1.       How to expand your consciousness? By putting a higher value on being awake, aware, and alert. Resist conformity. Don’t think and act like everyone else. We can also made our mind as Super Brain by surendar Thakur., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Value yourself. Don’t wait for the approval of other to validation, strive to help others. Expose your mind to a higher vision through art, poetry, and music, Read widely in the world scriptures and holy text book.

Work on reducing the demand of the ego. Expand beyond the limits of ‘I’ me, mine.

2.       Aim for the highest meaning that your life can have keep faith that inner growth is an unending process. Walk the spiritual path; however you define it, with sincerity and hope.

Consciousness is a curious things, we all have it, but we never have enough. Yet the supply is infinite for the human being. The brain is involved in all these full-body symptoms.

The brain scans of depressed people show a unique a pattern in which some areas of the brain are overactive and others underactive. Depression typically affects the anterior cingulated cortex of the body.

3.       Depression is caused by a trigger any type of any emotion, but the trigger can be so small that it can be passed and unnoticed.

Once if we are thinking about depression than it starts to connect one by one and enhanced the pattern of depression for the long period.

And once if we change to divert the mind start to think some other things rather than depression so by default a depression start to release automatics and another views comes during the time.

4.       Those who have depression they think that they don’t have the resolution and its all are coming as genetic through his family pattern, but it’s wrong. Its type of habit.

They are sad at all the time and felt depression by looking the face and reality also. They have lack of confidence.



5.       Once you decided with conscious awareness and unwavering and intent that you are not you brain, you can be one with your emotion and reaction to the outside world.

Acting as the leader of your brain, you can actively reprogram your own neurochemistry and even genetic activity, no longer indentured to mood disorders.

The key is to get the stuck or imbalanced part of your brain to move again.

6.       Once we trained the brain, its response feels normal. Sometimes depressed people have adapted so well that they are surprised when a friend, doctor, or therapist tells them that they are depressed.

Depressed people feel also feel sand when listen good news. Talk is a type of behaviour if your talking is good so depression start too disappeared most of the time.

7.       Its all my fault.

Instead, you could think: It’s not my fault. I am good enough. I don’t need to compare to myself to other.

It may be nobody fault and think positive response from itself. Then after we should focus on the solution.

I will be better in future as well as starts from now. Nothing will Work out. Learning a new response for a new neural path way in the brain.

It also open door. Pushing up to you a one step above means you are ready to learn and change your old pattern and will achieve success in your field.

8.       Self awareness change perceptions. The more aware you are, the more power you have over reality.

Awareness contains the power to transform your world. The first principle in reality making is that you are not your brain.

Every quality in the outside world exist because you create it. Your brain is not the creator but translational tools.

The real creator is mind. Some of the birds are there which fly more than enough because their nervous system  are the key, not their wings or heart. Thus bird’s brain has created the reality of flight.

woman, laptop, surprised


9.       The brain’s role, like the transistors in a radio, is to provide a physical structure for delivering thought, as a radio allows you to hear music.

Creativity is based to making something new. The brain is designed to allow everyone to make things new.

If the brain were a computer so it can store lot of information, short in a different way, and fast calculation to give any solution.

Unconscious Self Aware

 10.         Human being exists in all three states, and which one predominates at any given moment is up to you.

Super brain depends on reducing our conscious moment while increasing both awareness and self awareness.

But when you are self-aware, you become unique. Once self aware comes in our life than we can also ask good question with anybody and slowly our mind start to expand.

Self aware question are the key that make consciousness expand and when that happens, the possibilities infinite.

Emotion is not the enemy of self awareness. Every emotion plays its part in the whole and they needed to attach meaning to event. Being emotional makes a memory stick in the mind.

11.      By being mindful of your thought and feelings, you start creating new pathways that register not just anger, fear and happiness, and curiosity.

Reality making has no limit When we assume that reality is a given, what we are really accepting isn’t the world out of there but our own limitation in here. Our new experience has registered on the brain, your ego assimilates them.



13.      The value of questioning yourself is that you keep moving on. You refresh your response, your let self awareness, take in much as possible.

Having more to process stimulates the brain to renew itself, and the mind, with more response at its disposal from the brain expands beyond imaginary limitations.

Whatever is fixed is limited, whatever is dynamic allows you to expand beyond limitation.

Super brain is about removing limitations entirely. Each step brings you closer to your true self, which creates reality in a state of freedom.

14.      Habit is mental grooves that depend on networks in the brain. Once set so they automatically respond. Super brain is the product of conscious evolution and biology fuses with the mind.

Once sees journalistic articles about the “Brain in Love” and “God in the neurons” which promotes the false assumption that the brain is responsible for love and faith.

You know the difference between a mind and the receiver that brings that mind into the physical world.

15.      Bringing awareness to the stickiness of memory requires new thoughts like, I am acting like a child or this feeling is how I felt a long time ago.

Memory is the ongoing story of your life, and it does no good to keep reinforcing the story unconsciously.

You need to step in and add something new, however small. Memory is incredibly complex but it tends to trigger a simple reaction.

When you start to feel the anxiety then your body starts to lose automatically and will not do any action to save own life.

Therefore, if you have anxiety so at list tell to anyone so that there will be two dimensions, one is to be free from tension and another will to get a chance to solve that problem.

Its natural things which can’t be stooped but can be changed the routes of anxiety things very easily.

17.      Emotional Brain

          Fear and desire are bred in your instinctive brain, mediated your emotional brain, and negotiated by your intellectual brain.

These structures meet the mind’s demand to process lust, infatuation, anger, greed, jealousy, hatred and disgust. All such feelings are tied to survival in the course of evolution. 

Emotion is just like a red rose. Whenever we see the red rose so feel like love, respect, creating something new to our modern or present world. All the good things come in our mind.

So emotion are a steps in the direction of awareness. Emotion teaches us how human evolve with pain and confusion.

18.      Emotions are good as well as bad also. Good emotion will give you good output and bad emotion will you bad output. Realization of any work deeply and convert into action is called emotion.

Doing in favor of someone and maintaining the law of human or universe to make profit to itself is called good emotion.


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