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1.           In this book author saying that why people fear to achieve for their goal. To achieve your goal we must have to update our goal time to time.

Why sometime people are failing instead they already have good friends, money and good environment. But they don’t happy.

It happens only because it must need to put and feed good thought in our mind.

Sometimes feels that life is not in our hand and sometimes I feel that I can control my life. We can control our mind at any time at any moment. You give direction to your mind.

And once we give direction to our mind so then after our mind will do the same what you want to do? Our belief gives direction to our action. Belief is not only for spiritual it’s a type of principle and its type to give fuel to our action.

2.           Work Like Fire.  Those who walk in fire they don’t have fear it means they don’t have fear of anything. Once author Tobin Robin was also an unsuccessful person. But he changed to himself and his friends.

I already have the enormous power in our life. What is ultimate power? First set your target it means what you want to achieve in your life.

Sometime your taken action may be wrong but time to time must have to update your goal. So that you may not be fail. Tobin Robin also expressed the greatest man and director who made film JURASIC Park Film.

One day he visit the area where film where making on that day he realized his dream to must have to do for himself and from that time he started his life as  tough journey. The difference that makes the difference.

All the people are not happy but they want to be happy in all the situations. They do good works at all the time without fear of losses. 

The unlimited power tells us and how to deal with any work. External intention and internal intention, how I am communicate with itself. It all depending upon itself. 

Our mental and physical emotion tells us something in our self. Try to talk with our five senses. Take and talk with internal communication. Unsuccessful people are not uses these formula.

Take an action on right direction unless you may not achieve your success. You might may divert from your goal before achieve your success. But be constant.

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The Unlimited Power

Once we can understand the value of taking decision with our internal mind and our internal sense so that we can understand what the meaning of life is. People are resources for us.

Once again think that people are resources for you. Then after think why people are resources for you. Try to control brain on your way.

Change your internal representation and be safe to interfere with your internal representation. Always keep your motions and emotions high. 

First change you’re a habit and then think how you want to see you’re that habit. And when you confirmed on that action after that be strict on that habits.

Copy the habits of successful people because once we copy the habits of good and successful people then after we realized that I am also successful. 

We must find our success. ‘Think deeply how much you focused in your work’. Ask continually with your mind. Be strict on your goal.

The unlimited power tells us the power which I used in our life and how to control in my life.  Fantastic word is also may use for this books. Anthony Robins is the author of the summary.

3.      Expansion is Creation and Contraction is Dissolution. In geometry, a point has position but no dimensions. The position of a thing is in relation to other things in space. Since point is the creation is another to invent itself.

If really want to awake itself so just practice yoga and meditation because yoga and meditation will help you to give you your all solution of your problem. 

The unlimited power tells us to activate our brain and think creative to solve problem and fight with problem and keep away from tired. Just imagine creature sometimes imagine raining how to feel or imagine just cooking food.

These all activities shows you how you becoming creative and making your mind strong. Sometimes when you crying to itself.

Overall these all activities will tells you that you are ready to fight with energy and you might ready to fight with your depression.

Taking long breath and close your eyes these thing will give you a way and to active your immune system to gain your energy.

What is the foundation of key of success and solve your problem the ability to take action’. This really to people like action. They really want to make dream. However, you can be better, you can be best in your any field at any moment.

We all want to show our full unlimited power attention. And to achieve the best action in our life. You can produce our own result and can motivate to our desire. No matter what circumstances are going on that’s doesn’t matter.

4.       The unlimited power will tell us how efficiently we are ready to fight with world. Success is not an accident. The knowledge brings liberation from essential suffering.

Science is the duty of external and religion is the study of the internal. The first is objective while the second, subjective. Someone told me that God did not exist we would have had to invent him.

We create God in our own image. Love and respect for nature. Every drop of water is precious. River are symbols of patience. The great Ganga originating at Gangottri, journeys patiently to Kolkata.

There is nothing unique about death. Death comes to all who are born. As same nature gives all types of activities in our life. So never be distress from nature because natures also give happiness.  

5.           The ultimate power telling that they are the consistent in their own field. They take action with emotion and logically to fulfilled their life. By using these tools they win the goal by anyhow.

