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1.       In this chapter we study about the super brain. How can we convert the weak brain into strong and powerful brain. There some techniques and strategies to follow and slowly we see within a week it starts to improve automatically. So let’s starts the strategies.

2.       Your success in life depends on your brain, for the simple reason that all experience comes to us through our brains. 

Just we know that how can we trained our brain because it can solve our problem which are facing in our day to day life.

3.       Instilling curiosity is your responsibility. Like a good teachers you must encourage strength when the people is ready to face new challenge  and feeling so anger, fear, depression also are a kind of misuse of mind. 

Daily stress shutdown the prefrontal cortex, the part of brain responsible for decision making.

4.       The low expectation means low result and high expectation means high result. The first rule of super brain is always give good response to your thoughts.

 If you teach it about limitation so your brain will become limited. But if you teach for abandoned so it will create some things big. 

What happen, if you teach your brain to be unlimited? Think of your brain as being like a Steinway grand piano. All the key are in place, ready to work at the touch of a finger.

  5.     The Injured Brain Cannot Heal Itself.  When the brain is injured due to car accident, for example or due to stroke, nerve cells and their connection may lost at any time. So even better to learn new skill and learn something new.

Human being memory losses only due to lack of learning. In many cases so jaded or distracted about what we are doing that simple attention defect leads to lack of learning. 

When we cannot remember a simple fact like where is keys, it means we did not learn or register where we put them in the first place.  

As user of our brain, we didn’t record or consolidated the sensory information into s short-term memory during the process of putting down the keys. 

Individual cannot remember what one never learned. So if you remain alert, a healthy brain will also continue to serve you as your age. You should expect alertness.

If you expect to lose your memory and notice every minor lapse with anxiety, you are interfering with the natural spontaneous and effortless act of remembering. Biologically up to 80% of people over seventy do not have significant memory loss.

Our believe should follow to find some things very best,  and it will become our hidden quality. 

If you become apathetic and feel good about your life, or if you simply become less enthusiastic about your moment-to-moment so it required little bit hard practice to make a experience your good learning which potential  inspired to you.  

And we never learned what we believe and what we have forgotten.

Nothing solidifies a memory like emotion. When we are children, we learn effortlessly because the young are naturally passionate and enthusiastic about learning.

Emotion of joy and wonder, but also of horror and dread, intensify learning. That locks Memories often for life. Try to remember your first hobby, first time human being performed very well but slowly they just do but not with emotion. So to be free from short term memory must try to do with emotion.

book, pages, read


6.       Strong emotion is often the key. Until answers arise, we believe that behavior and expectations of key. 

When you become passionate and excited about learning again, the way children, new dendrites and synapse will form, and your memory can once again be as strong as it was when you were younger.

As well when you recall and old memory through active brain. You are not your brain inspite you are much more than your brain.  The brain losses millions of cells a day and lost rain cells cannot be replaced.

The human brain loses about 85,000/- cortical neurons per day, or about one per second. But this is an infinitesimal fraction. The growth of neurons is called neurogenesis. 

It was first observed about 20 years ago in the brains of certain birds. It must be programmed to our brains. Most people are surprised to learn this fact.

7.       We now know that thousand new nerve cells are born in the hippocampus every day. Neuroscientist Fred Gage at the Salk Institute shoed that physical exercise and environmental enrichment (stimulating surroundings) stimulate the growth of new neurons in human being also.   

8.       By Choosing to exercise every day, you can increase the number of new nerve cells, just as you do when you actively seek to learn new things. 

At the same time, you promote the survival of these new cells and connections which are known  as Super Brain.

9.       We can safely discard the myth about losing millions of brain cells a day. Even the parental warning that alcohol kills off brain cells has turned out to be half truth.

Casual alcoholics kills only a minimal number of brain cells, even among the actual from drinking occurs in dendrites, but studies seems to indicate that this damage is mostly reversible.  

The bottom lines for now is that a sew age, key areas of the brain involved with memory and learning continue to produce new nerve cells, and that this process can be stimulated by physical exercise, mentally stimulating activities (like reading books), and social connectedness.

10.      The only difference as you and your age is that activities that you have to make more conscious choice than you did earlier in life. A mindful memory programmed as be passionate about your life and the experience you fill it with.

Enthusiastically learn new things. Pay attention to the things you will need to remember later and most memory lapse are actually learning lapses.

11.      The best memory is one you rely upon with simple confidence. The brain enables it all to take place. It constantly connects new information with what you learned in the past. 

You remodel and refine your neural network on a second –by-second basic, but so does the world you experience. The more you ask to brain it do, the more it can do.

12.      Albert Einstein was one of Great motivation who has such a nice brain. Einstein like geniuses in general is a paragon of success. Such people are intelligent and creative far beyond the norm. 

If we knew their secret, each of us would have greater success, no matter what we pursued. Highly successful people don’t merely have seven habits. They use their brain in a way that is keyed to success.

If you shut yourself out from Einstein’s way of using his brain, you limit your possibilities for success. It isn’t a matter of just good genes. Einstein used his brain in a way that any person can learn.

13.      Super brain takes advantage of your innate ability to adapt. 

This ability is necessary for survival of all living things, human have adapted to all environments on the planet.  

Einstein adapted by facing the unknown and conquering it.

His field was physics, but the unknown confront everyone on a daily basis. Life is full of unexpected challenges. To adapt to the unknown, Einstein develop three strength and avoided three obstacles.

14.      You can measure a person adaptability by how much the are able to let go, remain flexible and hang loose in the face of difficulties. Take on more burden than you think you deserve.

You are becoming more adaptable when you can laugh at yourself. You see that there’s more to the situation than you realize. Other people no longer look like antagonist simply because they disagree with you.

15.      There are three strengths and three obstacles  :-

   (a)   Communicating    (b)  Staying balance  (c)   Seeing the big picture

16.      Three obstacles are :-

          (a)      Isolation        (b)      Conflicts        (d)      Repression.

17.      When you are in an integrated state, either in body or mind, you communicate openly. You know what you feel, you express it, you absorb signal from everyone around you. But countless adults experience a breakdown in communication.

The feel isolated from al kinds of things their feelings, other people, the jobs they go to every morning, They become entangled in conflicts, and as a result, they learn to repress what they really feel and all their real desires. These in turn every cell in the body.

18.      Bottom Line. If you want to return to the natural state of health and well being, be like a newborn baby. Integrate your experience into wholeness instead of living with separation and conflict.

You are becoming more integrated when you create safe place where you can be yourself.

You invite other into the same safe space so that they can be themselves. You desire to know yourself. 

You look at areas of denial, accept hard truths, and face reality and you make peace with you dark side. Using it as neither secret ally nor a feared enemy.

Really you feel inspired and higher reality seem real and attainable.

19.      The Buddha strategies which are the the expansion of conscious and subconscious mind. 

We use our Super Brain mostly to be conscious and some people take their consciousness much farther than other. Our heroes is our inner growth, and its also a spiritual guide of our humanity wherever arises.



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