1.    In life everyone ceaselessly sets pursuing various goals. In and through all such pursuit one is ultimately sitting. But are clear about what happiness where to seek each and how to achieve it?

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Real happiness is a unanimous state of mind, when thoughts are at rest. It is a state of cessation of agitation which is caused by unfulfilled desire of the mind. WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

Desire is thick stream of indiscriminate thoughts which follow in you, grown towards the word of the object and being entertain desire within to fill the void overcome the sense of fulfilment you fill within you. WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

When you read a book or newspaper, it absorbs you only for a few hours. So worldly happiness is not permanent.

Therefore, lacking the knowledge of true happiness in it source. One focuses on the world to provide us with true happiness. WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

But that results in experiencing instant joys followed by emptiness, sorrow, and suffering. A young man plugs a beautiful rose to enjoy its fragrance. When he brought the rose in contact with his nose enjoy his fragrance, be an inside the rose suddenly staying him on the tip of his nose. WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

The man cry in pain and the rose filled from his hand in reality, there is not a rose of sensual pleasure that doesn’t have the bee of injury and console it.  WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

2.           Look Beyond Peace and Violence.  Hot a day passes without a reference to the need for peace. Still, the booming guns don’t falls silent. While peace is discussed because of its absence war is the subject of debate in accounts of its ever. Menacing presence.


So we need to find answers. To important questions can we achieved lasting peace. Can we set individual act of violence? 

To find convincing answers, we will have to analyze peace and violence in their totality, both from the point of view of individuals and communities. Atman shanti is peace within in a soul that is peace less within can hardly peace full outside.

Neither peace can put the violence down nor can violence mutilate the face of peace. We have to learn to accept without attachment or detachment.

A supreme statement of consciousness alone can achieve this. Then will discover the harmony that live beyond peace, beyond violence.

But we have to begin with the self-that’s why it said that we are the world and we are the creation of our field.

3.           Peace And Violence Make Your Choice.   Technologically, we live in a borderless world. In reality, however we exist in compartments, separately walls of caste religion and geography. WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

We acknowledge the information explosion as being a great achievement and take pride in describing ourselves as knowledge based society.

Showed under as we are with mounds of information, we are facing a paradox. How much more do we know about reality and existence?

The amassing of worldly knowledge is acting like a most that prevent the passage of an even more important kind of knowledge, knowledge about the self.  

4.           How the people get more money with short time? How can we understand the psychology of money and how to make portfolio?  Just have to study the matter of positivity and to read the matter of urgency.

All the chapter of books tells us the behavior of money and the person who wrote it. The more we read the books then only we understand the money to construct our life better. WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

No one is crazy, everyone is equal in this world. 80% is concern with the matter of the people. We all think that how the world works in life. Just realized the lottery people.

We can get it 100% on our efforts. We can be millionaire only by our hard work dedicative way. Can I be dedicative on my goal to win at any cost? We must get it anyone for my help.

There is the only way to win the game and that is not a part of that game”.

5            If You Want to Get Ahead In Business, So Think Ahead.   If you survive in the world so be take calculate risk so be ahead the latest update on your work. WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

Calculated risk can be taken only after study and analyzing the project and studying more and more books. Study more and more books. Only learner can win the game.

So study any project in properly. How can we fight with our mental barrier? How can we earn money in our life? There is a science of getting rich. What are the bad and worst of human being? 

In our life everything has a fundamental principle. But how to earn money and what are the strategies in our life to earn money. Right to be rich. First have to be understood what is rich and how to be rich?

What is the meaning of successful? How to earn and how to be free from financial?  Everybody in unique in their own field. “The first principle in the science of getting rich”.

If you want to survive in the world so you want to be a dedicative in the world and the famous of the principle and their educational matter so that you can achieve anything in the world and you can achieve your goal in the life.

Suppose you want to become a millionaire so you must have to be do hard work and be secret of your life and the matter of your urgency. Thinking the certain way. WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

All the things are depending on you suppose you want to any place where and you have a goal to finished anyhow so you must have to obtain a right amount of knowledge like a ship and to drive a flawless of your dedicative work.

Just we understand that what are the strategies of our life are so we have to understand the psychology of our present past and future and our subconscious mind already understand that what we want to become in our life and what should to be done in our life.

