1.       When I get dressed in morning I feel enormous gratitude for my cloth and always think that the meaning of life is that “Success Is Not Free” by Surendar Thakur. To save time I always as what should to wear so that to be perfect. Solve your problem and become rich. Be grateful for money what we earn, happiness, peace and joy in my life.

Thinking some question means receiving some answer. And be grateful for all these things of living things and non living things. Love will do anything and by this I can win the game., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Once I feel the value of gratitude and appreciation then only I feel the value of delight and benefit. The force of love is the intelligence of the life and the universe.

I give the meaning of everything in my life. No any relationship is a good on bad, but its relationship. Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.


Whenever I give bad feeling against any, no matter how bad they are but bad started to come with us.

2.       Love is the power of world

          The force of love has not any apposite. All the negative things in life are always manifestation of a lack of love. Whether it’s a person, place or things.

Failure is a lack of success. Success comes from love. Illness and health lack of good health and creates due to lack of love. When the heart is set right, then the personal life is cultivated.

When the personal life is cultivated, then the home life is regulated. When the home life is regulated, then the national life orderly.

And when the national life is ordinary, then the world is at peace. Everything has a frequency. And what whatever you are feeling is bringing everything into your life, that’s on your similar frequency. Life is communicating with me at all the time.

There are no accident and co-incident in life. Everything in life is synchronicity, because everything has frequency. Ask question everyday with itself.

When I ask question, that means I am giving a question, and I customizing. Love is high level of frequency. It is a attraction by which we can receive our prosperity.


It is also a type of frequency to receive any signal very fast. Universe understand the frequency of love created only by human being. The more you love the more I generate frequency to receive the signal of my own prosperity.

Excitement gratitude, enjoyment passion which gives us spontaneous joy to us. When we start to feel love than only we only we feel the entire purpose of our life. My love, joy, my prosperity, excitement and my gratitude with passion are the true and everlasting things in life.

3.       There are no any limitation of time unless try to do and initiate work. Doing partners means creating relation of God’s slow can we enhance our partnership. The more we take breath slowly than only mediate will start to help us. Giving respect to the against initiate fulfilment of life.

Brahmachari is a type of art and respect. Concentrate on middle of the eye. First time I realised to fill and fulfil the life style of Bramachari is a type of meditation which gives the meaning of satisfaction and refuel the statement.

Meditation will gives us those all type of satisfaction. Kabir said once upon a time a rishi wanted to have bath but well was very deep. A time after Guriji came and threatened too much. By default child said please taken me out otherwise I will do bathroom inside the well. Sometimes respect is form of one side but some times its both side.

Once we give respect truthful to so respect also starts to come automatically. Vedas said relation are not bad unless we respect to relation. Vedas has lot of power and will perform high level of frequency.

Respect will give you lot good frequency. So only meditation will give us variety of satisfaction. What is satya? Those who have the ability to sacrifice all the thing and then one things will ready to give all the things and the entire visionary world. All the things in this world are has a type of limitation.

In this world every creation has command of the every people. If I love to my wife so wife is not bad. They had special power illuminate the life likes glorious. To fulfilment all type of desire will enhance the beautician of creation.

There are not right places of confession. Never be confessing. Leave the confession on their own place. Start to respect all those thought which are coming continually. And then it is start to elude slowly and slowly by default.

4.       What are God and its creation? First and most important don’t weep for past but grab the present and think for future strategies which are the meaning of life. Another is investable circumstances which are co-existences. Future has all the possibilities.

I know that it’s a too late but also not too late so that I can’t grab any goal. All the things is possible unless to be try first. Morning is also called a wakeup and recognized for my future which lightened the life as a future creation.

Just starts from little which makes more. Those who are stressful they are also not in stress absolutely. Concentration and expansion is on us, once we make the ability to control mind, so by default mind start to create their own environment.

If I want to wake up so first have to fall down to learn and than to become expert.  Fall down is not a false. It’s a way of success. Sometimes man like fish jumping and again going inside water something like human being if I am fail and I don’t have any way so jump it and try to learn something new form any perfect people and ahead mine success.

5.       Muniba Mazari Motivation

          The day we back to the society are called successful. The harder I work, the luckier I get. There is no any shortcut of success. The real success when I start to love and sleep with my goal according to spirit of my goal.

I am the creator and destroyer of my own destiny which are making and training as a foundation of pattern of my life. All the field which are computable are realizable for my source. Swami Vivekananda said you can wake up in morning at very early time. Since you start to feel the subject.


6.       Mistake is not a weakness it a type of initiating work. Think what is success. How much success do I need and required.

Suppose anybody doing word press blogging so it is good start with zero and pull ou our strength.  To become rich use any ordinary idea. Finding unique idea is better to do only that work in which I am ok. All those who are genius they do that work extremely well in your field.

7.       Even though just like cope/ field and good things which are already in you and start initiate. And slowly starts increase your work in manpower to be adding share part of market. 

First of all think why you are initiating your business because it is very risky and tough. It is coming for ancient period as barter system.  Starter should be initiate with finally decide and with knowledge. Be first and be better.


Convince to people to join your business. Start with small and think big. Develop successful start-up or business and read more and more book for doing any business. Having no money is better to begin business at start-up.

Because they feel how to learn. Never say money is your weapons. After best idea money comes automatically. Without proper fact don’t fear. The hidden secret of money. Money has a special value power. Gold has special power of revenue.

Instilling curiosity is my responsibility. Like a good teacher must encourage strength when the people is ready to face new challenge and so. Anger, fear, depression also are a kind of misuse it of mind.  Daily stress shutdown the responsibility for decision making.

8.    Spiritual GURU Osho also said that our conscious mind should be connect with mind and give the command what you want. Identity is what I can already been deprived with interior. We already were deprived with interior.

Man are touching and giving sound to other people, but other’s has not ability to listen by sensibility. There is not any sensibility of nature and human being. How can I improve to my soul? Child has more ability to feel anything.

They can feel it but mature people have not ability to heard. I can develop to my sense. Situation and dedication will make people lightened.

How can we improve to our self? Whatever the work I am doing just go deep inside the subject and just feel it the situation and just do it the practice. Whatever we are doing so just do it continually with full soul. If I am thinking to change inside in me so it means responding to my life.  

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