• The mental demand is the potent forces in achievement.

  • All the mental power of your mind depends and stimulates the function only by the affect the expression of human face and their activities.

  • No one will ever be failure if he becomes conscious of the silent forces within that controls his destiny. But without the consciousness of this inner force, you will not have a clear vision and external conditions will not yield to the power of your mind.

  • Perseverance is the first element of success.
  • The mental demand seems an unreal power because it is intangible but it is the mightiest power in the world. It is a power that is free for you to use.
  • It supplies everything necessary for the accomplishment, it selects the tools and instructs how to use them, It makes you understand the situation Every time you make a mental demand you strengthen the brain centers by drawing to your external forces.
  • It is possible to make your demand so strong that you can impart what you have to say to another without speaking to him.
  • The power of mental demand seems absolute, the supply illimitable (unlimited). The more you focus concentration in a single work the more you start make your mental power strong.
If your practicing exercises like those suggested you can again wonderful powers of concentration. You will find that in order to remember every word in a sentence you must keep out every thought but that which you wish to remembers, and this power of inhabitation alone will more than compensate for the trouble of the exercise.
While some people rely on relational skill alone to survive, effective leaders combine these skills with high competence to take their organization to new levels of excellence and influence. We can give our best only by giving achieving good intentionally.
Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr declared that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Business success depends on well concentrated efforts. You must use every mental force you can master. Feel yourself a success, believe you are a success and thus put yourself in the attitude that demands recognition and the thought current draws to you what you need to make you success.

Don’t be afraid of big undertakings. The successful business attitude must be cultivated to make the most out of your life, the attitude of expecting great things from both yourself and others. 

The confident, pushing, hopeful determined man influences all with which he associates and inspires the same qualities in them. Your success will depend upon the use your make of your mind. I must study about you and to understand. Through your mental power you can generate in another enthusiasm and the spirit of success, which somehow furnishes an impetus to do something worthwhile.

Change of position will often do a person a great deal of good. All the great leaders inspired by the spirit. When you control your thought you become a creator. You receive divine ideas and shape them to your individual needs.

Your happiness and success depend upon your ideals. You are responsible for every condition you go through, either consciously or unconsciously.

Why do so many men fail? Because they don’t hold their ideal until it becomes a mental habit. When they concentrate continually they will get it on reality.

How to Make Charge of Your Life“Income doesn’t far exceed then your personal development”. Success is something you attract not you earn and have it.

The big question is what I am becoming. Setting goal tells us and keep us motivated at all the time and this is the time when I feel motivated. If say don’t have list so it means you can’t will be motivated. So list a goal than will say what your bank balance is.

The control of sensations. Think how you would feel if you were cool, then how you would feel if you were cold. Concentration overcomes bad habits.

A belief in the power to concentrate is of course very important. I purposely did not put this exercise in the beginning where it naturally belongs to proceed.

A Caution. Never think you will not succeed, but picture what is wanted as already you and your it surely will. A man forgets because he does not concentrate his mind on his purpose, especially at the moment he conceives it.

We remember only that which makes a deep impression; hence we must first deepen our impressions by associating in our minds certain ideas that are related to them.

Exercise in Memory concentration. Select some picture and see it continuously at least two minutes. Concentration your attention on that picture.

The mind is governed by laws of association, such as the law that ideas which enter the mind at the same time emerge at the same time, one assisting on recalling the others.

The reason why people cannot remember what they want is that they have not concentrated their minds sufficiently on their purpose at the moment when it was formed.

You can train yourself to remember in this way by the concentration of the attention on your purpose, in accordance with the laws of association.

Whatever you are thinking the process the subject you just select the process and find the system. Nature is a wonderful instructor. But there are very few who realise that the level of the universe. All great people concentrate and owe their success to it.        

Concentrate upon your ideals and they will become materials actualities. Through concentration we work out our ideals in physical life.

Our future depends upon the ideals you are forming now. Your past ideals are determining your present. Therefore, if we want a bright future, so we must begin to prepare for it today.

