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Suppose you were dozing and somebody shook you awake. The whole world comes back in a single moment. That is not a small thing.
When you are consciously in touch with your awareness, you gain access to the subtlest dimension of physicality, or akash.  WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MEDITATION
When we gain conscious access to your awareness, you gain access to the power of dimension around your body, as also to the power of dimension around the planet, the solar system, and the entire universe.

1.     There is nothing wrong with the body; it is just limited nothing wrong with being limited either. If you go by the way of the body, some pleasure may come to you. It is not a crime to want to be limited, but you will live an unfulfilled life “WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MEDITATION BY SURENDAR THAKUR“.

Let us say tomorrow I grant you a boon and all the women or men in the world are lusting after you., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

You will find that you are still not satisfied. A little bit of pleasure and pain will happen, but you will only live within the sphere of the body. The body knows only procreation.

And it is walking straight to the grave every moment, nowhere else. Our body is just a loan from this planet.

What you call death is just mother of earth which reclaiming the loan that she offered to you. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MEDITATION

People are even beginning to think that fear is natural part of their existence. No. Fear is a result of the incompleteness of your existence. The body has only so much of a role to play in your life.

If you try to stretch it to all of your life, you will suffer because you are trying to create a falsehood. Life has a million ingenious ways to bend you, break you, knead you, and grind you. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MEDITATION

If we tell to our self that we don’t want to think a certain thought, that is precisely the first thing your mind will produce, that is the nature of the human mind.

But the mind, in most people’s experience, has unfortunately become a circus. A circus is actually a very coordinated activity, deliberately made to look like a mess; even the clown in the circus is a gymnast.

He may play the buffoon. How did the mind, that amazing gymnast, become a clown and how did it turn from a source of magic to such a mess. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MEDITATION

The problem is just this is the fact that your mind is not talking instructions from you. The system of yoga is a technology to create a distinction between you and your mind.

There is a space between you and what you have gathered in term of body and mind. There are only two forms of suffering in this world, physical and mental. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MEDITATION

Yoga is journey toward a reality in which you experience the ultimate nature of existence as borderless unity. The experience is possible only if you maintain that space between you and your body-mind.

It is important to remember that this borderless unity is an experience, not an idea philosophy or concept. But don’t try forcibly stopping the mental activity because you will go insane.

With your mind, all the three pedals are throttles; there are no brakes and no clutch. Have you noticed this? WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MEDITATION

2.         Thinking Yourself Out of Life.

It is only because you exist that you can generate a thought. But your thought process has become so compulsive that your focus has shifted from the existential to the psychological.

This has happened to such an extent that you have begun to believe that you exist because you think. The foundations of western philosophy actually rest on the famous axiom by the Seventeenth century French philosopher Rene Descartes.

It is only because you exist that you can generate a thought, but your thought process has become so compulsive that your focus has shifted from the existential to the psychological.

This has happened to such an extent that you have begun to believe that you exist because you think. If you want to know the experimental dimension of life will never know them with the petty process of thought.

Even if you have the brain of an Einstein, your thought process is still outclassed because thought cannot be bigger than life. Thought can only be logical, functioning between two polarities.

If you want to know life in its immensity, you need something more than the intellect. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MEDITATION

This is the fundamental choice you have, either you learn to live with creation, or you manufacture your own creation your head. Which option do you want to exercise?

The planet is spinning on time not a small event without logical thinking; you couldn’t survive on this planet. But at the same time, so much.

The problem of our times, however, is that the intellect has taken on a disproportionately important role. Modern education has encouraged a completely changed the development of this aspect of the mind.

The essence of the intellect is to divide. So humanity has embarked on a journey of wholesale division, discrimination, and dissection.

When we keep our intellect dipped in this limited, fragmented, accumulative dimension of our mind, we draw conclusions about life that are completely distorted.

But the same intellect can be sharpened if you allow it to soak in the other aspect of your mind, your awareness, chitta.

If you want to reach your ultimate nature through the mind so you need to make the intellect truly discriminatory, in the ultimate sense.

This doesn’t mean dividing everything into good and bad, right and wrong, heaven and hell, sacred and profane.

Instead, all it means is learning to discern the real from the illusory, what is existentially true from what is psychologically true.

If you soak your intellect in your awareness, the discerning dimension of your mind can turn into miraculous tools of liberation. If you consciously walk a tightrope you have no choice but to be aware.

If your intellect is constantly choosing between good and bad, it has become a prejudiced intellect. And when it is busy sorting the world into good and bad, you will most definitely fall off the tightrope. 

3.         Awareness Is Aliveness.  What do we mean by the word “awareness” What does it signify?

And how can we access it? First and foremost, let us make an important distinction. There are all just different levels of awareness.

We can pitch our awareness up to different levels. As we must have to understand the level of consciousness in different and different dimensions. Awareness is a process of inclusiveness, a way of embracing this entire existence.

You cannot do it, but you can set the right conditions so that it happens. Don’t try to be aware. It will not work. If you keep your body, thought, emotion and energies properly aligned, awareness will blossom. You will become far more alive than you are right now.

4.         We don’t have much thought in our mind at all, unless I choose to think. The spiritual process is always a quest. There is a significant difference between believing and seeking.

Believing means you have assumed something that you do not know, seeking means you have realized that you do not know.

This brings an enormous amount of flexibility. The moment you believe something, you bring certain rigidity into the very life process that you are.

This rigidity is not just in attitude; it percolates into every aspect of your life and is the cause of an enormous amount of suffering in the world.

5.     Yoga is a method that has worked wonderfully for us, and for millions of people. It is an entirely scientific method that originates not in faith or belief but in a profound understanding of the human mechanism.

Our mind is just like powerful weapons by which whatever can ask can get it easily.  This is a skillfulness that arises out of equanimity. Once our thoughts get organized, our emotions will also get organized.

Gradually, your energies and body get organized in the same direction as well. However, the order in which you address these dimension could vary, depending on what you are ready for.

Considering the realities of the day, most people are not ready for any system unless they are first intellectually convinced of it.

Eventually, once your thoughts emotions body and energy channeled in one direction, your ability to create and manifest what you want is incredible.

There are yogic processes by which you can touch another dimension of intelligence, unsullied by memory, called chitta and which have mentioned earlier.

It is common to hear people say that their head leads them in one direction and their heart in another. In yoga, the fundamental basis we establish is this. You are one person, and a single unified being.

There is no separation of head and heart you are one whole. It is quite simple.

If I think you are a wonderful person, so I will have sweet emotions towards you. So think better and do better for your life. God and creatures is always be with you. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MEDITATION   

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