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1.           If winters come, can spring be far behind. No one is born is bound to die.  Vedic philosophy says that the real self of a man is not his body but the soul. ‘THE SECRET OF SUCCESS‘.

The phenomena of birth and death pertain to the body only and not to the soul. The soul is neither born nor does it die. Pray, in that case, what is birth and what is death?

Moksha is the end of all desire leading to freedom from the cycle of birth and death. The first step is to develop self-control. This will lead to freedom from attachment to object.

A real seeker of moksha has to be a ‘Sanyasi’.  In Vedanta, death is the beginning of a new life, a life designed and structured by one’s own karmas. It is therefore as important to understand death as life itself.

Death is an integral part of life, and knowledge of what lies beyond death vital to attain spiritual enlightenment.

2.           Excellence depends on how well you discharge your duty, rather than on how ‘exalted’ a duty you have been called to discharge. This brings to mind the significance of swa-dharma one’s native calling in life.

Author Surendar Thakur, Speaker, Trainer

  A professional farmer does not lose courage and he continues to cultivate even if there be a terrible drought for 12 years.

The essence. The essence of the teaching of the Gita is to transform karma into karma yoga, to be active in body but detached in mind. This in fact, is how any good actor conducts herself on stage.

3.           Amitab Bacchan.  He was a lover of knowledge and does more experiment. According to him though cannot create by apprehension instead by observation. Knowledge is that things by which will get benefit at the or the till the death or the last of our life.

Who are more powerful people in the word? It means knowledge. Weapons as once it is used so it’s absolute but knowledge cannot be absolute. ‘Knowledge are always respect not be absolute’.

If reading any books or biography of any people again and again so it doesn’t mean wasting time but respecting and saving our life as like reading Geeta. In which we get new thought and new observation. Dirubhai’s life is not less than Geeta updesh.

He was a “Karma Yogi’. He explained that ‘God has given us two ways to reach to their paths which are spiritual, concentration and another is duty/ Karma and knowledge. So he was following the path of another i.e, Karma and knowledge. “Karma is dharma and Knowledge is God”. Failure is not bad, but wake up and show your best to the world.

Your life is not less it’s enough if you want to do. Just like Amitabh Bachchan who was bankrupt and lost everything in his life but he tried and again overcome at the age of 50 years.

4.           What is “Greatness”? It is a type of sacrifice whenever and wherever and any stages is called Greatness. Dedication and achievement occurs only after good thought in good dimension with caring passion with resolve with commitment and with determinant. The toughest is when I and my dream cannot be distinguished by me.

Dream is a journey. Wherever I am it’s a journey. But never be shaking it by adversities. A dream is enhanced my body and my dream and my nation. Struggle means fight to finish. It’s all about dream. A dream which belongs to itself. “Carrier is literally a dash of speed”.  Our dream is our worship and our vision is our prayer.

5.           What is dream?

Dream is our life. Dream gives us fuel to live. Dream lives us relation whatever does it only by dream. It creates our world and relation.  We are because we that dream we are because we learn to itself.  

Education is a belief system which changes to our system. Education is the human soul. We should aspire to that expectation which comes to our dream.

Remember always in life that, ‘whatever is good to know is difficult to learn’. Living together, learning together, fighting together and loving each other competing fairly cooperating support. “Harness is the power of Dignity”. Discipline is a type of training. 

6.           How the business can be auto mode?

After sharing knowledge your knowledge get activated after continues practice so let it be start the best to be best. Dis-satisfaction is the mother of success as said by ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Never wait and don’t be stable on one success and any dependent work.

Successful people make habit what unsuccessful people not make habit. Always do that what you not like it than only you get what you have not. By default try to read book, make challenge, make more shop so that you not be stable and may adopt good habit.

7.           First make ‘commitment’ for any work than you get ‘courage’ and observation to make any goal easy. Courage will developed automatically after not be give-up.

Creativity’ means our mind will show how to do that work. And then forth will come ‘Capability’ which means confirmed for the goal, mission and target. Firth is ‘Confidence’ you are perfect.

Sixth is ‘Continuity’. Free people are those who continually do practice and improve to it.  Grow to yourself for life time.

Don’t maintain the any shop rather than improve more than previous activity. Successful people believe to grow for life time. If you not grow to your-self so you will be fail. Time is changing so fast in modern time. If you flow fast so you will be fail.

So make speed to yourself. Grow to yourself. Just grow to yourself otherwise you will be failing. Change you fast as fast what you do for yourself. Before it was single lane system but still there were eight lane system not four lane system. Four lanes means middle class people.

You can achieve it anything unless try to be the best of best. Invest you to invest yours as to get best output from natures.

8.           –ANAND MAHINDRA WAS BORN ON 01 MAY 1955 IN BOMBAY, INDIA. Whose company is “Mahindra & Mahindra” Company Steel? He had a great determination and achieved his best in all the fields including agriculture world for farmers. 

It means do the things what you are doing on present and don’t think that whether you are getting benefit from that things or not because your determination will tell you what you are. Only knowledge will change you what you want to achieve.

