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1.       The book power of habit is written by Charles Duhigg as an American author. He is an award winner business reporter as well as a student of Yale University & Harvard University. To write this book Charles started to run every day and loose his own weight.

The Power of Habit

2.       I must write what I want to become and what I like it how to be self control change to our self. Success always leave clue. There is different type of mystery for example relationship mystery, decision mystery, money mastery, disease mystery.

Identify your emotion which empowered you. Whatever we are doing need to avoid pain or desire to gain pleasure. Fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain. The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure.

3.       Remove all the bad negativity from your mind because if we not remove negativity so how can we put some good thought. “A CLEAN ENGINE ALWAYS DELIVERS POWER”.

We can do it anything with the help of God.  It is possible to eliminate worry from us. Just believe that you can do it anything. Learn to empty our mind. How to break the habit of worry from our life.
Therefore just pray and keep silence, calm and pray to God and see it slowly it starts to eliminate. Tension may release only by positive thinking. Problems are the part and parcel of our life. Every problem there is a solution and we can solve the problem by meditating.

4.       Author also saying that whenever we stuck in a problem the God is closed by us. Consider God is our partner in everything we do. Tension blocks the flow of power energy. Just feel how to overcome from situation. We can change our life by changing our thought.

Think how to love our God. We must know to love all the people. We must have faith to love all the people. Don’t be in tension and think at long time at a place instead thinking about good things. Keep silent and believe on God that he will help you.

5.       Appreciate our knowledge and feel that how may do the best of our life and may do the best of our life. To determine our goal starts to write it down. Make consistency in every and each things. 
Focus 100% to the consistency work love values clarification to all our needs and determine the life cycle. Identify the key of expansion. We can also develop the new key.
My question will become my answer and my quality of answer will become my quality of life. Some are quality made question so it will also become of the most appreciated. Just think on what subject I am committed. Words are more power than anything’s. Change your worlds by changing your words.
6.       Suppose we are not understanding in our life how the problem is facing so love the environment and love the creatures. By default problem will converted into solution. You must have the control of your own happiness.
It is good for you but it also bad to tell other with excited. The secret of success means to compile the matter with altogether to regenerate my goal better. I can control to my life.

7.       So friends try to involve himself by some behavior emotional pattern so may never be indulged in any circumstances. It depend upon how I am thinking my belief and my sense depend to empower to convince our mind by re-building and by re-mindset also forget your past.
Change can happens in long term sense with intuition power. We think change can take long time to rebuild. How to change anything in life create new power to empower of gratitude and fuel. Think and ask from itself that what will required to our life and for that what can we do.
Then after, we see our life will totally changed after 10 years. Our dream chase what have to be do. Today you deserve for your success. Yes by anyhow I am ready to do and may study how much I study.
My future is depending upon what today I am doing. Education means know that how to develop within inner. Henry Ford said that I don’t want to give general knowledge answer.
Think how to conclude our life  and include all the good activities. Magic time how to learn to our conscious and subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is the way to exist in all the things are exist all the matters. It has immense power to do very best things in our life.
Before sleeping we must have to feel and say what we want to be do in our life just think how to overcome from subconscious mind and so that to feel best to dream. These are the technique to learn and upgrade by self.  Listen the best affirmation to ripe our dream. 
9.       Rich people always think different from poor people and how they think and do. Tools are our knowledge and tool box is my mind our way of thinking.
Everyday can win the game of money. How we win the game by just changing our thinking. We must have the proper knowledge and new mindset.
Whatever happening it should to be depends on our character. Design our life with our beautiful thought. Condition your mind by anyhow and be a good learner about money. Only trained mind can change the life. Rich people concentrate on opportunity and poor people concentrate on circumstances.
So whenever we pray that time feel really you feel better. Don’t reach like unhappy just pray to God and say thank God for what you given me. Never make doubt, be confident at all the time. How can you get satisfied in our life?
How to Think
8.       Our life goes there where we want to go so we must have to decide what we want to do. In the field of success battle first have to fight with nature. My natures are taking examination from us.
Keep a emotion that whatever the work you are starting just finish because this motivation will drastically change your life and will fight with nature for you. Pay the price of goal by daily practice.

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