1.       This book is written by Napoleon Hill born in Virginia at the age of thirteen years. Since thirteen years he started to write articles. His famous book is “Think and Grow Rich”. After many research of topic rich and success people he written this book. Those who are success they do three things in their life :-
          (a)      They know that what they must to do. They keep their own goal infront of the table.
          (b)      They joined the group of mastermind.
          (c)      They keep growing until they not achieved the success.
2.       Napoleon Hill preached about the concept of mastermind. Mind is the best tools and achievement of mastermind.  Firstly we must understand what is Mind, mastermind is a mind that developed through the harmonious co-operation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task. He explain the meaning of universe as air, water, fire and atoms. 
3.   Viberation is one from the core pillar. Napoleon Hill saying that how American people improvised themselves from economical strategies. Some of the great member of the mastermind they are :-
          (a)      Henry CEO of Ford Company.
          (b)      Prolofic Inventor inventor Thomas Edason.
4.       This book will tell us that how we are away from aimless and will focus on our goal as a definite Chief Aim a type of dream. How to become dreamer. Just write it on paper or card and say what you can give on return on the name of success. Tell many times in a day by looking that. A man/woman can make their life better with the help of law of Law of Attraction. 
5.   Whenever I started to fight with circumstances and feel like positive and all the positive people are attracting to ourself.
6.      Self confidence can be received or can be lost. If I will use so will increase or if not use so may decrease automatically. The habit of saving. We must obey the rules of saving money. Just think how to save money. It makes mental and physical well. By saving not only be safe from poverty but also save of luxurious life. Author also said that taking loan make people devastating. 
7.   First thing is to know how much money I am earning and how much I am saving. After research found that 20% of total earn. Life Insurance of 10%. Education of 10%. To startup any business must have to do any strategies. Napoleon Hill research may thing by different and different way. Increase positive leadership.
8.   Imagination. When we feel energetic that time we have the ability to do anything to achieve in our life. Self control can do it anything in our life. The master of our fate, the captain of our soul. We must need self discipline Self control means the habit and master of own. The habit of doing more than paid for that show that how to earn more and more money. 
9. Pleasing personality means doing some better on our personality. Deal with attractive people and talk with rich people. Charm and potential mentality is the best tools of our success and mentor. Which gives us right direction. This will give enormous thought.
10.       Accurate Thought will tell us how to tell right mentorship to ahead success. A sharp thinker act on date not on emotion. Concentration means how to give hundred percent concentration of our work to achieve best. Fix our target. Until I reached my target. Co-operation means to be cooperating with that people to whom I may get any way in our life with persistency. Failure is also one of the best to understand and to learn the temporary defeat. 
11.  The bigger goal we have than only we learn and will get more defeat. So it means not to leave the subject. Same as tolerance say that to keep mind cool as accuracy to become tolerance thinker. Think all the people are different on earth. 
12.   Due to lack of Golden Rule we understanding of the law upon which the golden rule philosophy is based is one of the major causes of failure of millions of people. 
13. When we have mastered these fifteen laws and made them our own as I may do within a period of from fifteen to thirty weeks so will be ready to developed sufficient personal power to insure the attainment of our definite chief aim. Organize our all the knowledge whatever I have. Keep on mind that lean on the try fail cycle and not what other people have said.
14.       Man should know that what should to do or what shouldn’t. So that they can focus one each and every thing whatever comes as a disaster in the way of goal. Break the habit of alash and pickup the line of mastery and experiment until you not get the formula of getting success. 
15.   If rich people can do it so you can also do it. If many people are attracting to me for any subject so it means I am also doing the same things. Thomas Edison was a realistic and spiritual people he believes on natures and real life. His famous invention always been evergreen.
16.       The greater mind has the knowledge of doing things in different ways. The first mightiest things are to make friendship with friend with that man who is interested with keep friend with you. So be ready and make friendship with that man. Start to make friendship with that man. Slowly and slowly you see that you also feel that changes are coming in you.
17.       No mind is complete it self.  Partnership with the appropriate individuals is essential for regular maintain friendship with that man. Make sure I am pulling myself to create money on my goal. By playing the role of manager I can learn many things how to become a Businessman. What is the major life purpose of our life? Think about ourself.
8.       In this book author said that “Make plan that how much money that you want and in which city do you want to live and what desire. It must have specific desire and goal and write it for subconscious mind. Because these all will happen only by the help of subconscious mind.
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