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The Best Entrepreneur Biographies of Millionaires by Surendar Thakur

Published by Surendar Thakur on

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1.        Abraham Lincoln.  Abraham Lincoln was the Sixteen (XVI) US President of USA. Who struggle to success?  He was belonged to very poor family. His father had not much money to get him better education. He was demoralized with itself.

With the struggle of his own life he becomes the US president of USA. He had born in America Hardin Country, Kentucky on 12 February on 1809. He had small house and his sister name was Nancy and Sarah. His father was farmer and also was doing the work of carpenter.

He was more interested for education. Later his mother was died. Then Sara was the responsible for his daily life needs. After becoming US President Abraham Lincoln expressed on an interview that this all my entire credit goes to my mother. 

When Abraham got a job in a Library so from there he starts to get education with his job.

Abraham Lincoln went to a Retired Judge’s home and requested to read his whole book meanwhile there was no men to help to that retired judge so that Abraham was also ready to do his all work only to read that whole book.

              Abraham Lincoln was very sensitive in childhood to teenagers.  He got the job of advocate and did it up to 20 years. Mostly he used to help poor family.

He got satisfied while doing all type of activity for poor family. 1842 he married with marry.

He got four children but only one child Robert left rest dead during delivery. On 14 Apr 1865 he had seen a movie where a man shoots to another. And next day he also died on 15 Apr 1865.

2.           Sundar Pichai.  Nothing works at one time. At least for five times, ten times. Nothing works at times. It takes sixteen years to represent Writ Brother Show their project.

Current CEO of Google. His memory was good for memorizing many number. He studied from IIT Kharagpur in India. He joined google in 2004.

The success of google was only run and controlled only by Sundar Pichai. Now he played much unlimited roll in google. He also became Senior Vice President of Chrome  and Apps. 

Apart of this Sundar has attracted lot of energy power houses. And then also been considering a latest and newest CEO of Google.

5.           Michael Jordan. Those who have the ability to dream they have the ability to conquer the world. Michael was belonged from very poor family. Michael was very talented boy since childhood.

His story is depicted in several ways as his father given a mentor power to generate such power to win the world. In an interview he told that where have positive thought there will get you the way automatically.

Once you try with fight with circumstances than the circumstance will also converted in to the boon and slowly you start to control over them and one day you will start to win the all game of your life.

So friends never de-motivate to yourself because you are the one who and you are the one who have the ability to find the solution of each and every key of adversities of your universe.

6.           In the book of millionaire mind set book explained that richness comes only after hard dedication with small and small habit. Identify where you are right now. What exactly you want in your future. 

Self-analysis means to aware with the situation. Which the answer comes from why, yes ask seven ‘WHY’. Over coming negative feelings. Always try to learn from the world.

If trying to learning continuing from the nature and your world so one day you will become well knowledge person. Focus on the things which you love doing & also Good at it. 

Getting rid of negative thinking should be the first step towards better life. Creating your inner hero.

Present yourself as a hero. You must be honesty, caring, hardworking and better communicator. Always use positive language. Always say I am ready to going on right dimension.

Make better friends. MAKE POSITIVE SOLUTION ORIENTED FRIENDS. Millionaire work pattern is the way to enhance our life in prosperous way.

Satisfy your level in best and make list of to do list and make not do list. Do the things in which will comes best in your life with yourself, other self you try to complete work with the help of others people.

If you want to become successful, so build success habits & mind-sets with self-analysis and remove negative form life.  Create a inner hero and become like him with optimizing your time.

7.           Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose


Peoples love to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. He was a social servant.

Subhas Chandra Bose was very intelligent and he also passed and qualified ICS exam but also he denied/ kicked that job. He wanted to be a complete independence. Dominion Status required by Netaji in 1928.

In 1939 he started to get struggle. Gandhiji was never tolerated to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. He planned in such a way that he went to deal with Germany to fight with Britain.

When Subhas meet with Hitler on that he was shocked and replied that how could be possible to help Subhas, but lastly Hitler ready to help Netaji.

He has the power of Intellectual, genius, visionary, economist, bureaucracy, social civic, diplomacy, Geo- Political Partnerships and Bodh spirituality. 

Whenever he tried to say anything Mohammad Jinah was ready to accept his words rather than Mahatma Gandhiji.  

