Spirit, soul, and body: what is the difference?: Surendar Thakur


Spirit, Soul, and body: what is the difference

What is Soul?

1.           Why will I do also, what my enemy is doing so why can’t I be myself and why I leave my originality for others? We are in the stage of transformation. Please come at least one time in the center in each day. Suppose I am soul. I recollected and recorded all the present activities, whether knowingly or unknowingly. When the time comes these activity will also remind when it matched with matters. We catch the vibration from our environment. Daily go to the walking or Satsang so that you radiate the same thing at your home. Not radiate the same thing in home but protect yourself at your home.

2.           Strong Belief System.   If somebody is in my home who is thinking wrong for your and you are at somewhere and if you think wrong for your home so they will also think the same. Vibration is important with knowledge which is surrounding our environment. Forgive all of those people who betrayed you. If you want to quickly implement what you are listening and reading. If you want to become a powerful soul.

You will influence the environment. So if you want to protect yourself. Now, if we enter into a different vibration for half an hour. Where many people have gathered together. To read and listen to the other belief system of forgiveness. And they have started to live and implement that belief system in their life. You have been studying this Gyan for the last 5 to 6 years. And there are also people who have been studying it for 50 years.

Then the influence of the environment should not be on you. You will influence the environment. So if you want to be perfect yourself where the belief system is same as the belief system that you are trying to adopt. Lt’s take this belief system. Responding to wrong with wrong. Or forgiving the wrong. These are 2 (two) belief systems. If we only consider the environment around us in the world or beliefs of the house or of our surroundings. In these environments the belief system is to retaliate wrong with wrong. So we are in that vibration. Then the influence of the environment should not be on you.

The people who have been studying it since much before you started their experimentation is slightly more than yours. And because they have experimented they have seen the results, so their belief system is stronger. So in their vibration, the belief of retaliation wrong with wrong is erased. That belief system is erased. It is possible that sometimes they are not perfect.

But their belief system has got changed. It is possible that they will feel bad if somebody does wrong with them even today. But their belief system has got changed. They may even say a few incorrect things back.


As you shared the experience of that particular Lama. He said once or twice he was wrong. It may happen. But what is the belief system? Belief system is that we need to respond to the wrong with love. When we come to the Centre, it is like a Satsang, a place where we get together. The vibrations of that gathering is very- very important. But ever since we have got technology.

3.           We are getting all the information online even when at home. Today even Darshan at temples is relayed online. Actually we don’t need only the Darshan. We need to get the vibrations and bring it home.

Change your label and pest what the next and good label in your mind so that you can changed in your life. Suppose you want to do something in your life so you have to think that what your goal is and for that what you can do on these/ that situation. So for that you must have to change your thinking/ label. Change your perception. You can have it only what you change your perception and label.

              Everybody has to have nice perception. Suppose you want to become a Great Businessman so your label should to be a Great Businessman on your mobile photo, desktop, your wall everywhere your goal should to be the same. Each one is right according to them. Whatever we think our self-respect, work must never dependent of people’s opinion. We are never ever meeting to again.

  4.         Sorry for what you did it in the past and forgive to those people who had done badly to you. If you maintain the same rule in your principle, so you get peace and happiness in your life. That will radiate in your life. The money which we earn should be pure. Pure means belief system. The money which comes that will be blessing and blessed of all entire people. Second energy the food we eat. What are the state of mind :-

(a)         Fear (b) Hatred   (c)    Violence   (d)    Death    (e)    Helpless    (f)    Anger (g)   Pain  

5.           Whenever comes to home after tired on that situation you are thinking that your energy is doing to decrease and same will be bad reflect. On that situation you feel again I am ok, I am ok on every thought manifest into reality.  Think that your feeling is well and you deserve well in your life. It changes destiny. What realities you want create this in your life.

Whatever, I need be committed in your life and your goal. Mantra of your goal means reality of high energy of your word what you used like I am a rich person, I am a good boy. Adjective is your high word. Suppose I am writing this blogging by thinking and using good/ easy words to understand you. That means I am give sources to you. It is a type of reality.


6.           Affirmation to Attract What you Want      The world is one way of leaving and the second is my blessing to the world. Thought will become the reality. Think in a different way which will you give a enormous happiness way. Which is the most important in your life? Which also be the best in your life. They are going to do the direct connection in your life.

