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Start working today to reach your goal. Sometimes we keep in wishing without working. It is like just repeating the name of the medicines the doctor has given the order for according to your illness loudly without actually swallowing it. STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that just illness of the people. I wish to convey my gratitude to all the people involved in the writing of this content.
I am thankful to all those authors from whose books I have drawn inspiration, such as Swami Vivekananda, Professor APJ Abdul Kalam Shiv Khera. My special thanks to all my friends who consistently reading all my content.
Sometimes small incidents of life teach you so much which thousands of books would not have been able to teach”. These small incidents sometimes affect or influence us to much that our life changes and we suddenly become a different person altogether.

Small Incidents Change Life

There are a lot of stories about great persons across the world which show how small incident change their lives have changed their or their attitude towards life.

5 Second Rule tells us how we can come out from adversities. Everyone has uncertainty which have to be facing it. It gives us more power in our life.

5 Second rules mean attraction and initiating on particular goal. Whenever you are in the distraction so on that time you feel the logistic and just count to yourself from 5 to 1.

On that time you mind will get ready to do the next work. Our action takes own time and mind start to work passionately.

Try to take action on any moment whether you motivated or not. Small moves decide our life, not direct moves decide it. Small and small action decides our life better.

Five second rule help you how to make life better. Take action on the time of uncertainty. Raise you good habit and leave your bad and negative habit from your life.

The key purpose of our mind is to allow full control on mind by you and take best action to precede the works. Find your inner courage and face your fear. Which help you to increase you courage?

By facing uncertainty and adversities with our courage we find to achieve our confident. Courage is not like that it is held with everyone.

Whenever we makes any excuses by achieving any goal so it means they don’t have any decision and disciplines to consist the work passionately and consistency process.

Listen your inner sound and focus on your sound how to proceeds. Forget all the bad habits which tell you not start the work. Instead make a habit to insist the work with consistency and dedicative manner.

Feelings means what I am feeling and it cannot be controlled by us but can be think what should and must have to do it can be controlled in our life.

Our decision made up of our action and decided by our actions taken. Neuroscientist also searched that human mind first feels and then takes action and that is why all the action depending on feelings. I work only that time when I feel better.

Just we forced to our life in right dimension. Set your alarm clock and just count it one, two, three, four, five and wake up in the morning. If you are not waking up in the morning it means you are not consistent in your goal.

One day, Swami Vivekananda was returning from a temple when troops of monkey chased him. To save himself Swamiji at first started running, but the monkeys ran still faster and grew increasingly aggressive.

At this time an old monk who happened to witness and called to Swami “to stop running Swami. Face the brutes. Swami heard his call and turned to face the monkey; they stopped harassing him and ran away.

On that situation Swami learnt a great lesson that whenever adversities comes, so be fearful and try to attack with power.

That is a lesson for all, when you facing the terrible, face it boldly. Some of the students get fear when they come on stage and face to audience.

I tell them until and unless they stand before the audience and speak they can never overcome this problem. To overcome this problem must speak regularly, again and again by facing the audience.

Ego is an illusion which inspires to deceive at every step of life. An egoist is deep inside the well of mistakes. “Discipline is the key to success”.

Positive thinking lead to mental health and peak performance in your life.

The Law of habits says that “Any thought or action that you repeat over and over will eventually become a new habit”

When you repeatedly and react and respond in a positive way, you can take full control over your conscious mind.

By using willpower and repetition, you develop new habit of thinking and acting. A stronger emotion will dominate and override a weaker emotion, and whoever emotion you concentrate on grows and becomes stronger.

If you withdraw your mental energy from a person or situation h that makes you sad or angry by refusing to think about it, thee emotion connected with that situation eventually dies away. Like a fire with no fuel, it goes out. Instead of justifying.

One of the most important rules for success and happiness is, “Don’t be upset or worry about something that you can’t do anything about.

