1.       I can almost hear you saying that I cannot be true and you are always telling us that effort will be rewarded. The first priority should not be going out and searching for your ideal partner. “What is invincible thinking by Surendar Thakur-III.

Even if you make a list of the entire characteristic you would look for in a spouse, saying. This is my ideal; this is the kind of person I want to marry.

For young people especially, it is vital that you establish yourself in a carrier, because you will achieve what is most important through your work.

As well as the prospect of financial success, it is extremely important that young people have a clear vision of their future.

2.       Ask yourself how far your prospective partner is capable of understanding your thoughts on work or life.

Is your partner capable of only a shallow appreciation, or does your partner possesses deep insight into the way you think?

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If you feel strongly that he or she can understand you, and that this understanding mutual, then it is probably safe to go ahead and marry.

People do not achieve success by their own efforts alone.

It is important always to remember that it is through the help of others that you are able to achieve you goals. We are born with abilities, but not with integrity.

There are two ways that integrity comes into being. First circumstances which integrity can be acquired. One is in the midst of discouragement, failure and adversity, the other is through success.


These are the times when integrity can be most easily attained.

Of course, integrity can be achieved to a lesser extent  other times in life, but great integrity, which stands as a memorial to your life, comes into being through these two experiences.

3.       To be able to endure difficulties or disappointment is in itself remarkable, but really extraordinary people read the divine intension in their experience, search within it for some seed that will lead them to success, and then nurture that seed.

To be able to achieve this is truly extraordinary, and here integrity comes into being.

Even if you experience a succession of setbacks you will eventually have the change to bloom, when success finally comes, the way you handle it is very important.

You must to try to claim the fruits of success for yourself. Rather, tell yourself that it was not achieved by your own efforts, but by the will of heaven.

4.       Do not take the credit of yourself rather consider that although you may have assisted.

What will happen if your do not attempt to take the credit for success, if your say that it was the result of the efforts of numerous people.

In our attitude love wisdom, self-reflection and progress as principles of happiness. The theme of this book, invincible thinking, is philosophy that links self-reflection and progress.


Generally, when people practice positive thinking they tend to think it is sufficient simply to move forward in a positive and constructive manner.

However, we need to consider however, we need to consider how to reconcile this with self-reflection, one of the basic teachings of the institute for research in Human Happiness.

If people are told to reflect on their though and deeds one day, one day and urged to move forward using positive thinking the next, some will waver between the two, not knowing which to concentrate upon.

5.       When practicing positive thinking, the people tend not to look into the shadows, not to look at the dark side of things.

They only look to the light, focusing on the bright side of things or look at things only constructive way.

While this philosophy is very powerful, if you focus only on this direction, it leaves no room for self-reflection. But no matter how positive and forward-looking you may be, there are times when things do not go smoothly.

I am sure having experienced failure in the past. I sit really all right on such occasion to ignore it and advance regardless.

Those who practice positive thinking tend to think like this, but are this really all there is to life.

Is people’s feeling really that simple?  No one is capable of sailing through life without any problems. The reality is that people move to the left then to the right they fail and go down, then they stand up again, but always they are searching for some way to make their lives better and happier.

In the face of this reality what is needed to lead a successful? This is what I would like to consider now?

Invincible thinking is a philosophy that provides you with the greatest power that exists in the three dimensional world you inhabit, this world where you breathe and eat.

6.       Transform Difficulties into Strength for Your Soul.

I would like to start by saying that invincible thinking based on the ideas that all difficulties in life can be turned into nourishment for the soul.

You will probably face various setback, failures and difficulties during the course of your life, but seen from the perspective of your purpose in coming to this world you are not here simply to have everything run smoothly for you.

Your purpose on Earth is to develop greater stature and radiate a genuine light by accumulating much different experience, repeating the process of trial and error.

If you look at the purpose of your life in this way, what you thought of as difficulties and hardship will take on a new meaning. The realization is the basis of invincible thinking.

The main challenge in life is how to make the utmost efforts, using all the knowledge, skills and ideas you possess, to cope with the problems you are confronted with and transform what you gain into strength for your soul.

So never be satisfied simply to avoid or deny a problem. This is expressed in the teaching of our Institute that states.

Life is like a workbook of problem to be solved and one must make the effort to solve each problem.

7.       What is Invincible Thinking By Surendar Thakur-III

Be Master of Your Own Time. I would not like to look at the short of thinking that is important if you are to gain real power from invincible thinking.

Basically it could be summed up as having an indomitable spirit. Invincible thinking is a philosophy that allows you to be master of your own time, and to keep time under your control.

To see whether you have assimilated this philosophy, your need to think back to how you were six months ago, for instances of a year or two or were six years ago.

Looking at what you achieved in your life and what are you thinking about your circumstances of your life. So you are keeping upward or backward. This type of result will give you enormous result to achieve anything in your life.

Invincible thinking is like the growth of a tree. As it grows, a tree is faced with numerous challenges and hardship. Strong winds may blow and strip the branches of their leaves.

The tree may come close to dying, it may lack nourishment, or its roots may be exposed. However, no matter what happens struggle to keep growing ever taller. Invincible thinking is based on this kind of effort.  

The way in which you constructed our life in many ways resembles the bamboo. You are just like the stalk is only eight to ten inches across. They cannot grow any bigger.

If we say that what is invincible thinking so it’s a philosophy that allows you to grow through both the growth of the bamboo. Looking at life in this way, you will realize that there is no need to fear adversity.

In the time of adversity, your soul receives the greatest nourishment and you are likened to the time when bamboo makes a new joint.

It grows eight to twelve inches steady, until it reaches the point where it needs to create a joint.

8.       Attitude towards positivity’s in life. Attitude should always be big set according to situation which is called life. Talk that word which I effectively. This is a way how I work. Attitude towards God.


Lot of power existed in meditation and prayer. Particles advancement Good emotion and good prospectus. First rule of God.

He should be faith, peace good all things but actually its infinite, we cannot be justify how he is all the creation whether living or non-living things God co-existed in each and everything in universe.

Attitude towards any work. Do work with positive mind. Work ethically that will help me to quit better. I always do very best. Whoever, wherever.

So follow the path of success, low of electricity only understand mask body like same the nature also understand sidhant, pad and & nistha. Life should be getting to work on time, work effectively and get back to your family on time.

The ball of work, spirit, health, family, friends take care of your life balance of your own life. Actually time is very less. Time is very less on this earth. So understand the meaning of time management.

Happy married life. Give time to the family walk in evening. Quality and quantity of human being to sit in with your parents and talk and my create strategies of my life.

Biggest Garbage is that time giving to my parents. Include family time with your family. Good manager of time and money.

Use mobile only for purposefully, not purposefully. I manage that all the schedule and understand the philosophy. Understand very quietly and make a good balance sheet of life. We know all these things.

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