• Each morning when I look in the mirror, I ‘will be able to honestly say to myself, I am a better person today than I was yesterday.

  • Successful people work on themselves as they do working on their business.

  • Plan your plan to show plan.

  • Leaning to earn through knowledge, wisdom and common sense.

  • The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it’s open.

  • Francis Bacon said that Knowledge is power and I say that knowledge put into action is power.

  • Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

  • The system is your best teacher.

  • Take a notes and short pencil is better than a long memory.

  • I will become an active, eager learner by listening to Tapes & CDs, reading books, attending meetings & Seminars and associating up line at every opportunity.

  • I have a lot of things to prove to myself. One is that I can live my life fearlessly.

  • God has not given you a spirit of fear. But of love, power and a sound mind.

  • Failure is never permanent. But quitting always is.

  • Overcome your fears with action.

  • Live for today and plan for tomorrow.

  • Fear stands for false Evidence Appearing Real.

  • I will live each moment of each day with passion, conviction and courage.

  • Anyone who say he’s not interested in money will lie about other thing. By Zig Ziglar.

  • If you are good with little money so you will be great with a lot.

  • Living well is the best revenge.

  • The more money you have the more option you have. People who make money don’t make excuses. People who make excuses don’t make money.

  • I trust in my actions. I will do what needs to be done on daily basis trusting that the money will follow.

  • What your mind can conceive and your heart can believe, you can achieve.

  • Excuses are the lack of faith in your own abilities.

  • Without faith in the future, there’s no joy in the present.

  • Have a faith in the education system. It can help you become more successful more quickly.

  • Tough time doesn’t last. But tough people do.

Prayer is the central alignment which controls the body and mind and gives cosmic energy in my life.

The prayer of petition works occasionally i.e, when a man goes all the way out on a limb and trusts what to him is a God in the skies. The real truth of the matter is that he answer his  prayer. The cosmic energizer responds to his blind belief.


In a certain sense my thought is my prayer for the simple reason that every thought tends to action and manifestation. There is only one creative power namely the cosmic energizer, which permeates al life.

Prayer essentially thinking from a constructive stand-point. True prayer consists of the spiritual premise that the cosmic energizer becomes the things you desire to the point you accept this as true.

The tendency of the cosmic energizer is to heal, restore and prosper me. Writer say that it (cosmic energy) always communicating with me.

How to Generate Energy for Your Plan

Author said that I can definitely cause the cosmic energy to flow when you have a certain plan, aim or goal in life.

I go where my vision is. My vision is what I am looking at in my mind, what I giving attention to, the ideal am focused on. When I realized to myself that can reach your goal, the cosmic energizer flows on your behalf attracting to you everything you need for the fulfilment of your dream.

The cosmic energy is flowing through me as a current of life, love, truth and beauty creating pleasant relations, harmony, abundance and security in my life.  I am a focal point for the cosmic energizer, and my mind and heart are open for all the blessings of life.


I give thanks for a wonderful trip to Europe and for God’s riches flowing to me from all angles. I live by the law of love, and I wish for everyone what I wish for myself.

Just forgive yourself for all your previous faults and start your well wished and all your desired works by today.

A secretary was placing herself in a mental house of bondage by giving power to the girls to hurt her and was burning up her own vital energy. Resulting in nervousness and insomnia.

I made a habit to become a business and thanked to God for making and giving such habit in me like energizers. All life is largely an absorption of a power that you as yet do not to be actually there. Before you, the dynamo begins rotating there is only potential power as a possibility.

Learn to forgive yourself first for harboring negative thought about yourself or anybody else.  You can’t  give what you don’t have.

There are tremendous possibilities within Me

Religion is that mental attitude which blinds you. Her dominant ideas was condemnation of herself. Your subconscious assumptions, convictions and belief dictate and control all your conscious action. In other words, our religion is your relationship with God.

I am a powerhouse and I have release the hidden powers through the assumption of right ideas, feeling and attitudes of mind. Calm boldly that you are filled with the Energy and Wisdom of the infinite and that this power is now coursing through your veins and arteries. You will feel the influx of energy from on high.

