The Goal : A Process of On-going Improvement?

(a)       Nobody will be happy with your vision and mission but depending on you that how will face the world means to achieve your goal.The Goal : A Process of On-going Improvement’?

(b)       Self -dedication and consistency must be required to win the game. Take full responsibility of your life. It is not that what happens makes difference important. Happens to everybody. It is for all. What you do that is change to all.

(c)        There are two types of earning money ways and that is Experience and another is skill power. Experience already been exhausted but till now and still now your will power/ skill power/ knowledge will give you. So read more and more books because only book will help you to achieve your goal.

(d)       We can see the world by looking from inside. You need reason to solve your financial problem. Without reason you cannot grow to yourself. The Goal : A Process of On-going Improvement’?

A drinker can get drink from anywhere because he is dedicated and more consistent for his own drink. Therefore, only reason will change your life.

Talent will not enhance your life. Only reason will give the best after talent. You are more intelligent, but if you have not any reasons so you cannot achieve your success.


You will not get it what you want. And the result is you what you failed. Those who are millionaire they are very specific on their goal and mission. The Goal : A Process of On-going Improvement’?

My minor time doesn’t deliver in major activities. Spend your minor/ major time to your dedicated/ achieve/ mission goal. You have to pay to price the success. Sachin Tendulkar” was practicing more and more even after achieving 90 century.

Then also he is sacrificing doing practicing. You have to learn everyday, every month, every year. ‘You must have to learn. Always tell it’s not over until I not win. Again, tell it’s not over until I not win’.

2.         Middle class family problem is that they only tell for party, eating, roaming, and visiting to any location. They never talk how to purchase four-wheeler, Purchase of Land, Rent House. Post your dream on your wall and think for that dream.

Book ‘The Richest Man in Babylon” said that post your dream on your wall by step and step. Just like blogging, purchasing of land solve financial Problem. Which all will get it only by doing their all situation?

3.         Your poster can tell you what you decide for what you may achieve. There is not any limitation of success that how much you can achieve. But if try so will get those all your willing power. Visualized your dream and believe your reality. The Goal : A Process of On-going Improvement’?  

4.         Success Is at Your Door Steps.   In this world everyone has problem. But nobody shows their own problem. If you prospect strange so whole world is prospect. Simply follow the rules and follow the path of rich man history. When there is will there is way.

5.         Repeat your aim 12 times per day as a definite chief aim. Self-condenses is are need by which we fear of poverty, the fear of old age, the fear of criticism, the fear of loss of love of someone.

Practice your autosuggestion. By which you can received it by following and skilling your inner power. A man can improve their own life by “Law of Attraction”.

When we start to fight with fear with positive thought then only we feel that to become more positive. And the more become positive the more we start too received. Self -confidence can get it or may be lose also. If we not use so will be starts to diminish.

6.         The Habit of Saving. Try to increase the habit to save money for many reasons. This saving habit increase/ improve the mental and physical of human being. It’s all about how we improve the work. Goal should be inspiring for the team to work on. Average people use only 2% of their achieving potential as per Standford University. Just think that you have lot of potential and without realization it is very impossible to achieve any goal. Never be distracted from negative emotion. Be away from negative emotion.

7.         True Goal.  Just imagine that after five years your life will be going to a perfect life. As you are thinking to be the same. Like you have car, you have money, you have your separate home, good reality and a best reality life.

How much money I am earning. Blue Sky thinking means without any limitation think like sky and think your goal what you want to achieve in your life.

8.         Most of the company has planned that how to improve comparing to those company who planned not planned but also followed the rules to improve it. Unlock your potential. We become that what we think. Implement your thought and make your goal. Blue sky thinking required in your life.

Understand your life and make decision and goal how to solve your problem to change your financial problem. Choose your true goal and target. Mark Victor told us  to write 100 of your goal and think that you have all the things that you have all your desires.

9.         “Write your all desires thereafter your all the things will starts recover by default”.

Think that you have a shop of belief and you choose that it is very clear to achieve your success. Starts with beginning. Choose your goal with beginning. When you are listening any meeting with interest so your prospectus will be very nice.

Goal is definite and clear if you ready think. Clear you’re all distraction things from your life. Brian Tracy dealer more than thousand companies. If we asked from Brian Tracy that what is the one thing which gets success easily so he expressed that, Write down your goals, make plans to achieve it and work on it every single day”.

