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1.       The difference quite often lies in the abilities called here emotion intelligence, which include self-control zeal and persistency, and the ability to motivate. “What is emotional intelligence by Surendar Thakur’.

And this skill as we shall see can be tough to children, giving them a better chance to use whatever intellectual potential the genetic lottery may have given them.

It is a type of ability to understand the other’s emotion and react accordingly. There are seven types of emotional intelligence reaction.

2.       First things are they must have to learn for what they should to be criticism?

If somebody is criticism to someone so emotional intelligence people always tried to learn from them instead of getting angry.

And they improved to him. Emotional intelligence people never get shy to say sorry when found any fault. On that they feel humble to say sorry.

Sometime few people think their past adversities and they reacts always dedicated reaction to other as well as on itself, which is very bad to them. Neither they pardon to anyone nor do they say sorry to anyone.

They never forget their past. Emotional Intelligence people always understand the feelings of other. But they never forget to learn a lesson from that past.


Emotional Intelligent people always fulfil their needs. Emotional intelligence people always think before take any decision. “Due to this quality we can understand the feelings of other people“.



3.       If this quality may increases in our society so there will be decrease of crime, rape and mobility and all types of heinous activities which are creating day to day in our life.

Most of the people get success only due to this quality. They can also control to anybody and any moment.

Those who cannot control to themselves they cannot be success in their life. And it is very urgent to get control on itself.

Mostly, those who take addiction they rarely control on themselves.

People use addiction to get free from these all. Those children who have this quality they never make quarrel and make noise in class to irritate to class teachers.

They easily understand to other people. Emotional Intelligence people always learn from their failure and try’s again and again.


They always ask and find out the way, other people get success and I have not got the same.

4.       These are the some of the best and good quality of Emotional Intelligence People. They always find opportunities to correct him.

They feel and say sorry to say anyone. They never feel angry on anyone. Intelligence quotient measure on our academic performance, memory and intelligences.

It means intellectual emotions. Emotional quotient means EQ is a part of our brain which is 80% responsible for our success and growth.

It means recognized, understand as well as manage our all emotion and influence our all type of activities in our day to day life.

It comes in our behavior when come under pressure situation. In very rare sense we have two minds and this are the one of the activities which is genially urgent in our life.



One is that thinks and one that feels. Intelligence quotient is fully responsible on logical and rational thinking, whereas Emotional quotient is responsible for all our emotions, feelings and behavior with others.

Humans are really the emotion creatures. Which means by which most of our decision takes on our emotional decisions. Our response and reaction depends on our emotions.

Most of factors affecting emotions like decision making, relationship, stress managements grabbing opportunities. So it is very necessary to understand your emotion quotation.

And it also to be understand as well as how to be improve to it. Think how to apply to it.

5.       Self-awareness means having a clear understanding and perception of our own self. To know better to itself how am I and rectify it.

How is my behavior and how I am thinking? What is our action, strength and what is our weakness.

Just have to understand and know about itself or we can say that to make fully workshop of body and rectify it the emotion in workshop.

After how they impact to others. Which might get self-respect from other people. Next components is to know your triggers and  manage your emotions accordingly.

You should know that what situation trigger your emotions. Human are generally get angry and take decisions.

They don’t have the ability to how to manage angry? Re-framing your emotion to look different prospectus. So that we handle any situation positively.

To increase general Emotional Intelligence we must have to understand other’s feeling. We must have to understand the feelings by keeping their point of view to others position. Then it will be called emotional intelligences.

We must have believed the power of faith. Realize it and believe it and love all the people so that natures will also love with you.

6.       Emotional Intelligence will improve you what you want to become you in your future.

Firstly you understand the emotion and then take any action by reading. IQ & EQ both are co-related with each other. Hence, it is so important.

That’s why most of the people are so talented. There are different and different types of emotions like angry, fear, happiness etc. So have to understand the skill and take any action of highest level.

Self awareness is one of most and best necessary for our emotion strength. Which impact on our behavior. Just like I am a good blogger and I consistent on my blogging everyday basis and weekly basis.

High complex situation people always understand the situation and then they take action accordingly. In your life first you understand the feeling, understand the situation and than take action by which others will not feel bad on you.

If something is happening wrong with you so just think how can you rectify the problem and how can you deal the adversity. If you increase your high EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, so you will be one the skillets person in the world.




7.       Adversities will bring stress in your life and lastly will give enormous happiness only by practice to uproot advertise and improve to fight with situation. Than only it is get to you.

Different types of people are living in the world but emotional intelligence people always be the good and best on earth and they can gets their success in each and every field.

Never get angry just love the emotion and relax and then think whether it is right or wrong. Your answer will get as you are wrong.

When you stop before getting angry than you feel and realize what have to do in your future. Those who fight with nature they always think what will happen if not fight.

But my duties are to fight with nature. Result wills automatic get it to you.

58% mostly comes from emotional intelligence. Those who have strong emotion only they can do it better performance. Your EQ can be decrease and less only by your accident or by any adversities.

If you insult to anyone so some can over react and start to get angry but same way if your insult to any monk or great leaders so they will never get angry because they know this intelligence.

Now there is very- very important things parameter intra-personal. What impact on others? It’s a type of self-awareness and self-regard.

I know that self-actualization, which is called Gautama Buddha intellectual intelligent.

8.       Never be harassed whether you stress. Suppose you get accident so on that time how to be control on that situation during the time you must have to control the situation.

That is very important in your life. Best optimizes means you are ready fight with any adversities and you are dedicated to achieve you success by anyhow.

Just like to get success over daily blogging. During under pressure situation decision is very important.

Self-awareness means to know us better way and also know your situations. Think and take any decision by keeping another point of view.

How people is behaving to other people, if other is not behaving well so don’t mind please calm and take relax and take the power of faith and believe to take necessary action.

It is very important in our life. Which are the most important part and art of our life. And became mentally and physically strong.

Then after by using these all types of technique we can achieve we all the best wants whatever I am trying to achieve my success.  

9.       People respective emotionally say yes to everyone, but that is also not good for them.

If regularly saying no so that is also not good for them. Emotional Intelligence sensitivity is high level of EQ and they adjust with any situation.

They curious with any circumstances. High level of emotional intelligence realize the feelings of emotion to initiate the life with different and different direction to process the work.

Best skills get only when we start think about best. Stress full situation whenever comes so think positively and understand the situation and then react to be act. You work will surely be success.     

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Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.


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