1.           ‘The Law Of Attraction Comes and related with your body and Universe’ which is nearby you. If you try to understand about your body so easily understand the mythology of universe also.



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This book is dedicated to all the people who visited our morale and a synergistic product of many minds and a collection of ideas at work. According to Author Surendar Thakur business and spirituality both are the same process physical and outer world.

2.           Kishore never had a mentor as such. But the thought of starting his own business was there in his mind probably from the second year in college. He was clear that he didn’t want to join the family business. 

With the success of stonewash fabric I had tasted blood. This book will not only help you to think but also to motivate to initiate the work according to your prospectus.

2.           Chapter 1 (Meaning Of Life)

    Our mind is a static energy and our thought is a dynamic energy so that our thought is a type of energy so to be converted into form of creation.

The effect of inner world effect into outer world. Whenever we change anything from inside so same will also be in outer world. Conscious mind is made up of many material things.

Conscious mind is not master but by default we are thinking and giving full command to conscious mind instead of subconscious mind.

But sub-conscious mind is not like that, actually it know that what have to do or what not. How to be experience our life as a best of best. How to be fulfilled our life. This world always tells you bad and then you feel to achieve your goal in different and different vision.

book reading 2020

book reading 2020

              Never take profit without giving profit to other. This is the low which change poor into rich, and de-respect into respect. So try to find out that law.

If once our thought reached into sub-conscious mind so that will be saving forever and ever.

So never think negative thought because it is also a type of energy which will get it by your vision and your reason. Never develop your selfish thought. Which might will not give any benefit to your life?

3.           Matter

              Our mind is a matter to form any object into form of outer world and in the form of any object. Attention and concentration required to get full relation like magnifying glass to give consistent focus and get your vision to be fire the paper.

Whatever you are doing, do it consistently. Whatever I need that should be perfectly for my wants.

So be clear what you want from nature. Once you start to control you thought so slowly your imagination process will change your life. Change your vision with affirmation.

Start to believe your goal with your vision. Be positive to be converting into confident and get-rid away from negative affirmation. Continuation of positive affirmation to get and achieve good prospectus in your life.

The law of attraction works inside us only when we start to achieve our goal and with abundance with action and fulfil the desires.

4.           Human behavior fundamental rule is like the same by which we imaging, visualizing and affirming. Our thought is like a magnet. “My plot will be attracted only have to think on continuous process so that I can purchase my plot” is the process to achieve anything  or you can also think to achieve a big deal or a big businessman etc.

Our thought is a spiritual process with right imagination where lot of things are kept in the nature and by default we visited the universe with infinite with increasing our conscious power so that we understand our power.

This power of our thought. Whatever thing appeared in world only by imagination.

5.           There are very important role of thought in our life. Ignore our negative situation and away from our negative situation.

Don’t focus on negative emotion otherwise will become a part of the life. Enhance your life with positive affirmation, imagination and right visualization.

6.           What is low of time?

              Whatever we are thinking these will make short to your time. If we make our low so that we can understand our spiritual life.

People follows the different and different culture to their own God. In this world not human only thought is existed in the universe.

Our thought gives direction to our life’. “Thought process will change your entire life and will also be changing your life”.

Whatever is good or bad in world all are the affection of our life. Set a big goal in our life so that our mind will help you how to process your all work in your life.

Once you think in continuous and for long time the same thought so one day will be best and must achieve your success in your life. Thought create a best perfection in your life. 

7.           Positive feeling comes only after positive thoughts. All human must have to spread a good feeling and happiness among people. So be constructive and be positive.

Selfish thought will never give you and enhance your happiness in your life. Which is more than your expectation?

Make your mental images in your life to make more concentration than your thought process will grow like seeds.

We can achieve our all desire what we can thought unless we believe on our mental power. We must believe on our thoughts. Before initiating any work we must have to follow the best in our life.

Just like architecture, they always prepare imagination before initiating any work. Mental exercises are required just like make strong to physical exercises. ‘If we not change our situation so situation will change you’.

We create our thought, and thought creates our matter in our life.

What is success?

 ‘Success means to give benefit to other before receiving self’. Use your visualization process so that you can achieve your success very fastly. ‘Imagination is just like the speed of light so that your work will initiate smoothly’.