Take a book, sit and write your goals, what your life goals and make a plan to achieve those goals, and then take actions every day as per the plan. Eventually these things will give you success.  

10.       A famous writer Hubbard says and had written that “Maximum people fail not because they don’t have brain, abilities or courage but they fail because they don’t organize and set goals paper for themselves.

There are five important steps through which you can take action and can complete and accomplish many goals and dreams of 2019.

(a)       Unlock Potential.   If you take Home pigeon out of its nest and trap him in a net and later if you put a blanket over the net and if your put it inside the box along with the blanket and if you keep that box inside the truck few kilo meter away from its nest and after reaching at point if you remove pigeon out of that box, what will happen then?

That pigeon will fly in circle for 3 to 4 times, and somehow after sometimes he will return to his nest. Such a great and amazing goal seeking power of a pigeon.

It is most powerful in the entire animal kingdom. But excluding humans, we humans have more capability of achieving goal compare to pigeons, we can achieve any goal but only thing required is Goals clarity.

In fact Standford University study suggests that many average people use only 2 percent of their brain potential and now don’t confuse it with a myth that we use only ten percent of our brain always.

Actually that study is saying that average people uses only  two percent of their success achieving potential and their success and their potential is requirement only after achieving their success and they obtain their success as per their requirement.

If we want to achieve the success in our life so we must have to dive in deep so that we can achieve their success. Fore Examples it somewhat like winning one crore in a lottery.

But out of that one crore taking two lakhs and not using remaining amount therefore step no one says, always remember that you have lot of potential in you. Because without such realization it is very difficult to achieve any goal.

(b)       Take Charge.  Suppose there are two men, who were terminated at the time for recession by their boss Now the first men gets very angry, and abuses boss that he suspended from job on that one man is thinking to how revenge from the company so that he can take out his angry but other thinking that no matter company suspended me only due to loss of company but I will try to do my best on another company and whatever had money that will be useful for his home purposes.

The biggest enemy of human happiness and success is their own negative emotions.

Infect Brain Tracy says that, ‘since very beginning the thing which ruined human’s life wasn’t any disease or plague, but it was human’s own negative emotions hence it is important for us to stay away from such negative emotional and to avoid it we have to stop doing four things and first thing is that to stop justifying your negative emotion and second to stop rationalizing your negative emotions’, yes I was angry because it was boss or his or her fault.

Thirdly stop giving attention to others opinions what others will say, why I was removed from job etc.

And last fourth is stop blaming others for your own situation. Its all companies fault, I am such a victim, I am fighting for others etc and by doing all these things increase our problem, hence avoid doing it.

Try to take responsibility of our home and think that how should be our life after five years and how it become and converted into the reality. How much money we earn and what type of business will be preferred.

So after studying these all have the clear aspect that those life are average but sudden changed that only they used concept of BLUE SKY THINKING they think and visualised their on life accordingly.

11.       Some of the dreams like we must write it down on notes and think that what is our requirement and how to deal with our life such question must asked with itself.

12.       Planning.  What is our requirement? Think and planned for that how can we achieved and adopt the goal? Still planning and maintain the secure life. This is the type of process how we think for the achievement and maintain the life. 

There is a quote that how to eat Elephant so We have the examples is like to cut in many parts and eat on daily basis.


Our brain does only by asking and giving question to the brain so that it might will prefer to our important goals.  

13.       Suppose I am attaining meeting so for the time how we thinking and improving skills power to improve my meeting. So how can we motivate to the people and how to improve our goals.

In any work required consistency and dedication against work because work is worship. How to improve the output and their result.

So never be de-motivate? The performance will maintain according the consistent effort which written from great book  like The key to success.

To be successful you need to clear and write a goal on your notebook and do accordingly. Importance of goal settings to set and achieve your goal. It must require burning desires in your goal.

The intensity of your desire will come only after goal settings. Self-realization of what you actually want in life. What are you most enthusiastic about and what is that about which you badly want.

The intensity of your desire decides how much you put in for achieving it.

13.       Strongly believe that your goal is achieving. You do your task more effectively which will give positive result.

Do not set goals which are impractical and out of control. In such a case you always in accurate manner. It is processed by  your subconscious mind which increasing your power and intensity.      

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