Author also said that “to reverse our thinking accordingly at my suggestion, several times a day in which Love is the fulfilling of the law. This means that when you think right, feel right. Act right and do right yo have used the law constructively and you will have good will toward all. This outreaching of your hearts towards others will cause them to react in a similar manner towards you.

An author said that my mind is a principle, and when I use the principle in the right way, it has no grudge against you.

The life principle never condemns or punishes you. Actually you punished yourself by misuse of the law and by negative thinking. The marvelous and wonderful truth to learn is that you forgive yourself on the basis of a scientific mental law.

The first step in mental and spiritual healing is not to be afraid of disease or condition. The second step is to come to the conclusion that the condition is but a product of negative thinking, which will have no power continue its existence.

The third step is to exalt the healing power off the cosmic energizer within. This attitude of mind will stop the production of all toxins in you or the person for whom you are praying.

The law of forgiveness is a scientific law of mind. Your mind is a principle, and the minute your begin to use it the right way, there is an automatic response of your subconscious mind to correspond with your conscious direction and contemplation. This is why you read more and more option in life.

‘I have also discovered that those men and women who have come to a decision to forgive themselves and others invariably blossom forth in a wonderful way and have begun to lead what I like to call charmed lives’.

The moment I begin to thi9nk constructively, harmoniously, peacefully and lovingly based on eternal truths which never change, my subconscious will immediately respond to my constructive thoughts and imagery the past will forgotten and remember no more. A new beginning is a new end.

Wisdom, which is an awareness of the presence of God within you, knows there is no particular virtue in living apart from the world and eating nuts, fruits etc. Saturate the mind with God’s love. You are what you eat mentally and spiritually.

You can eat the choicest food and still to change your mind. To forgive is to give for. You have the power to forgive yourself by changing your thoughts according to universal principle and keeping them changes.

You don not solve the problem of poverty or sickness by joining a church, a cult or a group of any kind. You must demonstrate your faith. We are all manifesting in our lives what we really believe. Turn to the source of all blessings and claim that God, the cosmic energizer, is your instant and you will get a response.

When you sense your oneness with your desire, the cosmic energizer will move on your behalf and bring your desire to pass. The word repents means to change your thoughts and to think according to eternal verities the truth which never change.

A man focused his attention on two ideas prior sleep and success and wealth repeating these two words to his subconscious, while lulling himself to sleep. He activated the latent power of his subconscious and went up the ladder of triumph and achievement along all lines.

Author Dr. Joseph Murphey, Ph. D, D.D says that a detective lives a charmed life through the constant use of this prayer. The whole armor of God surrounds me. I bear a charmed life. God is my hiding place, and he encompasses me with songs of deliverance.

The preceding articles reveals the wisdom of our subconscious mind which always seeks to heal, restore subconscious mind made your body from a cell and knows all the processes and functions of your body.

Einstein Said that “God is a scientist, not a magician.” Think of God as an infinite Intelligence that is cognizant of all in the universe. Energy is governed by a spirit in the next dimension. We must assume, however, that we are just as much spirit now as we shall ever become.

So we are spirits with physical bodies, through which we function on this three –dimensional plane.

The cosmic energizer is all powerful. It is the only power there is, and this inexhaustible and almighty tremendous energy locked in an atoms is the power of Almighty God focused at that point.

The cosmic energizer is all wise and all sees all and created the universe and the galaxies in space and indwells each person. This protecting presence made your body from a cell and knows all the processes and functions of your body. It is the infinite healing presence which restores and heals.

If you have strong believe so you can protect your life very well. God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in troupe. Wealth is a thought –image in your mind.

I feel sure that this man will never want all the days of his life since he has become so enthusiastic about his new found wealth, including the treasures of his subconscious. You posses fabulous and potential wealth in our subconscious mind, unrecognized, unused and unho –normed.

You believe on the power of Cosmic Energizer and achieve whatever you want to change.

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