Why say a man is a changeable as the weather. What is meant is his ideals change. Every time you change your ideals you’re thinking differently.

You become like rudderless boat on an ocean. The importance of holding to your ideal until it becomes a reality.

Why do so many men fail? Because they don’t hold to their ideal until it becomes a mental habit. Life is but one continuous unfoldment, and you can be happy every step of the way or miserable, as you please.

You must study yourself and your weaknesses. Through your mental power you can generate in another enthusiasm and the spirit of success, which somehow furnishes an impetus to do something worthwhile.

No person was ever intended to live alone. If you are shut up with only your own thoughts you suffer from mental starvation. The mind becomes narrow, the mental power weaken.

The thought element plays a great part in our lives. All great leaders inspire this co-operative spirit.  They first secure assistance through their mental control.

If your business is conducted in the right spirit, you can instill your thoughts and your ideas into your employees. Your methods and ideas become theirs.

They don’t know it, but your mental forces are shaping their works. They are just certain to produce results as any physical force in nature.

You must realize that every moment spent in thinking of your difficulties of the past, every moment spent in bad company is attracting to you all that is bad, is attracting influences that must be shaken off before you can advance.  

We must believe in mental control, learn more about it, and use it, if we want to command these higher powers and forces which will unquestionably direct the lives of countless future generations.

You of course realize that your will should be trained. You must also realize that to do this requires efforts that you alone can command. No one can call it forth for you.

To be successful in this exercise you must practice them in a spirit of seriousness and earnestness. I can show you how to train your will, but your success depends upon your mastery and application of these methods.  

Once people can take decision to initiate any work then he not feel what his surrounding effect on him. And then after he ready to sacrifice their own and whole life for that purpose.

Just like for what I am doing, every day I am writing content and sharing all my thinking process with my entire world. After acceptation of my feeling with my desire I always thrash to believe on my God and ready to dedication of my consistency work.   

God has special power but thought has special power the way I start to believe on it so the thought will give some special power.

God is a part and art of my life and it is the special and spontaneous way by which attraction towards God will highly be reflect on my character.

Through meditation, through rudrash or by praying our God these all help us to concentrate on our God and this highly spiritual and ethical process will transform our life very vividly.

Till now I feel to absorb all my reality and I feel how to involve my body with my spirit. And slowly I ready to start pray God, and then I start to see my lord

Whenever our mind accepts the truth after that it never denied leaving the thought. Our subconscious mind has special and lot of best thought by which I can change my mind and change my life.

Without asking i must read the other people mind. After meditation zero thought stage I can understand all my desires in our life.

Success can only come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you.    Receive their comments of God without defensiveness.

The purposes to make changes in our life to be more. Responsible people show up when they are expected. But highly competent people take it a step farther.

They don’t show up in body only.  Follow through with excellence. I never met a person I considered competent who didn’t follow through.

I bet it’s the same for you. Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of highly intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skilful execution and it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Performing at a high level of excellence is always a choice an act of the will.

Highly competent leader do more than perform at high level. Highly competent people always go the extra mile. For them good enough is never good enough. They inspire and motivate their people to do the same.

While I take tough decision in my life than only I challenge to any to any work dedicatedly and very easily. Courage is making things right, not just soothing them over.

Great leaders have good people skills, and they can get people to compromise and work together. But they also take a stand when needed.  Courage deals with principles, not perception.

If you don’t have the ability to see when to stand up and the conviction to do it, you will never be an effective leader, your dedication to potential must remain stronger than your desire to appease others.

Leadership is the expression of courage that compels people to do the right things. Courage deals with principle, not perception. If you don’t have the ability to see when to stand up and the conviction to do it, you will never be effective leaders.

Your dedication to potential must remain stronger than your desire to appease others.

Leadership is the expression of courage that compels people to do the right things. Courage not only gives you a good beginning, but it also provides a better future.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself.

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