Imagination and visualization process will make you a creative.

All the destructive and competitive thought will be dilute only by positive thoughts. This is depending on how I am thinking. Just apply with abundance.

This must have to take a action on regular process. Make mental images and form a best creative in your life. It is the future benefit of our life like magnet.

We get the people as per our works. If work is business type so people will get like businessman. Give your full mental and concentration power to your goal to complete and initiate any subject. ‘Our physical world is the expression of our mental world’.  

For example you are best in blogging so try to write blog and earn money from your blogging”.

Increase your creative power and your visualization power and increase your ideas to achieve your best. Students are failed because they dependent on other rather than itself. Certainly there is nothing can be created unless you not start to be created.

The same things are like electricity which is now and then also and same will also be in future. The low of abundance is to law of creation and imagination, visualization and affection to publish on their action is called “Law of Attraction”.

 Dominate yourself for your dedication power. The master key system means that you are the person who have the power to dominate the world as well as to yourself with social and business power.

8.           The master key increase from inside and goes to outside by force energy and vitality.

Put your daily practice and your experiences. ‘The molecule in atoms and the atoms in energy’. In mineral world it is all are fixed. The low of potential is to improve to you. ‘Our spiritual forces are the way of thinking’.

Our thought is the process to initiate any work. Every thought brings into the action. Therefore, it is very necessary to think proper way and to initiate any work proper way.  Simple exercises thought are the meaning of the life. You must say that the possible is to initiate your work.

Any man with the knowledge will improve to themselves. Nature compare to all through life. Which occurs from body of spiritual thought? 

Humanity which will tell you what you are. All these philosophy is the process of initiating y our work deductively. Whatever happening with us and existed around us that all are created by human thought.

Our output are the result of our imagination and our visualization, The master key of human is that those who are readers they can improve their life better and to better and they also can improve to themselves.   

9.           Mind is creative and prepares the thought.    This is the secret of life. Before we can do and we can do that all depend upon what we think. Our conscious mind depending on our subconscious mind. 

We have the solution of all problems which is held with our subconscious mind. All these necessary things as harmony reflected in the world. So we start to create the controlling power on itself if we try to understand the power of subconscious mind. 

Manifest these all with the nature of law. The actual power of human desire is to develop your imagination power.

We are the related with the organ of the world which related every sensation of the body like heat sound, test and sound. These sensation are pleasure and harmonious.

This passed through objective mind.  We are related to the world and subconscious mind. Such as joy, fear, happiness.  There is infinite construction forces existed in natures.

10.         W e are not in a position where we can wait longer. We are the precipices. We can’t achieved anything until those thoughts are changed don’t expect the results you want. The generative principle which govern and converted into the result which generates the result which is the actual terms. 

Not only action but also the concept of the low is to care, the compassion or  decorate your desire as much as you can. What are you giving attention giving to yourself.

Which is automatically generated into your desired form. So feed positive instead of negative. Please ignore the negative and accept the positive.

Most of the people don’t care what is happening to their surrounding that what happens with them. Our thought and action with our heard mind and guts. Care to know and act and put up into practice which heart mind and action. All three have their own place.

The three expectation of action. Therefore, it is called generative principle. It is generator to create the power of love. The world generate comes from genetic which is the principles. Which is inside me and you. What we care is in me and you and same will drive in outside.

The more you care to you the more you change to you. The action is your behavior and converted into your action. They don’t care enough to change it through their actions. The Master Key System.

11.         Meditate releasing all adverse emotional thought for 30 minutes. Relax your mind allowing peace to enter.  Concentrate to berating in exhaling out.

Practices every 30 minutes on each day. Which will help you what is low of attraction and what is and universe as well as your business world. Visualize a place then step into the image. Feel, hear, and see everything that surrounds you.


Before going to your bed and before going to finish this content remember one thing this life will not forever, but also that this life will not come again and it is also right that you are the power and you have the power to generate the world as per your direction.

So think positive and do positive with your visualization, imagination with best desire affirmation to create your goal and your vision which enhance the bitterness in your life and might fulfil your desires.

‘It is only say that if you don’t help you to help yourself nobody is in the world who can help you to help yourself.



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