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1.       People are constantly trying to find out how the times they live in will evolve or what is invincible thinking by Surendar Thakur. They think about what is of true value, and the direction in which they should be headed, and they seek someone who can give those answers and guidance.

So to be an outstanding leader, you need to be able to point others in the right direction. So to be an outstanding leader, you need to be able to point others in the right direction.

A leader must be able to explain future trends and what people need to do in the present concisely and accurately; this is the mission of those who have truly awakened.

To be a leader, what do you need to do? This will be the theme of this book. What quality is necessary for a leader? Firstly you must always be able to see into the future.

You need to be able to see one or two steps further than others. People regard someone who is more able to possessing exceptional abilities.

In the same way that a very tall person is able to see much further than anyone else, people believe that someone who is outstanding is capable of seeing thing more clearly because of a greatness of characters, or because of spiritual abilities.

No matter what kind of life you have led, people look to the way you have overcome difficulties you have faced, finding the qualities of outstanding leadership there. So far you have pointed out three qualities.

2.       In a sense, this is nature’s way of telling to stop and rest. When people take good health for granted, they do not know how to rest unless they become ill.


So you will be able to live out the full span of your days and carry out y our mission. As a result of an illness, your life is in fact lengthened.

When the things are going well, people tend to be preoccupied with their own satisfaction and pleasure to the exclusion of all else in other words, they forget to consider other people’s feeling.

A good sale in the truest sense is a sale that continues to bring joy even after the transaction has been completed. 

Those who have never looked into the depth of the inner self or studied themselves deeply can never become true leaders.

3.       Trials AR Necessary for spiritual Growth.  Returning to the example of the salesman, let us imagine that his sales record continue to increase without his showing any consideration for others until he is the top salesman in the company, and is manager.

He try to make his staff adopt his methods in others words, the only instructions he will give them are sell target. He will go over the heads of subordinates.

The reason this particular manager behaves in this way is that he has only ever been interested in his own success.

These kinds of people are quite happy to barge in other and do business, believing they are well liked and that everyone  is open with them.

4.       In other words, those who are concerned only with their own success never bring happiness to others. People are very sensitive.

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If they do not feel happy when they are with this sort of a person, they will start to keep their distance. Then they will begin to criticize, become nasty and say negative things about a person who demands praise.

This is how a situation like this steadily worsen, quite the opposite of what was hoped for. So, even if you suffer a setback at work or the tide turns against you, do not see this negatively.

It offers you the change to strengthen your soul, while at the same time allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of other people.

You may have been so self-cantered that you believed the company could not function without you, but in reality you will see things running smoothly even in your absence.

It is very important to be able to look at yourself in this way.

Do Not Live a Life of Excuse.    When faced with misfortune, make sure you do not allow yourself to feel you are the only person ever to find yourself in such circumstances.

The same is true for those who are ill, and those who face a setback or failure connected to their ambitions.

People tend to feel that they are the only ones who have ever had to face such a situation. When adversity strikes, open your eyes and heart, and look at the people around you.

You will realized those whoa re successful are not only the people who have always known good fortune. Among them are certainly people who have experienced failure or adversity, who made the utmost effort and used their misfortune as the springboard for success.

Try to think about how many other people there must be who are in the same boat as you. There are many kinds of illness, for instance heart disease, cancer and numerous physical ailments.

Whatever your condition, you are not the only one suffering this illness, in most cases, there will be others who are affected with the same condition.

Mr. Franklin D Roosevelt (1882-1945) was the well know President of the United State who was confined to a wheelchair.

Usually people who have to depend on a wheelchair to move around find it difficult to be socially active, but despite his disability he was a great man in that he did not live a life of excuses, but rather  did  whatever he felt had to be done.

He was willing to make every effort to overcome his disability. People such as these have come to understand important lessons in life through adversity.

Those who even from the depth of adversity are able to reach heights that ordinary people would never aspire to all have something in common.

I would like to explain what I discovered through studying them. Firstly, they never attribute their hardship to other.

They never put the blame into other people or bemoan their fate because they understand clearly that this would do no good whatsoever.

The first key is not to blame fate or other people for any personal hardship. Secondly, they accept what fate has given them.

They do not complain, “if only that had never happened.” Instead, they accept whatever bad luck or adversity has come their way. In accepting it.


Thirdly no matter what kind of adversity they face they always find some lesson in it. They face they always  find some lesson in it.

They ask themselves just what it is that a difficult lesson is trying to teach them and search until they find the answer.

The lesson that they learn becomes without expectation a priceless treasure that remains in their hearts for a long times.  

Fourthly, they never try to rely on the support of others. No matter what their disabilities, they walk the path they have been given alone, with a free and independent spirit, never forgetting to make the effort to help themselves.

The accept their fate and their present state for what it is, but they do not let the status quo continue. All extraordinary people go through this process. People who  allow themselves to wallow

Determination and will Power open a Path

 Your determination to overcome whatever fate has thrown in your way does not mean you need undertake something huge.

You just need to open a new path, starting with something close at hand. Ask yourself what you are capable of doing and what you can achieve in your current situation.

If you find you are unable to use the gift that you have developed up to now, see if you have other abilities.

What are the qualities in you, your sibling, friends or teachers admired when you were young? Perhaps you have some hidden ability that you have not yet developed to the fullest.

You should not let your own limitations restrict the work or activates of the whole.

What people consider to be limitations are simply a lack of ideas. People do not lack the abilities to do the work, rather they lack ingenuity and creativity.

Transcend Individual Limitation

A good idea will grow only if you can find someone to work with. Suppose you job was selling fish from a truck in the streets.

If you felt content doing just this, you would probably spend your whole life selling fish. Essential there are two types of secrets that is find a demand and another is Think about further development.

The first secret is always to be on looked for things people want. You should constantly have your antenna up so as to be sensitive to what people need. 

Companies that achieve rapid growth have always been started by someone who sensed a demand, and set about meeting that.

If you are working hard but find it difficult to make a profit, it is probably because there is no demand for what you are supplying.