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1.       In this book Author said and described differently and he is a Travelling Salesman. Students want to pay him so that they learn public speaking and learn something new so that they inspire to Dale Carnegie. He also opened a Dale Carnegie Institute. 

This book was published in 1937 in created a strong emotion among people to buy this book as more then 15 million books. Everybody likes this books because of this publicity and his contents. 

Dale Carnegie also telling some fundamental techniques in handling people so that people may like you. Four key concept, Key of Principle. How to win people to way of our thinking. How to change people without giving or arousing resentment.

2.       First Principle how to handle people which are divided into three parts.

          (a)      Don’t Criticize, Condemn Or and Complain.

          (b)      Give Honest & Sincere Appreciation.

          (c)      Arouse in other person an eager.

          Try to be understand any matter deeply and focus positively. Understand what behaviour, personality and action motivate to next guy. Gain empathy & understanding and understand them. Kindness is also always beneficial and be tolerant & sympathetic to know all is to forgive all. Honesty is everything. 

Give respect and appreciate to any’s with sincere. We all are the human being and fond of real respect and real aspiration which deserve to all mankind. When we appreciate to other so other also remains forever and ever sincerity. 

A true appreciation expressed through kind words and they never forget at any moment. Lift them up and makes them to feel good. Make them want it too then only they will also feel good by doing your works by anyhow. What matters is not what I think of him. What he thinks of himself. Hurting a man in his dignity is a crime. So never hear to anyone.

2.       Always be praising people respond better when they feel good about themselves. Praise when the slightest improvement because every improvement is recognised appropriately. Therefore respect to each and everyone sincerely. 

Inspire the people with different and differently strategies if you have, otherwise we also literally transform people. You’re knocking them down, affecting their self confidence.

 We can change their life by small and real appreciation to motivate any people to focus on his goal.

3.       Reputation.  Make a good reputation among people. Lead a example to be a example. Ways to make people like you. Keep interest among all the people and smile while speaking with other. 

Remember that a person’s name is important to recall them while taking with any people. Try to become a good listener encourage others to talk about themselves. 

Talk in terms of other person’s interests and make the other person feel important and do it sincerely. Keep interest in other so that they also keep interest on you. 

Practice your simile because your smile will also keep you very funny. Your smile is a messenger of your good will. Your smile brightens. The lives of all who see it. 

One smile can also be so impactful. Smile makes us an easy way to deliver any thought to anyone.

4.       Don’t Criticize. Don’t criticize to anyone. It is one of bad habit of person instead try to understand them as a human being. Be a good listener. 

Always let them to speak next people because people likes to speak more so that only against people will also understand you. Talk with name while talking with anyone.

5.       Never Argue. Never argue to anyone because it not give any benefit to anyone. This books always gives life changing motivation. So make plenty of notes. 

This is my top most book from my recommendation. Argument is one of the bad strategies to stop any work. People are hundred times more interested in themselves and their problem than in you and your problems.

 If you want people to like you, Get them to talk about themselves. Don’t talk about him on and on and on. Let them to talk. Try to genuinely interest to anyone. 

Dale Carnegie said “if you will make more friends in two months by being genuinely interested in other people than two years by trying to make people interested in you.”

6.       Talk in terms of other person interests, not yours.  It is the fundamental of the market Principle. Talk about the visitor of the interest while sailing any product. 

While preparing or making anything for customers so think about for the customers what they required and take action accordingly. Because if we want to be important to others, we must make them feel important.

7.       Use Encouragements & Make their faults Seem Easy to Correct .  Rather than Health food sleep money etc there are also human being wants for which they dying “desire to be important and to be appreciated”

We cannot be enforced to anyone for doing work. Never say it is wrong instead you say or give some other direction so that they will also like to do the same work.

 You can make more friends in two month by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying. Dale Carnige Said “A Dog makes his living by giving nothing but Love”

How To Win Friends and Influence People yes friends never betrayed to anyone. Never arguments to anyone. Just accept it and avoid it. For becoming you best show respect for the other person’s opinion. Never say you are wrongly directly. Always tell your matter to anyone friendly.

8.       Never think that your idea is better than other ideas. You are not going to be right at all the time.

 Hence, if your want people to like you so you have to keep patience on itself and think what have to talk with anyone and give respect to other people.

Dale Carnegie Said that know the simplest way to make someone feel good is to notice something about them and to compliment and appreciate them. Smile and talk, Smile and talk, Smile and talk.

9.       Summary.

          (a)      Makes people feel to important

          (b)      Remembering Names while talking to anyone

          (c)      Good Listening

          (d)      Feel important each and everyone.

          (e)      Letting them talk more.

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