How can I improve discernment?  Analysis any of success how and what did it and what compel us to get rid adversities. Which might develop the optimist habit of individual., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Learn how other think and which great leader which we admire.  Learn how other think and which great leader I admire. Learn their biography and find his discernment attitude. Slowly I start to learn more discerning.

Strength.    To be successful, focus on your strength and develop them. If you want develop them or to get better so have to keep changing and improving work on itself because you are the greatest assets or determinant. Work on your priorities. We must fight for them.  Staff our weakness and put it how to make priorities to get rid from weakness. Attack one by one how can to uproot all weaknesses.

              Time and money spent to take you to the next level are the best investment you can make. Giving is the highest level of living. Cultivate the qualities of generosity in your life. Be grateful for what you have. If you are not happy with little so can’t be happy with lot. Generosity requires putting other first. Money is a wonderful servant but terrible master. It always is the bottom of itself.

Success seems to be connected with action and successful people keep moving they make mistake, but they don’t quit. Proactive people always take risk. It is very impossible to deny s irrefutable and initiator makes a lot of mistakes and also he try to do more and more faults to become more genius.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. If really we want to achieve some best so must have to bew come on the line. Even the right decision is the wrong decision if it is made too late.

How to be a good initiative.    Change mind set and don’t wait for opportunity to knock opportunity doesn’t come to the door knocking. We must have to go outside to knock for outside. Spend every day to find our opportunity in weekly basis to receive. 

No leaders are too advanced and experienced unless they have a good mentor. Passion is the first step of achievement. The stranger you fire, the greater the desire, and the greater the potential. Passion can change of us. If we follow our passion, instead of other perception you can’t help becoming a more dedicated, productive person and that increases your ability to impact others. In the end, your passion will have more influence than your personality. Passion makes impossible possible. A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks other have thrown at him.

Your attitude is a choice. An average people always wait someone else to motivate him, But passionate and desire/ optimist people always in power.

Average people always ask question like chicken or egg comes first. No matter what come fast. Leave the past and joy the present that is our choice and attitude.

Human being freedom is to choose our attitude in any given circumstance.  “Your attitude determines your action”.

My attitude is crucial become it determines how I act.  The best way to retrain my attitude is to prevent your mind from going down from negative fork in the road. A pattern achievement will help me to develop a pattern of positive thinking.

 If the mind is strong out can do almost anything and I want to my mind conditioned to win the key point ahead me to win the life.

For effective leaders always rise a challenges which is one if the things what separates winners from winners. Don’t all the time complain to your life inspect instead inspect it and solve the problem.

We must understand the diversities and I cannot stop to derive my problem but have ability to recharge the route of my life by every dimension of my life.

Leaders with good qualities has five solving ability which demonstrate the qualities.

  • Anticipate problem
  • They accept the truth
  • They solve the big picture
  • They anticipate the problem.
  • They accept the truth.
  • They see the big picture.
  • They handle one thing at one time.
  • They handle one thing at one time.
  • They don’t give up a major goal.

The ultimate quality of a responsible person is the ability to finish. It is priceless to find a person who will take responsibility, who will finish and follow through to the final detail to know when someone has accepted an assignment that it will be effectively, conscientiously completed. If you want to lead, you have got to produce.
“To improve you aim improves to yourself”.  You may need to cultivate a stronger sense of responsibility.  Sometimes an ability to deliver despite difficult circumstances can be due to a persistence problem.
The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are going to miss a deadline, lose a deal, or fail to succeed. Think outside the lines.   Can you work through the night? Con you call a colleague to help you.
The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are going to miss a deadline lose a deal, or fail to get a program off the ground, stop and figure out how to succeed. Creativity can bring responsibility.  
List the reason and take the time to write out the benefit of practicing the disciplines you have just listed.  Then post the benefits someplace where you will see them daily. On the days when you don’t want to follow through, reread your list.
Get rid of excuses. Write down every reason why you might not able to follow through with your disciplines. Read through them. You need to dismiss them as the excuses they are.
Even if a reason seems legitimate, find a solution to overcome it. Don’t leave yourself any reasons to quit. Remember, only in the moment of discipline do you have the power to achieve your dreams. The best time to plant a tree is twenty five years ago. The second best time is today plant the tree of self-discipline in your life today.


I know that problem is inevitable. Sometimes people respond like that they also refuse to accept the reality. They think that are made up of them no not like this. Effective leaders face up the reality of a situation. I never overwhelmed by my situation of my present emotion. 

I always solve my problem one by one, not all at one time. Each time and one by one if I solved my problem so one day I must find myself at the pick point. Go outside and find that how do they solved the problem and you also start to solve the same and amend it.

What does it take to have the focus required to be a truly effective leader? The key are priorities and concentration. Leader who knows his priorities but lacks concentration knows what to do but never gets it done.

If he has concentration but not priorities he has excellence without progress. But when harness both, he has the potential to achieve great things. To be successful focus on your strength and develop them. That’s where you should pour your time, energy, and resource.

Growth equals change. If you want to get better you have keep changing and improving. That means stepping out into new areas. Work on yourself. You are your greatest asset or detriment. Work at your priorities. You will have to fight for them.

Time and money will save you.

Cultivate the quality of generosity in your life.

If the mind is strong you can do almost anything which we want to be changing some things generosity. For effective leader always rise a challenge which is one of the things what separates winner from winners.

We must understand the diversities and we cannot stop to derive the problem but have ability to recharge the route of our life by every dimension of life.

Leaders with good qualities has 5 solving ability which demonstrate:-

We know that problem is inevitable so sometimes people respond like that they also refuse to accept the reality. They think that are made up of them no not like this.

Effective leader face up the reality of a situation. He never overwhelm end by any situation of any present emotion. Each time and one by one if we solved our problem so one day we find you at the pick point.

Excellence is a great motivator. People who desire excellence and work hard to achieve it are almost always responsible. And when they give their all, they live at peace. Stress comes from doing less than you can. Make high quality your goal, and responsibility will naturally follow.

Anytime you concentrate on the difficulty of the work instead of its result or rewards, you are   likely to become discouraged. Count the benefits of doing what’s and then dive it.

 To improve y our priorities and your self-discipline, do the following like sort out your priorities. Think about which two or three areas of life are most important to you. Write them develop a plan to make the disciplines a daily or weekly part of your life.


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