Good leaders required to improve your business very well. Value based capitalist economy must be need. Rattan Tata, Anand Mahindra, Ambani brothers are the best examples. Kindnesses, humility (Iron Build) are the pillars to get success. Be respect to people to improve it.

“Listen others word and respect it because respect is the key. Effective communication is very urgent. “Think deeply express briefly”. Self-knowledge is very important.

Analysis the human-being. Multiple role models also required to improve your-self with your creativity and innovation. Respect to your team also. Keep your ideas with gaining knowledge. Be a knowledge person.

9.      Ironic Think to require and it get it only by your best education. There are the things which you cannot pickup in the institution. There are the books like “what you don’t teach you in Harvard School’. Humility will becomes  a casual one. Never lose your humility. Brevity is a virtue to express anything best way.

Self -awareness means why you are doing these all things because you will be happy. Be a rebel for doing any work, make a good concept. You don’t waste your time what you not getting benefit.

10.        Stand up Straight With Your Shoulders Back.   

         So treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping.  Respect to yourself and keep and walk straight so that you will get it the confident power.

Only make friend with people who want the best for you. Studies proven that under achiever that always declined the team. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not with someone else. 

So do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them. Parents should cure to children and also give punishment on seeing faults. Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world. 

Ex meaningful life jiyo na ki sirf apni khusi ke liye.  Tell the truth, or at least don’t lie. Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t.  

Be precise in your speech life is a very complex. Do not bother children when they are skateboarding.  Compare your performance with your previous performance so that you can improve to yourself in your life and try to not tell lie with others.  

Celebrate your past, present and your future in such a way so that you will not be lose you financial cases. So first you understand to yourself and then to be understood. “If you don’t help you to help yourself so nobody in the world can help you to help yourself.

11.        Larry Tesler.  Larry Tesler dead on 16 Feb 2020. He was a Jihad staying in America, New York City. Who were good person and very talented boy?  He was very good in Maths.  He made computer based application geographical interface who also discovered copy and paste function of computer.  

Life Time Growth

12.        Govt. job will not satisfy all those things, it will not give you chance to help people.  So try to do business along with your job so that you may help to those people who are homeless.

Business is a type of process which help to contribute their own nation. America is a Great nation and it is great only by produced of ‘The Great Business Man’.

If you want to life time grow so must require intelligence. Many high intelligence people stopped to grow because of alert. If you think that you are intelligent so you must be alert in your profession. Curiosity must be need in your life. Be resourcefulness. 

Life time growth people always changes to itself. Grow always, grow always for that change you to yourself. Read the books, read the knowledgeable.

Whatever, I am these all are the creation and adaptation of my habit. If I will not adopt good habit so one day will be destroyed by itself. What is our problem? Our habit is the problem/ solution of our life.

If maintain our life better so life will be better automatically and by default. Upgrade automatically.  Just try to adopt good and technically habit.

13.        They believe on some commandment/ direction/ comments. They made their future what they had.  Learning English is a type of  mass communication and media.

Those who have only two shops. They never think to make more than two shops. Because they always give value to only those things. 

You’re all things like activities, education, and your all consistent work should to be best and adaptation. Two type of person in the world. Past based people and future based people.



Contribution should be greater/ bigger than your reward. If you stopped your contribution to your work so your rewards will be evaporate/ disappear.

Since I started to read books than only I also started to learn books and their content and I knew the value of people. In my life there are lot of dangerous things and if I helped you to eliminate to those things.

It means I contributed to you. Capture you opportunity. Never concentrate of your reward and your respect. Just not go on reward. Do your work and do the next work perfectly. 

Just like your office. Do the work and read your all the letters thoroughly and efficiently after this stage. If my work will be bad so my respect will also be stopped. So learn everyday so be the respective.

“Your Education should be Bigger Than Your Experience. Learn some thing new everyday because you learning will help you to improve yourself” Your experience will leave you where you want to go but your learning experience will help you to achieve what you want to become in your next to next.


14.        Conclusion

“Everyday learn new and your experience should be less”. Your experience should be less than your daily learning. Try to learn present prospectus (70% new means present and 20% only experience).

So friends don’t think that what you learnt. Think that what you learnt at present. Invest money on yourself. We never invest money on our head, only invested below our head.

Upgrade your knowledge so that you know the best and by default your present will converted into your rewards. Learning means change attitude and learn new skill, learn good knowledge. Public speaking to talk with people. Develop your public speaking still.  



Attitudes                                                   Find Your Mentor


And Than Get Success called or become my “Creativity”.

If performance finished so regards will be also finished. Focus on your performance. So that trained your performance. Because of your performance.

Think that you have to also do best in your job. It is not stable to you. So friends become a life time Growth. Only life time Growth will change your life.” My Confidence should be bigger than My comfort”.

Every day takes a new challenge so that to be get comfort, but not become comfort. Enjoy your comfort but not give respect to your comfort”.


Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.


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