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1.     Life belongs to God. Like the rest of us, haven’t you heard grandmothers say, life is divine? God is the giver of life. He as alone can take it back is called the spirituality of life, pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

By killing in the name of the mandir. Human beings belong to the mother of earth. You are born here and you learn to survive on this planet, but you harbor the illusion that you have conquered everything.

A human being feels proud that he has scaled high peaks and fathomed the depth of oceans, with the modern inventions; we are able to fly like birds, swim faster than fish and remain alive under water.

Man has even walked on the surface of the moon but as human beings, we are not at peace, neither with ourselves nor with the world around us.  Infect, we are struggling with tremendous stress.

Qualities Of a Leader

We are struggling with our inner selves at all times. If we look at our lives, we find that we are virtually at war with the world around us.

2.      If we look at our live, we find that we are virtually at war with the world around us. On the hand we talk about globalization and aim at a borderless world.

On the other, we worry about petty, personal gains.

The only solution to this problem is that we need to work towards changing our mind-sets. The Buddha had said that a human being can be free from the cycle of birth and death by the ‘renunciation of desire’.

Human desires can be fought and got rid of. We can, by repeated practice, bring our mind under control and can attain the state of liberation from the negative thought and emotions of our being.

However to be liberate from these thoughts and desires, one must be aware of them first, By this methods, misery can be put to an end and real happiness can be attained.

The world is becoming a dangerous place to live in, and this is despite our claims of being civilized, of having evolved from the primitive to modern man and from the cave man to cultured being.

Much reason can be attributed to this. A man longs to be the king of all kingdoms, but is too extravagant and idle. He desires that his writ should run through the whole world.

But then he is lazy and lethargic. Man is mean, far inferior to the other species. We are more human than humane. We have negative qualities such as anger, ego, envy, greed, hatred and jealousy, that we should consider overcoming.

We have allowed these qualities to become our consuming passions. We think that we are mightier than most. We think we are capable of destroying anything by using our might more effective than mythological demons, about whom we have read in our childhood.

Today, we have acquired weapons of mass destruction, which are capable of obliterating all life from the face of this planet. As men we arm men. Then we destroy people without arms.

All this leaves us with the inevitable feeling of sorrow. Then why are we giving vent to our anger? We let our wrath take over our sense. And we trust that it shall never burn us.

We fight to satisfy our egos. The overpowering obsession of a man with himself motivates him to grab everything and to fulfil his greed. Today, wealth alone is the God of man.

The malice in our mind never misses the mark. We fight to primarily prove our power. We pray every morning when we wake up. But after that, we look for a prey throughout the day.

It is also true that every prayer that an Indian raises ends with an invocation to peace as Om Shanti, Shanti which means God. Let there be peace, peace everywhere.


Then why do we cry for war. We need to be claiming so as to be able to command. We must wage a war against anger, against hunger and illiteracy. We must realize that rancor can never be rewarding.

We must learn to rein in the feelings of revenge. We must learn to be content. Riches are not a bad word and poverty is not a curse. A person can be rich or poor, and his friends might be few, but they would not be jealous of him, if they learn to be content with their own condition.

To be happy, we must learn to forget ourselves. We should resolve to wage a war against the devils hidden within. We should with the world. We should spread joy amongst our fellow beings. This ought to be our resolution, to satisfy the sinews of our soul.    

3.     Forgiveness Helps Contain Anger.  Fury and anger carry the mind away. True, anger is never without reason, but seldom is it backed by a good one. By controlling the anger of a minute, one may avoid the remorse of a lifetime.

The Lord’s prayers say “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”. If a man has anger in his heart, what further enemy need he fear?  Saying the word I forgive you could be the most powerful thing we could ever do.

Forgiving doesn’t mean giving in. It means to let go. Once we forgive, we are no longer emotionally handcuffed to the person who hurt us. One reason is heat it compensates for the powerlessness we experienced when we were hurt.

We may feel more in charge when we are filled with anger. But forgive instill a much greater sense of power. When we forgive, we reclaim our power to choose.

It doesn’t matter whether or not someone deserves forgiveness. Forgiveness is good for he bod and soul. Medically, people who remain angry are susceptible to hypertension and related diseases.

Re-living unsuccessful or humiliating situations in the past hurt over and over again and prove bad for your health. Simply remembering an incident that made a person angry has proved to be stressful for the heart.

Negative feelings that cause stress have also been linked to high blood pressure and may take only minutes to inflict; forgiving the perpetrator often requires more time.

Initially we experience negative feelings such as anger sadness and shame. Then we try to make sense of what happened.

Most psychologists now acknowledge that an important aspect of forgiveness that an important aspect of forgiveness is to forgive oneself first of life exempts none from injury.