Therefore, we have to be focus in our mind according to our strategies. If we are thinking in a positive way so will have the positive manner.

Think positive to creative positive. Only positive life will give the positive response in our life. Positive creation will get it only by doing well in our life. It doesn’t matter what we belief in our life.

And how to become successful in our life. All the things in our life are depending on us. ACTING IN A CERTAIN WAY. Think positive to make good decision. We get it the fruits according to our decision. Think positive and get positive.

6.           Our mind is very strong and it has the control of our self. It is the very powerful machines. This machine is very dedicative and will give good output in our life.

If we drive well so will get it good and if we drive badly way so will lose your life badly. Newton third low we know that if we pull the matter so same will also be pull against me.

If we want to be rich so that rich will also become towards me. So follow the rules of money makers. But just we have to believe the rules for our goals. We must have to believe the goal of my life.

Many times we thought that how can we achieve the goal in our life? Just repeat our life better way again and again. Repeat the matter in properly. Convert your negative things in positive way.

How you think yourself as positively. Just ask question from your life and challenge your life better way.

Take a right decision in your life. Clear your goal proper. If we want to achieve anything in the world so believe in our life. Our mind has infinite in our life. Every second has the reality in our life.      

7.           War is not real. It is caused by ignorance of our true nature, which is peace.

To realize this, it is an awakened state where one is able to get in seem unimportant from the society perspective, which lays great emphasis on wining wars and making money.



Meditation opens us to the present. We learn to operate from an intuitive wisdom rather than an intelligence that insists on examining external objects so that we gloss over our true nature by identifying with this and that. By forming immutable ideals, we use them to despise ourselves.

What do you mean by peace? If we are unaware of our true nature, peace can become boring. So many times, peace is available to us but we ignore it, preferring to excited ourselves with TV, SHOPPING or something else.

Don’t take this to mean that the Buddha was a city of the world. He just wanted us to live in it mindfully, to recognize its reality. The mind is conditioned to be forever caught in doubt and uncertainty, so much so that it resists giving them mediation.

The fear is of losing control, it is what we call the secure in ideals, conventions and dogmas needs to be dropped. When I do meditation, I would try to control my thoughts and get rid of the ones that seemed bd.

The more I resisted and get rid them, the more power they seemed to have. The states that I was trying to get over emerged even more forcefully during meditation.

Then I realized that I wasn’t being asked to destroy, only to see. The more I received my anger without reacting to it, the more it ceased. And when anger ceases, what remains?  Peace.

Consciousness is a not a culturally conditioned phenomenon. It begins at birth and is experienced through our bodies. When begins at birth and is experienced through our bodies.

When we are born, we don’t see ourselves Buddhist/ Christian, male or female and so on. Consciousness is not cultural. It is the point where is merged. That is the only way out of this crisis.

8.      Give Peace a Chance Don’t Go to War.   War happens when tolerance reaches epic proportions, when the reason for war becomes greater than the sanctity of peace.

World leaders trying to bring peace, but it not an issue of institutions. It is human beings who starts wars. Before a war begins outside, it stats inside. When peace comes to heart, serenity follows. WHAT IS SECRET OF HAPPINESS?

Love comes flooding in, uncontrolled. Joy cannot be held back. It bursts through because it is right. That is peace. Peace needs to be felt, love needs to belt, truth needs to be felt. As long as we are alive. 

Life is journey. We are passengers in a train called life, and we are alive in the moment called now. The journey of life is so beautiful that it needs no destination. On this journey, we have been given a compass.

The compass is the thrust to be fulfilled. The true journey of life begins the day we begins to seek to quench our thirst. This quest is the noblest one.

9.     It is a great value to follow a path of self-inquiry to attain peace and achieve happiness. When we begin the process of self- inquiry, we have to put our whole begin into it. In us, Viveka or conscious is the power to discriminate between right and wrong and can be said to be a spark of the divine element in us.

The first process of this self-inquiry then is to observe one’s thoughts, desires and feelings and to be aware of them, This awareness is necessary and it might take time for a person  to get accustomed to, as our mind is conditioned to, identify  with our thought and emotions.

The Buddha said that the mind can be great obstacles in the path of realization and, at eth same is a great obstacle in the path of realization and at the same time, it can be great vehicles on the way towards enlightenment.    

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