We just understand the meaning of period of failure and the period of rejection. Human development and human psychologically think how to improve the target.

Then only it is possible to win the race passionately and consistency.  Success can get from their mental idea by conscious or by sub-consciously. Just think what your major goal is fixed.

Do more and more seminar to understand your goal setting and how to achieve.

6.      Knowledge.  Activate your resources with consistently whether man or woman and take action time to time on daily basis. Do hard work on right dimension.

Personal power for your goal and personal emotion regarding your goal depending upon how efforts you are giving. Success and human trained are just same.

Primary meaning of component of power is his psychology measurement. And those who have not power so improve the power. How to change your life with how many efforts.

To change your life you must have to take a clear decision and be strict for adopting your attitude. Because you might have to face lot of circumstances for achieving the same.

Because once you start to initiate your goal then by default circumstances comes to increase your speed.

The more speed you take the more you fail and the more you fail the more you ready to achieve your success in your feet. The good happiness will get only by crystal faces.

7.    How Employ Your Goal. Never be frustrated and never be upset to be as happy existence and for that be communicate with office staff or to our office clique. Sometimes people get happy on your special habits.

Just visualized on your personal habits which is best in you and make a list your goal and make a to do list how to achieve your goal in your life. Sometimes also think why I am not achieving my goal and what the obstacles in my life are. Write that in notes and write it down.

The Unlimited Power

Just visualized the target and think that how to achieved your goal in systematic way. Visualized that in positive steps how you getting available to you. Think it is already in you and creatures is also helping to you. Think the choice what we are ready to adopt.

Which creatures will also help to you? Read good books and think some good thoughts for your life. When mechanically you try to visualize the goal then only you and your desire will ready to fight with your target. Mind will give these best feed to you.

Becoming failure is a type of outcome and you can also be the best after doing hard work with right dimension. Like Sachin Tendulkar in which they were interested. Create a master list so that you can know that where you must to go and what have to do in your life.

These all comes in ‘The Unlimited Power’. ‘Tony Robin said that you are the creator and you are the master of your journey’.   

8.           Be regular committed for your goal and make possibilities and by this your belief will also be positive. Take a full responsibility of your goal and think that you are the best and you are the only one thing by which your target will get very easily.

Only commitment is required for your success. And once your goal is cleared and decided by you. Then think what are the different and different way to achieved that goal.

Think positive and do some very best things for that works. Listen audio music and success story of the Great Businessman. Steps of execution will also be the best things for your life. Clear description also required.

9.           Clarity of ValueMastery of communication. They also know how to create value what type of value should to give to them. Be happy and create happiness for your goal.

Author has not any type of business and he was staying alone but within three years he changed to his life. He get outside from bad circumstances and after that he also helped to many peoples.

The unlimited power expressing that you can achieved as much as you can. There is not any limit. There is some strategy to search your life:-

              (a)         Set Target

              (b)         Take action

              (c)          Inspect And Feed Back

              (d)         Change Your Behavior

10.         There are also to change your behavior unless you not achieved your target.

11.         The Difference That Makes The Difference. Never be distress because there are also few people already existed in world that are still surviving and existing their life.

Keep and feed only positive behavior so that the life will also be the best. Some time we feel happy so sometimes we feel like sad.

Sometimes we feel like life is not in my control and sometime feels like life is in my control.

These happens only by two state by enabling state which gives empower to our mind to make happy and another is paralyzing state which makes distress to our body and mental health.

We can easily change to our self by changing our positive thought. This is not too hard. It is very easy to solve this problem.

Belief is the main thing of our body. Always trace positive things in the world and our universe. Be positive at all the times Which empower us to survive better life. Author made 7 (seven) belief :-

        (a)      Everything happens for reasons.

        (b)  There are no such things as a failure, there are                 only results.

        (c)  Whatever happens, take responsibility? Successful           feels to create their life accordingly. Not by any other            people.

              (d)   It is not necessary to understand everything
              to   be able to use

Those who are interested to achieve anything, they
received that things by positively without using any negative way.

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Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.


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