He travelled more than ten countries to make economically and systematically to adopt/ make good friendship with neighbor countries. He was very hot/ bold blooded men, creator

 of INA. He had more than 20,000 army strength. In India there were only 40,000/- Britain people who controlled the people.

In 1945 PM Britain Clement Attlee came to India that time they discussed that to get they free to all Indians means the complete independent.

Subhas was the man who shown the people how to fight with Britain and to give full freedom to be a complete independence.

In last we can understand that how to be grow our business with our country and globalised our business across the world’.

8.           Why Anil Ambani Failed in their business.  Anil Ambani was famous to attract to great investor in which he taken the benefit of the business. His ideas are very different from his father and his big brother Mukesh Ambain.

He likes to invest money only there where return get back speedily. On that time he formed a big company and that is Reliance Big Entertainment in film business.

Till the year 2014, time to competitive there were lot of competitive company was in the market. In the financial year 2018 he loosed approx. 606 crores and 2017 he loosed 553 crores.

‘It means that no business is small and big’, if want to survive and stick in market so fight with latest update and be aware/ be alert for future for avoid loses”. You must do innovative for your next step.

So that our market can offer to us at any cost. Be humble and be learner for the latest updates.  As a meantime it happened with Reliance Tele Communication. Anil Ambani greatest mistake was that he always shifted/ changes his business from one to another.

Working capital is more important to improve our business to run our shop, institute, company, business etc. Never keep fix deposit to your working capital and as your liquid capital.

Working assets and fixed assets. One thing of your life is to keep stick just like postal stamp. Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.

You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects. Every great change starts like falling dominoes.  Extraordinary success is sequential, not simultaneous, one things at a time.

Success demands singleness of purpose and one product one service or one God Father no one succeeds alone, no one can one passion and one skill.

One life, Bill Gates as one thing that path to more is through less but there are some lies due to that we do not believe in doing one things.

Everything’s matters equally. Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least, equality is a lie.

9.           Girijesh Kumar failure and success story.  When you don’t know how to do business so you will only west your time and your money. ‘So start any business with small and get that to top’.

Learn more and more about the subject on which you are going to create the business. Whenever you fail in your life so don’t think that you failed in your life.

Rather than you think that you have the opportunity to create a next step. If you have a confidence so you can easily win your life at any cost.

10          Conclusion.   When everything feels urgent and important everything seem equal to do list vs success list. The majority of what you want will come from the minority of what you do.

First things you do or sometimes it’s the only things you do. Multitasking s to do two things at once is to do neither. Multitasking does not save time, it wastes time. 

Disciplines life is one of the most prevalent myths of our culture, self-discipline and Leo Babuta.

Building habit at a time, one at a time, over time. Give each habit enough time unless it becomes routine.  Will power is always on will call. Will power has a limited battery life but can be recharged with downtime. Eat right and regularly.

A balanced life is that start leading counterbalanced life. Getting it all done is a lie.  Big action and big result. Double the business, double the health so double in the entire field.

I learned that the one thing is the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results. So do one things at a time. Supposed I am typing, so try to type only content in which you I am best.

Success comes down to the content.  I am right here and just want to become a great successful. Listen with more focus.

Success comes down to this as being appropriate in the moment of your life, living in right now. You are not appropriate in all the moment of your life. If one thing I learned from my life as I am doing one work so only doing that work.

Leave that all those work what you want to do with present works. Keep asking the focusing question for put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket. What should be better so that can do in the morning and do it the first time in my life.

Complex overwhelming task, small manageable task and one thing to focusing question at all the time. When I am interesting to do any work so do it in passionately.

Keep patience in your life and initiate your work passionately. And with the help of your design habit you can create your own luck with consistently.  

You keep mentally fit and try to initiate your work dedicatedly. Focus in one things so that all your work will start to initiate positively. I am a great content writer and I want to know why people do not learn the book and adopt in their life.

Trained your mind and trained you to yourself.

11.         Focus on one thing as “journey of thousand miles must become with the single steps”. But what if your first steps is wrong. That means your all will be ruins.

Keep asking and focusing question with yourself.  Make mentor to your financial advisor or anybody to keep you growing.

What is one things of your life? So wake up in the morning just do it passionately work. I am great to say that I am generous of my own habit.

I can do it all my best. If you want to create big business in six month so it means you will lose to yourself.

Think that how will you improve to yourself dedicatedly and consistently after few years, just like after five (05) years. 

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Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.

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