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1.           The whole world is a type of energy. You are a like Spirit. Just have to find out how to know the spirit. We all know this spirit only by self-awareness and meditation. We can feel it all my power by meditation. Self-knowledge awareness is far greater than materialistic world. Think Like A Monk.

2.           How negative thought will be deleted from us. How can we help to others? Which can give you enormous happiness in your life?


While I want to be expert to we goes to an expert to become better. But how can we get happiness just life SANT.

To think like sant to understand the world. To understand and focus on itself and find out the question. Find your goal with your discipline. My identities will become only by learning good thought.

While we are with family on that time our environment is different and while spending time with friend that is also different.

Decide where and how can get it you your happiness. What are your values? Because values will tell your how you are.

Write your values and think that from where you got those values. Whether this value will get it only for you or you also want to survive for your family. 

3.           Negativity

While we think about the people around us. They all existed around us and we also are with the environment of negativity. THINK LIKE A MONK-CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MIND BY SURENDAR THAKUR

We all know that negativity is never good for us in spite we not control. It forms angry and bad in us. Negativity forms stress Harmon inside us. While in tension so think that how can we delete out tension form our negativity. Monks always tells us the meaning of love. THINK LIKE A MONK-CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MIND BY SURENDAR THAKUR

Respect the emotion and replace with positive thought. Just think that for one week you not tell anything wrong to anyone.

The more you understand the negative tendency the more your understand the values of your life. When you not understand the meaning of successful. THINK LIKE A MONK-CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MIND BY SURENDAR THAKUR

When your think as negative thought is coming in our mind so just stop it.  Swap your negative emotion and concentrate on your emotion and think deeply whey you react with negative emotion. Think like predictive emotion.

Just think that to tell any negative emotion how much way you have. You can easily convert your negative emotion into positive emotion. If you don’t change your emotion so emotion will change you permanently. 

4.   Routine



How can we fulfil our life with happiness? Wakeup early in the morning. This means you will get it two hours before. You can get it your full productivity if you wake up in the morning. THINK LIKE A MONK-CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MIND BY SURENDAR THAKUR

Don’t see your social media avoid distraction. Which is best for your morning ritual plan? And think that what you want to do in the morning and it is your morning you can change and make your life according to your choices. You can also do it your meditation also.

Evening routine will also be the same you cannot achieve your goal unless your make your good habit and what is your routine. Your routines will give your enormous best life to survive and to think accordingly.

You not change too much but small thinking and small habit will also be changing your life by appreciation. These all will change you. In the morning will also be give you the enormous things in your life and just like ego which is also one of the dangerous things thing in your life.

You are the best version in your life. How can you think that how your ego will be deleted by you.  Don’t depend on other views. Think what you want to do. Sometimes you always try to show what you are not but want to show what you are.   

5.       Forget what you did it good things and bad things for others. Which gives and refresh you to activate good activities in your life? Concentrate on your good values. Confidence means respect to you as healthy self-esteems.


We already know that grateful makes us humble and it means to understand the meaning of humbleness. Gratitude means to look the things in positive ways. 

(A) What you did it in the morning?

(B) In the very morning respect to your God.

(C) Think for those people who loves you and they loves you in your life. Be grateful in all circumstances and don’t think what your adversities are and what you at present.

Just love the situation in you is existing present. When the things are right so you are happy but when God gives adversities that means you are spending your future life better, just have to be focus only little bit only for your life.

Because life accepted good struggle for your life. Try to spend life with your parents. 


Help the people while they required. Mostly people help to according to their self – desires.

How you feel happiness in another life? How natures help in our life like air, water, sun, sea and trees etc. All these creatures are depending on another way.

And this is the part of our life and this is the art of creatures. Some people help on the power of money so somebody help with help of small- small things to the people.

Use and help to people with your money with proper way. Those who happy they also survive more and more.  

6.           Love

To help others is also the part of our life. Still we learn that how we spend life like SANT. We must have our goal and our desire. These content telling us how we can live in world according to our thoughts and our process. Life is not what actually.

It is that what I want to survive with natures and all the creatures. Why negativity, anxiety comes in our mind just write it on notes and think.



