1.           Law of Human Nature.   Don’t weep/ cry for your circumstances because your circumstances will never help and be uprooted by you. It will be away only by faced by you. There is no way where the path of God will not get it by you, unless you deserve and you may feel to know the God. ‘PROBLEM SOLVING’., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Meditation in morning will helps to keep mentally strong. Before sleeping meditation also required.

If sleeping with angry so the whole night dream comes like angry and if sleeping with happy so the whole night dreams comes like happy, if the whole night thinking to search for something so the answer will also come on the way. PROBLEM SOLVING’

2.           Problem is the fact of life. And fact is that problem comes only if live is surviving.

Always try to help people. Acting in the certain way. So that our universe will also help you. Right thought will help you. And the way you do the work the work will also be starts to be correct. PROBLEM SOLVING’

When we stopped to do work. So the law of attraction means help the meaning of life. Efficient action will help to anyone unless we take a Good step for anyone.



No need to do lot of work in one day but do work consistency way. You will be the habitual of the action and that action will help you and gives enormous benefit in your life.

Do the work in which you interested. Never make hurry in any moment. Just wait and think what you are doing.

The impression of increasing. Whatever the human work doing that all are affecting on their natures. All the good people should have the goodness and you must talk with good people.

Don’t think that you don’t have the opportunity instead think whatever doing just do for yourself with your natures.

Science also believing that government comes and goes but natures always exited in your life. Develop your skills and improve to yourself so that you can achieve best in yourself. PROBLEM SOLVING’

In common way there is an element existed in universe so that all are made up of and converted in to the way we think and starts to attract on the particular way. Do your work efficiently and be humble with your boss. PROBLEM SOLVING’

3.          Any time any opportunity can get it. But opportunity will also get unless you think for your goal. So stay tuned till the end of your life. If you really want to get success in your life so must take responsibility for your own life and your situations. Please take responsibility of your own life.

   (a)Thought (b) Work (c) Visualization (PROBLEM SOLVING)

4.         The results you get depend on how you control these above three things and understand deeply on the points.

Edition wanted to make such a things by which people get happiness and feel exited to invest money on that particular thing. Andrew Carnigie wanted to earn more money and give to other poor people.

Everyone has the same time. Our activity is totally depending for productivity. If activity not good so productivity will also be bad. Productivity means where mind, should and body are investing.

At least invest more than three hours so one day we must have to do study three hours. PROBLEM SOLVING’

Tomorrow comes only by today. In this world has lot of things to show proof like tree, building, mountain etc. The good news is that it stores all type of experience which is awareness.

Quantum physic mechanism holds that nothing is fixed and certain. It also explains that lot of invisible things are existed and it only feels until we observe it.

Awareness comes from stillness and in problems, so problem is not a problem but that is cognitive sense. Happiness hard to attain and even harder to explain. Function of my brain depends upon the quality of our life.

We must add experience to my brain to make qualities of life. Instead of thinking all the time about how my life should be going, by a different. Add to the sweetness in our life, and decrease whatever feels sour and better.

Lower the stress and angry will feels me or favor respect, dignity, tolerance. Make a good list of tomorrow by thinking today before sleeping. Decision makes only by today and only by small and small habit.

Making to do list how to do my work potentially. Design m life with professional life drawing.

4.           To do some very extraordinary life. Never confuse to it and do continue work.

My fight is only with me to how be fight with our life. Let’s make it possible. Being human transform each and every day to itself. Thinking in a certain way which is the best quality of your life. PROBLEM SOLVING’

Those who have the ability to do anything best in life so they may be legend one day. So be a great learner. Legendry sacrifice is must need to unproved my life is systematic in way. Start accepting growing. Why you are serving these all things.

Whatever happens in your life? Start accepting and keep growing is a kind fighter. The more we know about the mind the more we research into the brain starts to shape itself into new pattern and possibilities.

Our brain not only transmits the world to us but essentially creates that world.

If we can master our brain so we also master our reality. Once initiate mind unless its profound power, the result will be greater awareness, a heathens body a happier deposition and unlimited personal growth. We called a God a matter of faith rather than a fact of nature.

We are attached to our own thoughts and desires that we easily say our mind. Our brain is ready to receive anything anytime so give/ see well though and focus it will.

It needs courage to see the good things and thoughts. Our mind is the rider, and our brain is the horse there is no any limitation how much I inspire my brain to achieve.

5.     Financially Free from Economy to Solve Problem.  How to get financially freedom and solve your all problem of your life. Financial education as must learn seven baby step :-

         (a)       Create Emergency Fund.  Use only in emergency time. Not for
         home purposes. At least you must have save 75,000/- in your emergency

         (b)   Start Paying Off Your Debt And Grow Your Emergency Fund.  Rich
          people are never show to their  richness. Start to pay and delete your loan by
          small loan to big loan.

       (c)  Invest 15% of Your Income in Mutual Funds For your
.   For your mutual fund and for your  family during retirement.

      (c)      Planning for Your Children Education.  Foreign country education is
        coming in India. So every year10%   rate/ charges are increasing. So you
         must make a plan for their future.

      (c)   Grow Your Wealth & Give Away Money (Enjoy).   Your enjoy your life
      unless you deserve it to enjoy  your life.

6.  How to Change your Life and Solve Problem.  For financial freedom.  A poor can also become rich. People are not crazy their financial past history with money shapes their life.

People do crazy things with money but none is crazy. Different Generation and different, different thinking, different Income, different Economy.


It is very hard to take rick for Poor people. Importance of Luck and Rick to Achieve Financial Success as both brother and sister. It is depending upon hard work.

A practical knowledge along with skill is more important for improve. Never judge to any people for their financial situation. Rick is the name of luck.

Rick is ready for taking any type of opportunity.  Anything in beginning it feels and looks like a very small. But latter it become very easy and the best investment. His skill is investing, but the secret is his time.

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