To be good does not insulate one from hurt compassion. It acknowledges that we all have the same destructive tendencies and we carry within ourselves the ability to inflict pain on others.

4.           One of the most difficult and painful things to do in life is to admit one’s mistakes. When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, the first words him main to say and which he had for a man, but a giant leap for mankind. What he actually uttered was contradiction.

That is a small step for man but a giant leap for mankind.  To forgive and to forget is not easy. A man who wished to be initiated into meditation went to a great sage and asked to be accepted as his disciple.

The sage made him close his eyes gently and told him that the first step of meditation was the practice compassion. The man however was not concentrating.

Finally, he opened his eyes and begged to be allowed to say something. I can wish everybody well but my neighbor. I have a lawsuit against him.

Remember all that which supports your progress brings you happiness and forget all that, which impedes your progress, hinder positive thoughts.

Fasting is an important component and it is a symbol of restraint. One the last day, people visit each other and seek forgiveness for anything that they may have said or done to cause pain to other, knowingly or unknowingly.

The festival is an opportunity cleanses oneself. Just as a bath cleanses the body, and makes one feel lighter, this festival is meant to cleanse the soul, to make it lighter. One can relieve oneself of all tensions.

When we eat or drink, we are quenching our hunger and thirst. We are satisfying one kind of need. Similarly, to seek forgiveness is the need of the sprit.  It brings nutrition to the spirit and rejuvenates it.

Therefore, the spirit of this festival is important. If it is celebrated by just verbally seeking forgiveness. It is a routine, and can become a meaningless tradition.


Festival have a great value in human life occasional celebration of festival break the monotony of our day to day life and brings cheer to all.

5.       Forgive and Forget to Create Amity.  To forgive and to forget is not easy. A man who wished to be initiated t into meditation went to a greet sage and asked to be accepted as his disciple.

Remember all that which supports your progress brings you happiness and forget all that, which impedes your progress, hinder positive thought.

If you remember the hurtful or the detrimental incidents, you are carrying an unnecessary burden with you and this will lead you to failure.  

              It is God who does the transforming. A real change of mind and heart means an inner surrendering of our mind and heart to God, so that whatever we do, we do in his spirit, it is only those who are near to God who know what sin is.

There are top layers, which do not affect our deeper consciousness, where there is not only an assimilation of factual knowledge but also consciousness that real change occurs and the longest and most to the heart where God is waiting to welcome us.

Repentance means effecting change at this deeper layer of consciousness. Sincere payers are at the heart of all renewal.

This prayer is directed at bringing us closer to God, so that we realize our sinfulness and our utter dependence on the Supreme Being. 

However, our prayer will be effective only if it enables us to recognize the creative action of God’s spirit in our lives and enables us to reach out to others.  

6.   Leadership is often associated with power. Today that term has acquired negative connotations, particularly in politics; one has come to question the relative importance of being recognized as leader.

Servant leadership is a practice philosophy concerned with the ethical use of power and authority. Servant leaders believe that power and authority are for helping others grow, not for ruling, exploiting, or gaining advantages by setting individuals or groups against one another.

Development is then about identifying mind-set and is about a fundamental changes through reflection, transformation and breakthroughs in one’s own perception.

The locus of control for change is brought within. Loving God implies loving his creation and especially human beings. If love inspire both individuals and the world, it will lead to the opening of a new dimension altogether in human existence.  

Aware of the difficulties in controlling the sense, ancient philosophers evolved practical methods. Giving helps to purify the self-sharing is a wealth requires purification of mind, atma shuddhi and control of senses.

Krishna explains to Arjuna that as long as one identifies oneself with the body, all activities be it eating, reading, thinking, worshipping or almsgiving are covered under the three guans or characteristics.

‘Krishna asserts action cannot be avoided, and should be performed without consideration of the fruits of action.

Progression on the leader of karma was associated with good action, one who did good things in life moved up the ladder. Good action is by no means enough.

Good action merely implies the appearance of doing good to achieve good. True enlightenments, the very top of the ladder, may only be achieved by controlling the sense, sublimating the body and even the self to merge with the eternal consciousness.

Krishna tells Arjuna that he must free himself from transient, undulating negative positive pulls of the world. In this effort and home constant equanimity in fulfilment and frustration.

By mastering the sense, one can overcome the separation between the worldly body and being. Seeing hearing touching, smelling eating walking sleeping breathing the disciplined man who know reality should think. 

I do nothing at all. It is the senses that engage in sense objects. Krishna says that this can be done by dedication focused on breath or by understanding that the body, through its sense, engages in action.

The self-begin to transform itself into its virgin state. Krishna teaches that it is not necessary to actually leave the confines of the birth death cycle to be absolutely free from it.

By controlling the sense and mind, and subsequently performing worldly action as sacrifice, we will know the truth that will set us free.