1    This book is saying how to “Think Big And Live Big”. There are thirteen best ideas. This is the best changing idea for our life. We must have to upgrade our life by thinking best prospective. Before we can achieve big things we have to think big. Success has little to do with intelligence, rich parents & being lucky., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Those who have strong belief only they can believe and they must have the ability to do anything in their life. If a man can do anything so must have the belief and have the dedication of work ethic. So belief is the only key to success.

2.       Make less excuse. Don’t say you are so tired and can’t do any work. Always say I will do. Those who are not able to do any work they always say it useless work or can’t do that due to many excuses. Accept the low of cause & effects and for every action has little reaction. 

We are creators of our own journey and we decide our destiny with itself to choose our life. Mostly we always copies to those who are unsuccessful although we never copies to those who are successful because of hard labours and regular practices. 

Successful people chose their own destiny with their own way. If we want to be rich so we must have to obey the low of KARMA which will give us success. Seldom some body feel it very small to itself. Some are in higher position because they are thinking from a peak level to direct the mission of our life.

3.       I always say yes I can do it. Just recognised in pictures for reminding to itself. For example “When I say pink elephant so pictures arise to be pink”. If I make a challenges from myself so every things is possible for me. Always make a try for anywork. 

I must use positive words for initiate positive response. I always feel to be better for anywork. Try to give always positive response and positive thought. My looks/ appearances tells us the importants of my ethic. In universe words has more power which reflect us to be interdependable.

4.       Am I building to myself or not. Don’t talk with itself in negative way. Talk nicely and think how to talk with anyone so practice on consciously. Upgrade your thinking. Think like successful people. 

Make your environment more happy attractive as we like it and what we want to become which directly decide to my future. Do more practice and think what do you want to achieve in world as to whom you get married, where do you want to visit, what do you want to become in future. 

Make friend and think like those five successful people to direct our life as success. Make five good friend to become like that. If i am living with positive people so will become the same and if we are living with negative environment so will become the same. Read good books and improve/ develop personal development. Thousand of experiment says that those who do more practice they never talk more as comparing than other.

5.       Successful people are always active because they know that every moment of their own life. Try to copy like those who done something like different. Be a doer, Not a Don’ter. They always take action by following action. We must have to take action for enhancement of our life and taking action, more and more action. 

Prepare to youself better way. It is not guarantee that you will be success but if you have new experiment so you can win by anyhow. Thomas Edison failed thousands of times but he invented light bulb. So always do more and more practice. Napoleon hill also said that if the first plan which you adopt does not work successfully, replace it with new plan. 

If new plan fails to work, replace it, & so on. Until you find a plan which dies work. Point is majority of men meet with failure,  because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fails.

6.       Nothing is possible unless have a dedicative goal. If I don’t know where have to be go so how will you go to anywhere and how will direct to our dimension.  Then only I know that what I am doing so will think upon that way. Just talk about the points “ the plateform on which i am busy” and what I want to achieve in my life. 

So friends update and conditioned to your thinking to belief, whereas negative belief will never make you amendment and enlightenment. Always think big and be happy be positive and do not complain for any matter. Be away from negative people while starting to set your goal. Take more & more passionate action in our life and become a doer not don’ter.

7.       Seldom I received an idea in my mind but I don’t have money to do that work. So just think how to do work so that money will come automatically. 95% people say that they don’t have more knowledge & intelligent. 

They think that other people have more intelligent as comparing to those who feel unsuccessful which is wrong vision. Your thinking should be better, positive and passionate for earning money. Remind always to youself that I am talented boy and I can do it anything at any moment. 

Find more and more option for doing business. Don’t compare your business with your age.  If I have any dedication- destination so will have to be do more labour and hard work. Successful people always think that still have time to do creative work. Never criticized to ourself inspite of initiating anywork. Environment will never change and wait for us. I must have to take first step from our door then only our next step will follow for next mission. Luck also comes after continues practice and continuous steps.

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