“Don’t criticize anyone for something that the person cannot change. A favor law say, “If there is no solution, there is no problem.”

The Great spiritual teachers, such as Buddha and Jesus, have emphasized. Whenever you say or think negative it means you away from your inner power. The fact is that much of what you do, or fail to do, is influenced by the same concern.

You actually connect at an unconscious level with a higher power that will then give you guidance and insight.

The best way to eliminate anger of all kinds is to accept responsibility. The acceptance of responsibility immediately short-circuits the emotion of anger.

All the angry that anger requires. Success does not cause failure. When you remain angry with another person, you give away your emotional control to that person each time you think of him or her. You allow him or her to control your emotion at long distance.

Create special type ability and must achieved their goal what you are thinking. You must control mind and peace to process anything. Keeping mind peace and alone will totally help you to endure your life.

Our thought always tries to attack you so think good thought to attacking a good habit. Try to make spirituality.  I have the power to change my world at any cost.

All your spiritual power will help you as a systematic way. All the good idea comes in mind from spiritual power. The whole life will be the same what we practice in our life.

All the human being those who loves to all the people that means they creating the environment of peace and prosperity while follow the path. Buddha was a real scientist of religion.

Buddha is not talking what is the tells of right but think for w=that subject whether have to doo good in life.  Buddha have a great power of spiritual life which we stat to walk on the life of beauties, so beginning will be along to struggled to be alone.

When you feel that you are nothing then you are ready to know everything.

Ask clearly form God/ nature what you want from your God. Receiving is a just like demanding from catalogue.

Anything is possible in universe and feel just as getting me what I asked and I am becoming a great. Co-incident happens only after thinking and visualization of any matters. First you have to purchase your desire in the thought process then to the ground level.

Jack in Field says that make such a big dream so that that dream will make your active at all the time. That dream will empower you enhance progress in lie.

Those who feel to improve itself they can do loth of thing in their life.  We must feel the feeling of success and failure.

Never criticize to any people of the universe. Buddha is the man who tells us the spirit of all the human being tells the feeling of all the morality Buddha has a special power and super power to elaborate anything in good way.

Satya is all existed in humans life but things that how could be possible to think about life.  If anybody say that what is God so just say that see in your body and mediate it you feel that what you seen and you will execute what you think  and according to the you can also realize that what is God and how can see the God.

Concentration in meditation is the way to focus our body and body and forms light which enlightenment yourself in any circumstances. Thought gives feelings and feelings give actions and action becomes our behavior.

The more you help to others the more you start to become rich in you. Just think how you can win your success only by doing hard work. If you will do hard work on yourself of what you love so less problem will come in your life.

Be ready to solve all type of problem in any circumstances. Rich people are good receivers. Rich mind set has rich thoughts and do the work hardly. All that things will get it in our life.  And then will come your income, saving, investment, satisfactions.

If you want more money so try to adjust with less money than only possible to adjust the more money when it comes in your life. 



Believing is a type of spirituality and spirituality starts after believing on the truth”. After believing on it your all circumstances start to evaporate by default.

Whatever habit are adopted that all become a part in your life. We cannot delete the dark but have option to get light with candle or any other things to delete dark.

So these all will comes only by positive thinking and obeying more and more good habit in your life. Collect different and different types of good habit in your life. 

Whatever we are thinking whatever we are telling these all are becoming a supernatural power for myself. So be aware to think proper and best to achieve best.

If you have really high performance so let it the habit of images/ emails in such a way so that you think yes I have getting my prosperous and light in my life.

Whatever you processing just think what you are doing whether that is right or wrong. Convert your achievement in your dream.

It is a matter of our dream. What is your dream revised it manually collect our dream and visualized it how you may get your clarity.

The more may clear the goal the more you start to feel the realization of value. “Don’t say ever what is that always say how I can do”.

Think that what is your mission and action. Make your plan today and wake up in morning. All the time do some very best things in your life. Time is money and time is precious.”

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