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1.       In this book we will get that “whoever has been given more & he will have abundance”. And whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. After long period of time a one word came meaning of mystery is “GRATITUDE”. Whoever has been given more & he will have abundance. If don’t take out the time to be grateful you will never have more. If I am grateful and thankful so I will achieve more and more. Low of attraction has energy of universe has more abundance power. This law works on your feelings & duty. You can attract what you think. If I am thinking that my job is not good and I have not enough money so really you will have not enough money to survive. Inspite you are thinking that you have abundance things and gratitude so you will have more and more wealth starts to attracts within you. Never think negative thought. Say I love my job and feeling very best in my life. Its like magnetic The more gratitude you have the more abundance you magnetize.

2.       Whatever goes around comes around. You reap what you saw and you get what you give. Every action of giving thanks opposite reaction of receiving. All the religion has the core of gratitude. Many have leaders who had done more gratitude works like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela. Gratitude can magically turn your relationship into meaningful and gratitude will make you prosperous life as how much we received from our universe. It cure our health and happiness only due to gratitude and brought us a new prosperous life in every moment as what we not recognised. The power of magical power of gratitude will make us gold in our life. When we are staying in tension that time we takes un granted to the all the desirous things and that time we are feeling unintentionally taking things away from ourselves.

3.       The magic is formula. Knowledge is to treasure practice is the key whereas always say Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. We can follow some affirmations to experiences magic in our life.  I have amazing life just a magical formula. Affirmation practice for everyday count your blessings one practice can turn our whole life around. When we are grateful everything increases. Suppose we are very grateful for money then we see that the best improvement in our life. If your are grateful for money you have you will see you money grow.  The same things applies in relationship, Jobs and health. Mostly we are talking for bad relationship and life is not good. But we are not thinking that what we are doing for us. Make a list of 10 blessings in your life you are grateful for yourself and feel grateful deeply. For example I am truly blessed to have because it is my dream room. I am thankful for what I have. Affirmation practice for magical relationship & heal your relationship. As our relationship affects our life. For achieving our dream just recognised how it affects in our dream. Whenever we feel and increase gratitude in any relationship receive an abundance of happiness., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

4.       Gratitude not only changes our relationship but also change to myself. Law of attraction of whatever you think or say about another person you bring it only for yourself. Be grateful for people just as they are. This practice is being grateful for people just as they are. They became more stronger than before. If you suffering from broken relationship. So you can change your relations through gratitude. Choose three (03) important to you. Collect their picture and think for them for whom you are very grateful. Think all that think of that people. Write five thinks for that people for what you are very crazy. Affirmation practice for magical health. Make magical to our health. Be grateful for our health also. And slowly our physical will also starts to improve slowly and slowly. See the words and read them everyday the gift of health is keeping me alive and see as much a syou can in a day. The gift of health is keeping me alive and be grateful for that. Affirmation practice for mgic money and their strategies. Affirmation magic for money we must have to understand for the money so that how can understand the meaning of money through the magic of money.

5.       Never complain to anything like fighting frustration and complaining is no act of gratitude and feels grateful so that money can magically increase. Think our childhood and understand the feelings of our life continually. Remind our childhood deeply then only we can increase our money more and more in our daily life. And say thanks you for all the money I have been give throughout my life. You will be grateful for it ream your written words and be truly thankful for that. And think that when you received that money so what I will do for that money. Affirmation practice for work like magic and the missing links success is gratitude as well as success to even greater success. Without gratitude it is impossible to have permanent success. Always be grateful for my job and any things where we feel to be satisfied or if suppose I have own business so your business value will increase or decrease according to your gratitude. I must have to love with my job.  Love your job and give 100% to your current job. If I am grateful for my current job then only I will get my more and more than that level. Be excited and give your hundred percent your efforts, you will receive your dream job by paying gratitude. Be thankful for that what I HAVE MY JOB. Think about on that people for those people who are making any good things in my life. A THANKFUL PERSON IS THANKFUL UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCE’ magical practice to come out of negativity. Either any relationship is good or not but be satisfied and grateful for that things so automatically you will achieve all the things better in your life. Never criticize to yourself and don’t think that you can’t do any things for what you want to achieve in your life. Problem of life that you want to resolve so I am so grateful to have more time for my family during this period.

6.       Really I AM THAKFUL FOR MY FAMILY. Affirmation for magic ingredients giving thanks to food. Give thankful to our food and drink and say loudly to inside YES THANKYOU FOOD. Before you eat or drink anything be gratitude for food is deep expression and affirmation for money magnet. Only with gratitude that life becomes rich. The golden rules of life. Gratitude is riches complain is poverty. If you are grateful you will received more money for that what you want to achieve in your life. Even though you don’t have money in your life than also you can become rich in your life very easily. The more you complain about money, more poorer you will become. If you are grateful you will receive more money in your life. Suppose I always feel that I have more and more money to invest for welfare of the people. If I am happy even though I don’t have money so I will have more and more money in my life. Write checque amount how much do I required in my life. In the morning also think that how much i want to earn in my life. We can harm ourself by thinking negative thought. Magic is to fill your morning with gratitude. When we practice then my day will be very happy for the day. Say thankyou in every morning and say every day is very important for my life. Say thankyou to my cloths also. Say also to all the things for what we touch. Affirmation to say all the things before received. Change your life with grateful word and think that you have already been received. Thankyour Thankyou Thankyou for each and every people of the world who helping me.

7.       If we will not do mistake so will not make our life perfect but mistake should be socially. Learn from past mistake and apply in your daily life.  A VERY THANKFUL TO YOU GUY. THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU SO MUCH GUIES


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