1.       How a leaders deals with circumstances of life according the author. The development of character the heard of development. Action is the real indication of characters talent is a gift. Best character is a choice.

We have no control over a lot of things in life. My all action depending upon my character. My followers will only do as and when my characters will correct. How may I improve our character by doing following.

2.       Rebuild. Its one thing to focus my past action. Its another re-build a new future. Now that I must identify any area of weakness, create a plan that will prevent me from making the same mistake again.

The first impression can seal the deal. Be more concern about making another’s/ feel good about them then you are making them to feel good about you. I greatest accomplishment is to be dedicated on his intellectually and masterminding Great Britain.

Love life as people enjoys leaders who enjoy life. Think with the people you/I want to spend line with if want to attract people you need to be like the people you enjoy being with eighteen centuries.

When I set myself on fire, people love to come and see you burn. One of the best things you can do for people which also attract them to you is to expect the better of made millionaire showed only one common denominator.

These highly successful men and women could only see the good in people. Hope is the greatest of all possession.

Qualities of a leader

3.       Share Yourself.   Make it long-term goal to share you resources with others.  Think about how you can add value to five people in your life in this year.

They can be family member, colleague employee, or friends. Provide resources to help them grow personally and professionally and share your personal journey with them.

For the very best examples are like that SOLDIERS ITS GOING OVER THE HILL, NOT KNOWING WHAT’S WAITING ON THE OTHER SIDE. IF I WANT TO BE AN EFFECTIVE LEDERS SO MUST HAVE COMMITTED. They will believe in you only if you believe in you cause.

4.       Commitment Is tested by Action. Its one things to talk abut commitment. Its another to do some things abut it. The only real measures of commitment is action.

Author said that “Nothing is easier than saying words. Nothing is harder than living them day after day. “Commitment is the enemy of resistance”.

5.       When it comes to commitment, there are really only four types of people :-

          (a)      Cope-Outs. People who have no goals can do not commit.

          (b)      Holdouts.  People who don’t know if they can reach their
goals, they are afraid to commit.

          (e)      Dropouts. People who starts towards a goal but quit when the
going gets tough.

          (f)       All – Out . People who set goal, commit to them and pay the
price to reach them.

qualities of a leader

6.       To Improve Your Commitment, do the following. Measures it sometimes we think we are committed to something, yet our actions indicate otherwise.

Takeout your calendar and your checkbook register. Seldom think that how you think about your time to manage it.  Think where you spend your money in which work.

Figure out how much money you spend for your personal management. All this things are true measures of your commitment. You may be surprised by what you find.

Spend sometimes alone meditating on that thought. Write down what you discover. Then see if your actions match your ideals.

7.       Use the Edison method. If taking the first step toward commitment is a problem, try doing what Thomas Edison did. When he had good idea for an invention, he would call a conference to announce it. Then he’d go into his lab and invent it.

Make your plans. Oprah Winfrey ability to listen has been rewarded remarkable success and incredible influence. She is the highest paid entertainer in the world and is worth nearly half a billion dollars.

Each week thirty three million people in United States alone watch her show. Despite her show’s success, she recently gave thought to discontinuing it.

But instead she decided to revamp it, How did she decided what changed to make. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of people are learning and growing by reading, some for the first time.

And Winfrey is delighted. Her goal in life is to add value to people. And she succeeds because she listens. An unwillingness to listen is too common among poor leaders.

Peter Drucker, the father of American management believes that 60 percent of all management problems are the result of faulty communications.

I would  say that the over whelming majority of communication problems come from poor listening.

A lot of voices are clamoring out there for your attention.  As you think about how to spend your listening time so keep in mind that you have two purposes for listening to connect with people and to learn.

For that reason, you should keep your ear open to these people. By focusing this chapters the speed of Thought, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates said that “Unhappy customers are always concern, They are also your greatest opportunity.”

Good leaders always make it a priority to keep in contact with the people they are serving. LARY KING said that I remind myself every morning nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I am going to learn, I must do it by listening.

As a leader you don’t want to base your actions on what the other guy is doing, but you should still listen and learn what you can to improve yourself.

8.       To improve our listening, do the following :-

          (a)      Change your schedule.  Do you spend time listening to your
followers, customers,
          competitors and mentors. If you don’t have all four groups on your
calendar regularly you are probably not giving them enough
attention. Pencil in time for each of them on a daily weekly, or
          monthly basis.

          (b)      Meet People on Their Turf.  As you interact with people you
certainly want to pay
          attention to the factual content of the conversation. But don’t ignore
the emotional content. 
          Anyone can dabble, but once you have made that commitment, your

blood has that particular thing in it, and its very hard for people to stop
you. Expert spends a lot of time trying to figure out what makes
people successful. They often look at
people’s credentials intelligence, education and other factor.

  (c)      Passion is the first step to Achievement.  Your desire determines
your destiny.

Think of great leaders and you will be struck by their
passion Gandhi for human right Winston Churchill for freedom Martin Luther King Jr for equality Bill Gates for technology.

Anyone who lives beyond an ordinary life has great desire. Its true in any field weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire creates little heat. The stronger your fire, the greatest the desire and the greater the potential.

 (d)      Passion Increase Our Willpower.  It is said that dispassionate your man approached the Greek Philosopher Socrates and casually stated.

  (e)      Passion Changes Us.  If we follow our passion instead of other’s perceptions you can’t help becoming a more dedicated productive person. And that increase your ability to impact others.

In the end your passion will have more influence than your personality. Human beings are so made that whenever anything fires the soul, impossibilities vanis, a fire in the hear everything in your life.

That’s why passionate leaders are so effective. A leaders with great passion and few skill always outperforms. A leaders with great skills and no passion.

9.       So friends determination and passion are just like fuel to run in the world and how much speed should to be taken that is depend upon us to give more and more fuel and received more and more.

10.      Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.

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