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1.         The power of feelings.   From the moment we are born, we are always feelings something, and so is every other person. We can stop our conscious thoughts when we are sleeping, but you can never stop feelings, because to be alive is to feel life. Our thoughts and words will get power only due to emotion power. 

And with the help of emotion power we can do it anything in the world. Imagine our thought and words as being like a rocket ship and our feelings as the fuel. Rocket ship is a stationary vehicle that can’t do anything’s without fuel, because the fuel is the power that lifts the rocket ship. It’s the same with our thoughts and words. 

Our thoughts and words are vehicles that can’t do anything without our feelings, because our feelings are the power of our thoughts and words.   

2.         Good and Bad Feelings.  The emotions must be called upon to give feelings to the thoughts so it will take form. Whatever we seeing in our life. The good feelings comes in our life only through love of good things and negative feelings comely only by negative thought, which means lack of love. The better we feel, the better life gets. 

 The worse we feel the worse life gets until we change how we feel. When we feel good, our thoughts are automatically good too. We cannot feel good have negative thoughts at the same time. Simply by feeling good we are guaranteed to be giving love, and all of that love must come back to you. Good Means God.   

Most people understand how it feels good or really bad but don’t realize they are living with negative feelings a lot of the time. If we feeling‘OK’ so most of the time we feel ok in any circumstances. 

If we are in bad situation so that time if we feel ok so that circumstances will also converted in to OK means bad into good. Christtian Monk and Mystic said that The measures of love is love without measures.

3.         Every good feelings unites us with the force of love, because love is the source of all of good feelings. Feelings of enthusiasm, excitement and passion come from love. We can harness the power of a good feeling to the fullest by turning up its volume. 

 To turn up the volume of a feeling, take charge of it and deliberately intensify it so we feel as good as you can. Your Feelings Reflect What You’re Giving  Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world. Life isn’t happening to us. Its life is responding to us.

 Life is our call. Every area of our life is our call. We are the creator of our life. We are the writer of our life. We are the director of our life movie so we must decide what our life will be and by what you give out.  Everything is in life about how we feel. 

Every decision we make in our life is based on how you feel. The single motivation power of our entire life is our feelings. Whatever we want in our life it will makes us love on the matter. Whatever we don’t like that will make dislike/ feel bad of the matter.  All the things by which we get excitement and enjoyment that automatically come to us.

 And what we wants will appear it. Our good feelings harness the love. Our good feelings always tell to our subconscious mind that what we required and by default it comes to us. But we must have to give good feelings to those matters. 

4.         You have to be happy first and give happiness to receive happy things. It can’t happen any other way  because whatever we want to receive in life we must give first we are in command of our feelings and we are in command of our love and the force of our love will give back to our whatever our give out.

 Our feelings are the power of our thought and words.  It’s what we feel that matters. All good feelings unites us with the fore of love, because love is the source of all good feelings. Amplify your good feeling. 

The positive force of love create anything good, increase the good things and change anything negative in your life. People who have great lives think and talk about what they love more than what they don’t love.  

Talk About the good news of the day. Talk about what we love. . And bring what we love to us. The power of feelingsFeeling is the best secret. Our feeling being. 

5.         Feeling Frequency.   If you can feel it, we can receive it also. Everything in the universe is magnetic and everything has a magnetic frequency. Our feelings and thoughts have a magnetic frequencies too. 

Good feelings mean you are on a positive frequency of love. Bad  feelings mean you are on a positive frequency of love. Bad feelings mean we are in negative frequency. Whatever we feel and whether good or bad, determines our frequency and like a magnet we attract the people events and circumstance that are on the same frequency. If we are feeling enthusiastic, our frequency of enthusiasm will attract enthusiastic people. 

Situations and events. If we are feeling fearful, your frequency of fear will attract fearful people, situation and events to you. We are never left in any doubt about the frequency we are on because our frequency is always exactly whatever we are feeling. 

We can change our frequency at any time by changing how we feel, and everything around we will change because we are on a new frequency.  You can take any situation in our life and every possible outcome of that situation can happen. Any outcome can happen because we can have been any feeling about the situation.

6.         Your thoughts are both the words we hear in our hear and the words we speak out loud. When we say to somebody what beautiful day, when we say to somebody what a beautiful day we had the thought first and then spoke the words. 

Our thought also become our action when we get out of bed in the morning we had the thought of getting out of bed before we took action. We can’t take action without thinking the thought first. Its our thoughts that determine whether our words and action will be positive or negative.

 But how do we know whether our thoughts are positive or negative. Our thoughts are positive when they are thoughts of what you want and love. And negative thoughts are thoughts of what we don’t want and don’t love. It is that simple and that easy. Whatever we want in our life we want it because we love it. 

Take a moment and think about it.  If we are literally jailing ourself, like a parrot in a cage. Every time we talk about what we don’t love and we are adding another bar to the cage and we are adding another bar to the cage and we are locking ourself away from all the good.  

Every time we don’t love we are adding another bar and dislike negative and like what we kike took much and we are flocking to ourself away from all the good. People who have great lives talk more about what they love. By doing so they gain unlimited access to all the good in life and they are as free as the birds that soar in the sky. 

To have a great life break the bars of the cage that is jailing us give love, talk about what we love and love will set us free.

7.         Then only we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. Nothing is impossible for the force of love. No matter whom you are no matter what situation we may be facing the force of love can set us free. We can change our life, because we have an unlimited ability to think and talk about what we love and so we have an unlimited ability to bring everything good in life to us. 

However, the power we have is far greater than giving positive thoughts and words of the things we love, because the law of attraction is responding to our thoughts and our feeling we have to feel love to harness its power. 

Love is not weak feeble or soft. Love is the positive force of life so that love is the cause of everything positive and good. Everything we want to be do or have comes from love. Everyday in every moment we make the choice whether to love and harness the positive force or not. 

The law of attraction is the law of love and it is the law that is operating in our life. Whatever we give out in life is what we receive back in life Give positivity we receive back positivity and give negativity we receive back negativity.

8.         Whatever our thought and feeling are good or bad they return as automatically and precisely as an echo. People who have great lives think and talk about what they love more than what they don’t love.

9.         Love because when we love that are using the greatest power in the universe.

10.       So friends if you also want to achieve anything in the universe so just love the matter and start to believe it on and also start to do work on the matter.

Thank you Friends.



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