What you will you get it as it is powerful word for you. Unaware of the technique you will be depressing what is irritating and what is unblessed for your life. We will create a short meditation in our life. On our habit and on our programming.

First thought in the morning. First thought in the morning will become your destiny in your Life. The destiny will be the same what we think in the morning. High thought think and last thought before sleep. If thought is high before sleeping so your destiny will also be faster to achieved. Because if sleep in the wrong thought so you will get negative and bad in your life.

Keep on creating thought till you not achieved the same. You are a peaceful soul and you are not making harm to anyone. First thing in the morning and last when you going to take sleep. One minute pause will create miracles. Five minutes in morning and that five minutes in sleeping which is very important time in our life?   

7.           Then our thought wills dominance in our mind. Nowadays what we are thinking what we want to do in your life? What is the quality of information across there what we want from our environment? If television is food for our life, so create some own film so that will also become your part of your life. Why is the food connected in the mind? The vibration of the food will create the thought of the mind.

8.           Why can’t we achieve our success too fast? The power of our sub-conscious is too strong that sub-conscious mind will help to enhance your life condition from zero to hero.

Anyhow I just want to become a Great Businessman. This attitude initiates the power of sub-conscious mind. Sometimes you also prefer to be conscious as why I am not talking more about conscious. Because just talking about sub-conscious is the creation of conscious mind. Auto-suggestion will creates only and after continues practice.

Think as from today my memory is becoming too strong and I have getting and recovering all my losses in my life too fast. I am earing all my money. I am healing all my doubt and debt and getting free from financial freedom.

9.           What is Soul?

              Soul is a type of knowledge. Knowing the soul means you can identify to yourself. When person know spirituality then only unable to aware the meaning of soul. According to Bhagwat Geeta body can be finished but soul cannot be finished. Soul is spiritual and pure. The people who try to cope inside only they get the original spirituality. We are not a body, we are a soul. What is Dharma/ religion? To know the goodness and follow the path of goodness is called Dharma/ religion.    

Soul is made up of the meaning of spirituality. As same soul comes with entire forms like fire, air, water and the whole atoms/ materials of universe. Suppose, I am a soul but how can we know that I am soul. Soul accept all the activity what human surrounding given to itself and then the soul started to reflected what the environment taught. But when you start to feed spirituality to your soul then the soul starts to bloom like lightened power.

When does soul enter in the body? Let it use a word life for some time. Our body need things which body also doesn’t know what it required. What is birth and what is death? Can we measure it/ touch it or not?

10.         Science of the soul.

              Whether the soul existed or not. All the God created measure generation. There are lot of question that supernatural aspect of life. Many scientist who is searching the meaning of soul that how it made it. There are not rational. Alexander the Great Swap the cross of limitation of soul power.  According to the Greek contents the body and soul are one things. Soul separate from body as a form of energy.

If the soul leaves the body where does it go and what is the form of soul? It is very difficult to know and understand the matter of soul. Religion is the way us to know about and think about. There is something not magic but material. Consciousness is not supernatural things but something actually exist which is part of our running activity and recording parts.

              According to 2007 research center pool 81 % American say they believe after life and rest belief and goes. Today science studying the people who compelling the case.


 “The peace of God is with them whose mind and soul is in harmony, which is free from desire and wrath, who know their own soul.” Its very tough to accept the knowledge of Bhagwat Geeta. Soul is the art and part of life. Those who know the meaning and understand the soul they also prefer the meaning of spirituality.

The goodness and badness also be accepted by the Soul and the last the soul get destroyed only if the soul not comes to the right pathHOW CAN YOU FOCUS ON YOUR SPIRITUAL OF LIFE?. If the soul does good things so it gets good acceptation of spirituality. Soul is a type of DRIVER WHO DRIVES according to road what you given to run on that path.

If you will provide good road so your soul will follow only that path. If you give right road so soul will follow the good activities in your life. There is not any difference in world and soul. Human being understands that what pain will get it when it starts to pain.


11.         In one words soul is a type of form which occurs and activated only after giving and feeding of surrounding activities/ food. It reacts/ radiate and activates accordingly. Soul (ATMA) performs their role after activating the power of your rules and regulation. It’s like ocean which is neither effected by fire and water or anything because it the only part of life.



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