1.    HOW CAN WE MAKE OUR MIND SHARP? How can we know that our mind is strong?  Genius people has also weak mind but they write too much to keep himself strong. A man can do lot of good things but it doesn’t mean that they are good in making mind sharp. 
We can change and make our mind sharp by doing some of the practices. Hello guy, that is depending upon how we think in deep. The more we think in deep the more we start make our mind sharp. Just like zoom a picture and see the more you zoom the more you see the things.Think in micro pixel. Try to clear your pixel and go in deep as much as you can go.
2.     Once we starts to feel in micro 8000 x 8000 pixel then we starts to feel somethings different and do differently seldom micro pixel men makes life with their on images and starts to make their story with their pixel. 
Thinking is not solution but think for solution. Thinking more doesn’t mean we are improving to ourself inspite it should to be in right dimension. Awareness is the solution to give solution to means. You can also make to yourself 8000 x 8000 pixel by thinking deep.
3.    Sometimes i am feeling that i don’t want to be late so by default you will be late. Attraction works the more we think on the sub matter and it continuously. 
When we think and concentrate on particular work so think continuously for many days surely will get solution and will achieve what you need because it give power to that work what i want to do. Always focus on the present and your dream instead of past. Don’t say that what the weakness we have and what i have done in past. Forget the past and live in present. 
Think only what you want in your personal live and do more and more hard work on your presentation which are called quantum physics. Suppose we not understand the electricity so it means it can’t have to be do. It must have to do. 
A positive thought is more powerful than a negative thought. But it can’t be change in one days you must have to do more and more practices.  These all starts with our thinking. Energy follows according to our thinking.
4.   We stays in that world where people doesn’t know where they are going but just living. Why they are fighting why they are creating annoying with people. 
Attraction starts with itself and automatically it comes by default.  Feeling tells us what we are thinking and understand the feeling because sometimes we feel anxiety, stress etc. We have also some good feeling like happiness.  
These all have also the feeling so attraction couldn’t know what is good and bad. But once we starts to think on the sub matter so automatically it also starts to do work and attract the matter. Starts our day with happy mood and with good feeling.  
Just feels that you are very good person you are good in everything therefore slowly it makes sound in universe that you are very good person among all the world. Just feel good and it starts to make attraction. When we feel sad that time we must listen a sad song because that song will help us to get rid that problem and convert in solution. 
5.    Alladin always said that APKI KHAWIS KYA HAI.  APKI KHAWIS MERI HUKMA HAI. So just give command to universe. This universe will help us ask from universe. Just write in the paper. Just give a paper list of your wishes to the universe so that universe will also starts to do work on the matter.  
Successful people couldn’t know that what they know before accept they know that to become a successful person. ASK, BELIEVE AND FEELING, make a frequency of what we want to be achieve and starts to feel on matter. This universe will give you what we want, never be doubt because universe can’t be accept the doubt. 
Be clear what we need from universe. Just like i am writing this content so next day universe will give me another content to write and think on the matter. If you ask that how much time will take so i don’t have answer that to be mentioned it. Everything is depending upon our feeling and action and thinking.
6.    Just like BAGAN MALI plants more and more flower he has patient of those days to received their output of their dedication. Never think that you are in problem. Just focus on what i have to do in future. Don’t blame the world. Make a list of our dream and think on that what i have to be achieve. 
We became what we think. When we think about the picture then the power of that picture will also starts to attract us by default. Attraction starts with feelings. Starts to make happy with own life. 
Starts to see yourself with your inner world and findout the way how to be do any work then only a bright dimension will come from your inner-world. Don’t do this by thinking its a work. Its love and respect and dedication of feelings of what we are doing.  
7.   Our universe will also intimate us what the frequency forward to universe if our frequency is bad so universe will give bad output. Vision board yes makes a vision board. So that that vision board starts to work on the matter.
8.   Just close it your eye and think what you want to achieve and respect it the action what you want to be do. Life is very struggle. Struggle can make you very easy. And easy will give you the meaning of life.  
When you have inspired thought you have to trust it and you have to action.  We can adopt and achieve whatever we think just only by realization and their attraction. Don’t say I can’t afford anything instead we must say that its easy for me. 
Attraction says that we can be achieve what we think. Keep patient on your dedication and do continuous practice on the sub matter. JAMES ARTHUR RAY PHILOSOPHER OF AMERICAN said that a man can achieve according to their thought and their attraction power. 
9.  SECRET book also say that we need and adopt what we think continuously. Hero brings together the wisdom and insight of twelve of the most successful people living in the world today. 
By following the epic journeys to success of each of these living heroes, Hero reveals the inner qualities a person needs to live their own greatest dream – and to discover the hero that lies within.
Imagine if there was a map that showed you how to get from where you are now to the most brilliant, rich, fulfilling, and dazzling life you could ever dream of having. Imagine that this map showed you every step of the journey to that life; realizing your greatest dream, how to get over any obstacle, how to overcome challenges, defy the odds, and where to find every powerful ability and quality you need to be victorious on your journey. 
Hero is such a map. This is the map for your life,  this is the map to greatness.
10.  Universe is a power and feelings is a switch attraction is wire of feelings. If you can feel so can make wire to switch universe to give power to you.
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