inside, simpler outside.
1.       Why is visualization a Technique. If we want to win, we need to sit calm for a few minutes and visualize a win. Once it is done, we need to leave it at that and concentrate on the journey and not think about the destination. 
Visualization allows our neurological sense to align ourselves to our desired result. This technique is a onetime power play of the mind and not a constant run leading to obsession.
2.       Opportunities. What if you are good acting or dancing but no one gives you an opportunity to showcase them. What if you have all the relevant degrees but you don’t get the job of your dreams Of- course opportunities were not laid out on a plate for Dhoni. 
While he was fortunate with some given opportunities the others vanished din no time even before presenting themselves. Sometimes opportunities will not knock. You will have to create them. 
Opportunities were not laid out on a plate for Dhoni. While he was fortunate with some given opportunities the others vanished in no time even before presenting themselves. Dhoni tried very much for his game rather than his school and colleges. 
There were lots of boys already in the batch and I did not see anything extraordinary in this boy to go out of my ways and give him a place. But Dhoni never stopped persuading him. Dhoni would always be around his academy requesting him for a five minutes opportunity with ball.
3.       It is important to recognize the concept opportunities and be in the receiving mode. Receiving mode means you are in a position to grab or create an opportunity when such a situation arrives. 
Most importantly when you want to carve out a niche and become something you need to place yourself in the receiving mode. For example if you want to become an actor so much have to learn acting. Suppose if your want to be to become an sportsman so must have to learn fitness and keep physical fitness well and do eat proper diet. 
Once you are in the receiving mode so you are already in the process and while in that you can create an opportunity or grab one. To be in process we must to be in process.
4.       Being the process does not just mean doing what you just have to do little more than that level to achieve the goal. An opportunity is a chance that allows you to reach your final goal or a series of big and small chances that sets you on the path that same goal. 
It does not mean lack of adversity. A winner knows how to overcome it and grab/ create an opportunity. No one has becomes great by trying to be like someone else. A like someone has no place in the world. 
They are the most neglected bunch in the universe, no matter how close you are to your hero. The moment pin your goalpost to be like that person you have already lost your battle.
5.       The Power of Choice.  Dhoni practicing it diligently and have come o acknowledge the importance of it in the path to success, success happiness and winning. I have realized that if you do not have the power to choose, you can never win. 
Most of all you will never be happy. This is the one thing you will need to possess first, before possessing anything else. And when in the process of setting your goal, never let go of it for a single second. 
The only reason we don’t have what we want in life is the reason we create why we can’t have them. The knowledge of the power of choice is immensely powerful if only one realizes the absolute necessity of it in the path to becoming a winner. 
We should never mind if we win or lose, and not forget to tally. And that means to sit back and see what you have done right, what you have done wrong, and identify areas you need to work upon.
6.       The power of honesty, the power of being true to yourself, and the power of being a good person. Some of the easiest and simplest strategies to achieve our goal are as under :-
          (a)     Set small goals, may be weekly. It keeps you focused, enhances you productivity.
         (b)      Your goal should be simple and easy for your mind. Whatever is inside is outside, simpler
          (c)      If opportunity doesn’t knock, create one.
          (d)      It’s not how talented you are it’s how courageous you are.
          (e)      Stop over thinking and keep it simple.
7.       The Dhoni’s mantra for every aspect of his life so follow the process. Get into the flow.  Leave everything behind and give the job your 100%. He described that I gathered that Doni’s way of hard work is not to simply slog like donkey. 
He follows the process while he puts in the labour. Every game has a laid down process. Be it studying, playing, running a corporate house, or running a household, it has a set process. To be successful in anything you do, the process cannot be denied. 
Every successful man has consciously or sub consciously followed it. Keep your negative emotion aside and do what you are actually supposed to do. Eliminate fear, evaluate your mind and separate our mental resistance. Every job has steps to be followed that are relevant to the job. 
Follow those steps and eliminate everything that’s unnecessary. I followed the each and every opportunity without judging whether it is small or big.
8.       We can be acquired by understanding them and practicing them. All winners are not winners by birth. They have also lost now and then. In fact, most of them have started their life with losing. 
Their stories of losses have been written large the walls of success alongside their stories of winning. We have all grown up reading failure is the pillar to success and we shouldn’t take it lightly. When we see the failures of great achievers being eulogized, it is done with a purpose. 
It teaches us to grab our chance so that we too can find our own way as they did. No one can become a champion overnight. In life to become a champion, the process should be followed end to end. Like a person whose weight is 100 kgs and is trying to lose weight, going to the gym is not enough. 
To follow the complete process, he has to get himself into a strict dietary regime and has to maintain that daily. First and foremost, he has to believe in himself and not lose hope and he should rule out negative thoughts. It takes not just talent but a strong base of mental skills to become a winner. Now Dhoni proven the world as a best players.
9.       It takes practice to learn the art and then more practice to learn it good and then some more to do it to the best of our ability and still more practice to challenge every single achieved self best. It sometimes takes lifetimes. 
In bhagwat Gita literally translates into “Do your job, do not think about the result”. No work will be completed unless we give our 100% best to our job. In Gita what Krishna said to Arjuna was that once target is identified, his focus should be on the arrow.
 If his focus is on the target, he will never be able to shoot the arrow correctly. To interpret that, Arjuna’s aim should be on the arrow, which is in his control and not the target, which is far away and therefore out of his reach. Dhoni always given his best and 100% to his any game.
10.      This attitude is not easy to come by. A world of expectation is build around the end result without actually putting in that 100% required achieving the result. Ask around and more often than not you will find people talking about their target and not the effort they are putting in. 
And when we fail to hit the target, something dies within. A success story is not an easy one. It needs a lot of mind- training to attain that point.
11.      Many readers will identify with this.  Whenever we were angry or frustrated or operated under fear, we’ve ruined things for ourselves. When we have a goal, distancing ourselves from the end result will help us give that vital 100% in order to win. Dhoni said that Luck is not a solo job. 
It is a combination of hard work, commitment and the right mix of attitude. Since our mind is never at rest, we race forward and think you every possible outcome. Then we drive into the past and bring up similar situations. 
After that we compare and contrast in all possible permutations and combinations till our mind becomes tired. It has already been proved that the mind is more powerful than the body. 
So when the body is tired, but the mind is still throbbing with the energy of our passion. A TIRED MIND DEREATS THE POSSIBLILITY OF VICTORY. A detached mind is seldom tired., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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