7.           Think like Monk means be strong with inner. Mirror is your identities. Never be happy with your face. We can find out our self-value only by knowing our self-quality.

Taking inspiration from others is not bad but knowing our quality is very important to know. Speak wise and your action tells you what you are and what you can do it in your life.

8.           Follow three points where you can read it and follow it every day and also read every day ten times so that you can understand it. Make reminder of your goal. So that your goal will tells you what you want to become in your life :-


Success need more practice in your life. Most failures are temporary defeat. It is a part of the success. Tolerance build also need to listen others thoughts. Never disrespect to others.

The Golden rules should to be in your life. Whenever you think in your life and if you are thinking like success.  

9.           Really do you want to be successful people in your life? Those who are desired only they have the ability to complete any things. There are only few people in the world who success in limited field.

All my daily duties and daily works affected on my subconscious mind. Jealous, hatred, love, desires and wishes all comes in conscious mind. So that reprogrammed to our life.

Sometimes you don’t know how you reached to your home on that time your subconscious mind will only reached to your home.

Develop your subconscious mind through developing good thoughts and good behaviors. Fight with life and be leave struggle life because subconscious mind understand only by regular practice and by regular habits.

10.         Earning money is not hard once we understand the philosophy of our life so surely we can win in any field. Don’t think that you’re all entire life has to be struggle.

You have to be making your life happy by changing your thought process.  You live the life at present by meditation because only meditation will tell you how you solve your all problems.

You can make your life according your subconscious mind. So plane what you want to create in your dream. Think as you are a ‘Great Business Man’. For great business what can you do it in your life?

11.     Give a question in your life to find the answer. And by finding your answer your habit will become how you get it your answer. Sub-conscious mind will do lot of enormous things in your life. Prepare your daily programmed and think that how can you survive your life better and how you solve your problem in your life. I can change my life by changing my thinking way of prospectus and be away from your negative thought. Think something best in your life and how you want to become in future. Just imagine. Suppose you want to become a great businessman so think like businessman. What are the ways to become a great businessman? 

12.         Create your opportunities and take advantages of your opportunities. Believe on your action and works. Overcomes of fear. I have to do and create lot of good habits in our life.

We all know that superior action will be happens only by doing best in your life only by doing best in your life. Create your best life as and according to you spending. How do you want to spend your life?

So just think according to your life how you want to make it and create a dream life what you want to be live. All my desires will be get it only by doing best in your life. I must have train our mind but how to train. Suppose think ‘how you free from debts’?

All the day you study Think and Grow Rich and everyday take a step for your good life and your goal. Good ideas and good thought comes from sub-conscious mind. Subconscious mind need attention and creation.

You are in debts is different things but if you ask good ideas and good thoughts from your mind so mind will give you how can be free from debt.

So make a belief system only by concentrated in your process/ procedures. All the things and richest is in our body and mind. I CAN CHANGE MY WORLD AND MY PASSION ACCORDING TO CHANGING MY IDEAS AND THOUGHTS.

Ask best question from your life and also ask how to solve your loan problem according to your good thoughts by changing your process.   

13.    After repetition it becomes habit and converted into automatic. Negative thought and action also create bad habits to the human neural pathways.

Suppose after reading and writing thought it became habit in my life and it became my habit and this habit will become my goal and my earning path way. The fire of the neuron can start so fast.

This is where science and spirituality comes together.

14.      Suppose I am writing my blog in my daily basis so it become for long term system and to create the system neuron it automatic and repetition formation.

As belief system and create thought in mind through visualize, analyze, evaluate the system periodically. This patent will become dark and continues process.

Then only I say that do the work regular practice and learn something new. Sometimes it already existed inside me in subconscious mind. So consciously we are aware of the matter to become sub-conscious mind.

All the activity is doing by me from far re-incarnation as last lives that all are remembering by my activity.

CONCLUSION.       Intellects create after continues of same habit and form a GOAL. SUB – CONSCIOUS MIND BECOME OUR GOOD HABIT AND CAN GET SUCCESS TO ACHIEVE MY GOAL.



Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.

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