, mid and large cap.

Never think that might this price of any share may increase or not. Rather than you learn proper way and invest your money as per the strategies of three plan investment’.

 8.          You always help to your father and mother at all the time. Once you decided your target then you think to do well. Always try to buy shares when shares rate is low. That time also wait and think whether it may be decrease the rate of shares some more or les

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