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1.         The followers of Jainism celebrate a spiritual festival that is spread over thirty days culminating in that time. WHAT IS TRUTH, LIFE, DEATH (MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL LIFE)? The underlying philosophy is to expound on truths like the impermanence of life.’

There are two paths in life’ the material and the spiritual.

As long as we continue to work only through our conscious mind, we can never truly aspire for perfection. WHAT IS TRUTH, LIFE, DEATH (MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL LIFE)?

There are four steps to attaining spirituality, contemplation of impermanence, of non- sheltering, of separation of self from the material body and sheltering of separation of self from the material body and contemplation of solitariness. 

2.         By achieving these four kinds of contemplation, we come closer to attaining spirituality. Mere repetition of certain words or chanting alone does not make one spiritual. The harsh reality is that with the present mental, physical and emotional conditions, we can never realise either our sour or our existence.

3.         By practicing the four-fold spiritual process we can realize ourselves. The first step toward realization begins with the gradually, the happiness and sorrow associated with the object will starts annihilating.

“An undesirable object gives sorrow, and a desirable object gives happiness”. But in the state of intense awareness of impermanence, there is no sorrow. 

4.         When the truth about the acquisition and separation of an object is fully understood, then there is no sorrow. When this consciousness awakens with full realisation, then there is no more fear and suffering of old age or death.

A person, who lives realistically and in spirituality with full realisation, can transcend these suffering and enjoy unobstructed and infinite bliss.

5.         What is sambodhi or enlightenment? It is the witnessing or awareness of impermanence. Basically, enlightenment is of three types, enlightenment of knowledge, vision and conduct. 

Intellect is also of three kinds, intellect of knowledge, vision and conduct. Witnessing is also of three kinds, witnessing of knowledge, reality and conduct. The first step of spirituality is the witnessing of impression. A spiritual person is “one who has witnessed the impermanent”.


‘Author Surendar Thakur’

The second element is no-sheltering. ‘The helpless state of sickness and intense pain can awaken the consciousness of non-sheltering in anyone. External materials cannot provide relief and shelter. Therefore, we should seek shelter within ourselves.

There are basically two kinds of person, external seekers and internal seeker is materialistic because he is always inclined to seek externally. He searches for the solution to every problem in the material world’. He hankers after objects.

6.         It is natural that wherever you are inclined, you will always move in that direction only. If your tendency is to seek within, you will surely seek the solution to every problem in your spirit.

We are deeply attached to our physical body. Our delusion is so profound and deep that we have accepted the body and soul to be the same.

As long as this thinking persists, spirituality cannot materialise. The philosophy of contemplation of separation from the body is that, when knowledge of the separation of the should from the body awakens, then spirituality starts taking roots.

7.         We accept three traits of personality, memory, imagination and thinking. All the three are mechanical and not related to the should. Feeling is related to the soul.

It cannot be mechanical. The one, who realise happiness and sorrow, exists. When the consciousness of the separation from the body awakens, then only does spirituality commence.

8.         The last step of spirituality is to be solitary. Mahavira has attached great importance to meditation in a solitary state.  A person, who has learnt the art of experiencing solitude even while in a crowd, has learnt to lead a life free from tension.

The practice of spirituality should be pragmatic and rational, like the four contemplations talked about in Jainism. In the context of love Perception and contemplation should be practised together to attain happiness, to help us refine our thoughts and purify our mind.

            It can happen to anyone. Destiny can strike suddenly, changing your life forever. God has plans for everyone. The wisdom and kindles of God is beyond our mind’s reach. We can only try to understand it if we surrender totally to God and have deep faith.

The way to deal with rises and life threatening situations is to resolve to do our best and let God do the rest. When there is birth, there will be death too. It is the universal law of nature, yet the human mind does not want to accept this truth. When a loved one dies, our minds become numb. We want to cling on, we refuse to let go….. Because of our worldly attachments and relationships.   

9.         Krishna said in Geeta that for the soul there is neither birth nor death. Nor, having once been, does he ever cease to be. Just as we cultivate the will to live, we should cultivate the will to shed our mortal coils properly.

We desire death only in moments of utter desperation. Were we to deem it is physiological necessity like hunger or thirst; we would aspire to die, as Nietzsche SAID, ‘LIKE A TORCH WHICH DIES EXHAUSTED AND GLUTTED WITH RELIEF’. Even as a coin attains its full values when it is spent, so life attains its supreme value when one knows how to forefeet it with grace when the time comes.

