1.       In this chapter I am saying about the mind and spiritual mind. Without spiritual mind and universal mind a man couldn’t do anything even though to give any shape of their life. This is very simple rule to use and to practice. Most of the people cannot like because of boring. 
Greatest ideas are very small. Some of people says that when they seen the successful people so they expressed as a LUCKY. Yes successful people become only by Luck as by them.

2.       Try to become hard and top performers. Never like to average performers. Researcher says that higher performers never had special activity/ extraordinary since childhood. It only become due to hard work and dedication. Increase your influence and courage with dedication to improve itself. High performance and confidence are very important to achieve any goal. 

Gender are not important for high performance/ goal. High performances are a type of habit which make after long time practice. They get high perfection time to time in inevitable time. It’s not inborn ability it’s a daily practice. High performers have always their own clear details and has self awareness. 

Always ask question with ourself. And they ask the question only during occasion, festival, meeting with successful people. Because that time they feel very less/small to himself in front of successful people.  

3.       High performer whatever do they gives output very clearly. How their action pull to their success. When you have self to know what to do in your life. High performers gives full fuel to primary interest and try to save from all the distractive activity not to come in his way.

4.       Friends if you want to become a writer so must have to know the feedback of your skill, only writing will not help you to enhance your skills. High performers always do the work for other people instead of self. 

High performer has a positive response in favour of life and they do accordingly. And they also feet mentally and physically.

5.       CEO of company is mentally and physically fit at all the time. Exercise are the very beneficial for our body because to make high performance. Data said that high performance people are very happy and cooperative people they always ready to help anyone. 

They never distract from any circumstances of their life. They always ask with itself what to do in my life so that I can do better for my life. To become positive, keeping positive is very important.

6.       High Performance has the ability has the assumption power to received responsibility so to get more inspiration to do more and more work. Under performance has only the power of their own desires. So first set your standards.

 In this world no body want to fail publically. The more you preached the more you feel committed to yourself.

7.       When the author think to make online vide for personal course so most of the people thought that why he is making, he is just wasting his time as well as people also. But slowly and slowly everyone started to liked to join the vide.
8.       To become high performance and to keep motivated to itself our inner and outer expectation should to be used to everyone. Whatever the project we are expecting for that everyone should also to be ready for the same project. 

High performers always avoid distraction. There is always imbalance between the energy expanded by me and the result received by me gives us enhancement of productivity. Underperformance should focus even a single task very clearly at all the time.

Which feel very productivity but for long time you must have to be do regular practice on small work.

9.       Underperformance people have to be focusing proper way each and every thing. High performance has important deadline and make goal smart, time bound, relevance to make focus fight with energy perform like strictly. 

Distribute long term goal into four parts to make easy to work out and then think how to fight with deadline of single part of the goal. Which pull us to finish line. High performance deserve of appreciation. 

They are aware and giving tendency to popular. Once we reached the high level of ladder so thenafter we have the habit of that ability.

10.      By routine, they have the ability to do always high performance and has they have respect for others. They never shy to asked anything to anyone. Most of the time people always think about itself. 

High performers never fear to take any great risk. They open according to their wants. With practice you can also take bold risk. Once you try to take risk then automatically you have the habit of taking risk.

11.      Hi friend what happen when we feel that if I do this work so I will become successful? Becoming successful it’s not hard, its habit of practice of high performance. 

If you know that the meaning of high performance so you can easily create your life by dramatically. High performance will not get by people inspite its a type of habbit. Its a regular practice. Details are as under :-
          (a)      Seek Clarity.  Clarity to understand itself what I have and what I want to do and what is
          meaningful for me. Then only we can seek Clarity.
          (b)      Generate Energy. Keep away from all your tension to drive in this field. Its not easy but
          also not too hard. Intension to do any things for what you deserve. Try to spend life with small
          life and big life as per your standard. Eat healthy keep your fitness proper.
          (c)      Raise Necessity. Think and define why you are doing and increase your productivity.
          How to increase and how to get output from that input. Write five things so that your productivity
          will increase. Do the work passionately on that work.
          (d)      Develop Influence.  How to think just realised it. How to challenge. How to grow other
          people. Project yourself as role model to learn something.
          (e)      Demonstrate courage . Don’t give-up you automatically will get up and get it your
          success. Find someone to fight for. Find such a things for which you can also die. Focus all
          above then to come last. All the simple things in this world are very hard.
12.      If we have the ability to fight with above points and views so nobody in this world can sopped us. High performance’s key is not personality, its a good habit and high performance. Their goal always be good at any circumstance. 

Its a different type of confidence. Continues practice will give high level of confidence. Hard practice is the only key to achieve more confidence. High performance has self awareness and has clear purpose.

13.      So friend do more and more practice on itself. High performers asked question continuously with itself on daily basis for what to do and how to do. If you don’t have any clarity so you will not be win any game. 

Confidence is the key and confidence will get from practice and practice will get only by asking question from itself and question will come only by thinking about itself. Thankyou Friends., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


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