10.       Death has been almost always depicted as a terrible things, the final end, although in reality it is merely a release from the burden of the physical body.

Every final truth, one must pass through death. In the book Upanishad states that “the wise man, who by meditation on the self-recognize the ancient, who is difficult to be seen, who has entered into the dark, who is seated in a cave, who dwells in the abyss, just as God, who has left both joy and sorrow, friends and foes behind, has already know what lies beyond death.

Death is merely the loss of the physical body which is a piece of cloth to cover the soul. After death, the mental and emotional states are as active as ever.


In this discourse with Socrates asked is it simply y the release of the soul form the body? Is death nothing more or less than this, the separate and the separate condition by itself of the soul when released from the body?

11.       All major religions of the world affirms that there is a subtle and death-surviving element, vital and physical in the physical body of flesh and blood, whether it is the permanent entity of self, such as the Brahman atma of the Hindus, the Islamic ruh, the Christian-Judaic soul, or a complex of the activity with life as their function according to the Buddhist concept.

Thus to none of these faith is death an absolute ending. It is merely the separation of the psyche from the gross body.

12.       The ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead refers to death as the snapping of the silver cord.

Death remains a traded a problem a heart rending experience and a source of great suffering through it has existed since eternity. In every religion we find guidelines on how to move from the life to death. 

The subtle body is the electromagnetic body (aura) that permeates the physical body and extends beyond it in space. It was the moment which was referred to as “the snapping of the silver cord” by initiates of the ancient mysteries in Egypt.    


13.       How the people respect and accept the truth. Francis Bacon was a great writer of essay he wrote about truth in this essay. Here he talks about Greeks and christen mythology to support his view.

He expressed about truth and trying to give your healthy entertainment inspiration thought within short so that everybody interested.

What is the real solution how to fight with angry and how to overcome from it to come on the path of truth. His word expressed by the Lord Krishna and Arjuna.

We never understand the reality and religion and their attachment. ‘Which must to be understood from this concept’? We all have different life and how to survive that all life accordingly. We cannot destroy our soul but we also find the soul.

After trying our efforts if fail so feels like angry which create problem in our life. So first of all understand and search what is our goal/ mission/ vision? In such a way you love the work as you are not a creator instead God is the creator and doer of your work.  That time you feel happiness.


14.       How can we control our self and how to maintain our happiness with our emotion? There are two types of yogi which is Gyan Yogra and Karma Yoga. For example all the time have to be exhale and inhale. Because we are the human being and as a human being must to work/ karma yogya. 

Great people always work for well deed instead truth is also like that all the people who are Great they did it the best life forever and ever. Those who think that they did their greatness only by itself so they are not a good soul.

15.       Why most of time human makes mistake? They make mistake because they made up for mistake and also they made up for right. So by controlling their mind they can be creating a good life.

Lord Krishna depicted to Arjuna that Indriya is the best after mind and then, then to be maan, Maan to buddhi, and finally you are the more powerful than buddhi.

‘Which you can create and have the power to generate everything in life’. So control your Soul to be perfect your life. Next how atma will come in control in our well-being. Our knowledge is so important in our action. Firstly know what is your goal and mission which is called knowledge. To control your knowledge and thought emotionally by me by itself is the perfect life.


16.       Actions which never thinks that I am doers. Think it is doing by my God. You never distract form failures and pass. Because God has given the authority to do only action not for result. So do only the action not wait for result just do only action and action.

Drivya Gyan expressed why God come to earth and what they did it? Lord Krishna expressed to Arjuna that you cannot think that how much life you survived and how much life has taken by me and you? Those who do the work more and more without any profit they get only the best in their life.

17.       We must take knowledge from others only to know God. Why should to pray to different and different God? Doing work on right dimension will change you and enhanced to fulfil your all desire through right path. God has not any beginning, not has finishing and not has any shape of the God.

The light of the God is more than 1000 sun’s. Many of people, animal all type of creatures are requesting and respecting, praying to God. He is time; he is all the things of the incredible world. That’s why people pray to God. God has not any shape and size and neither has any shape. Krishna shows actual face to actual face to Arjuna directly on his prays.

18.       If we are right on our path so even we fail so cannot be distract from our failure if I am ready to do hard labours so result will be sure. Either delay but it sure you will get it your destination.

‘Only practice will give you a perfection and perfection will tell you how to achieve your success’. Which is also known as “Truth, life, death, material life & spiritual life”? Result will get it only by your action.

19.       The result will get it the type of seeds will give by you. So give good seeds and get it good result from creatures. Give respect and take melodious from the creatures.





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