Messages from the Masters: Tapping Into the Power of Love

“Our task is to learn, to become God- like through knowledge. We know so little …… By knowledge we approach God, and then we can rest. Then we come back to teach and help others.          , pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Tapping Into the Power of Love

It is my attempt to remind you about love and joy and to teach you how to bring these qualities into your life now, while you are physical state.  You will learn techniques for achieving levels of inner peace and happiness that may be lacking in your present lives.

You will find a great deal of material about the nature of should, about immortality and about values.

There are many practical tips and techniques for transforming your life, your relationships with your moods and your mental states, your physical health and well-being and your destiny.

Knowledge of past lives is not necessary to achieve these positive changes.

We must have to understand to living understand and the techniques of itself and the true nature of purposes and then our life will be changed or can transformed permanently and then you can begin to transform the world.

My life has been changing the same way. My past lives are good experiencing and to get knowledge to learn for future with love and joy with happiness, inner peace in my everyday life has becoming more significant.

I am extremely grateful that it becomes my spiritual growth and understanding. This material has been inspiring and life transforming too many thousands of people.

This material has been inspiring and life transforming too many thousands of people from all over the planet.

        We are swimming in a sea of New Age, holistic, and spiritual awareness that seems as like flooded like old beliefs and of limited consciousness.

The evidence is everywhere. New thought is becoming mainstream. Technology can be used for good or for bad purposes. Only when used with enlightenment wisdom and balance can technology truly help us?

We must find the right balance. Love is the stream of balance.

         “When people have intense spiritual experiences, the energy of love is nearly always suggested. This form of love is unconditional, absolute, and transcendent.

It is like a pulse of pure energy, a respectively way. It is like a pulse of pure energy, an energy that also possessed powerful attributes, such as wisdom, compassion, timelessness, and subline consciousness.

Love is the most basic and pervasive energy that exist. It is the essence of our being and of our universe.

Love is the fundamental building block of nature connecting and unifying all things, all people. Love is more than a goal, more than a fuel, more than an ideal. Love is our nature and we are love.

I hope that this book will teach you how to recognize love and how to cultivate and enlarge your experience of love (especially toward yourself and in relationship), and how to manifest and radiate your love to others.

By experiencing these feel more joy, health and happiness in hour life. Love is the ultimate healer. In the near future some attributes of its energy will indeed be studied scientifically, will be understood in our life.

Power of Love

Physicists know and understand that everything is energy. Nuclear bombs are building based upon techniques of energy transformation and release.

Herbal and traditional medicines work because of energy transformation and release. The results are vastly different, but the underlying.

   “The energy of love is potentially more powerful than any bomb and more subtle than any herb”.

We just have not yet learned how to harness this most basic and pure energy. And when we heal all the things and everything than only can understand the meteorology.

When we do, healing at all levels so all will be better in our life.

Prior to this book, I have been describing the phenomenology, the characteristic of various metaphysical experiences reincarnation, the nature of the soul, healers and healing, event and mediumistic abilities, the near death and after death experiences and the incredible wisdom of the beings who appear to exist on the other side.

Now is the opportunity to understand and to experience the energy that is common to and connects all of these experience, phenomena and beings.

When you do, your life will be expanded and enhanced, and you will be able to remove the block and obstacles to your inner peace and joy and all happiness of our life.

Our souls are always drawn toward love. When we truly comprehend the concept that love is an all-encompassing energy and when we do our life will be lightened and enhance better in our life.

It is vital to carry your logical, rational mind on this journey.

To accept everything without reflection, contemplation, and thoughtfulness would be just as everything in the same manner. Science is the art of observing carefully with a balanced.

I have encountered some extremely talented people

Spiritual books are also available in all the places which will help you to lighten your life. Our path is to understanding more about our spiritual nature came through in our life.

There are many roads to enlightenment which together we can explore them.

Our belief can be transformed by the power and immediacy of personal experience”.

You can begin to understand something when you experience its essence. Your belief becomes a knowing. It is not enough just to read about the concept’.

Therefore, through this content I (author) just want to how to transform your life directly. For many years author saying to read book to improve any field.

The same is true with meditation and visualization. As you try this exercise, you may get the benefit of these all activity. Progress may seem quite slow. If find myself getting lay.

We are all human and life is hard. Frustration is a normal and common reaction. We are not a patient of species.

“As I have mentioned, it is the direction that matters the qualities, not the speed yes speed comes after quality.

If we are evolving into a more loving, more compassionate, less violent person, then you are moving in the right direction”. I hope to help you to fall less. “Progress is not always linear”.

You may be very advanced when it comes to charity and com passion, but more of a novice concerning anger or patience. 

It is important not to judge yourself. If you don’t judge yourself or allow others to judge you, you will not become frustrated. 

The experience you will encounter as you go through this book are meant to aid your evolution into  a loving, joyful and non-violent and non-fearful being, Since progress along the spiritual path is not linear, or it may find some of the concepts and exercise quite easy and others more difficult.

This is also to be expected. I have fallen down many times, recovered my awareness, and resumed my journey. You probably have also.

With this book, I hope to help you to fall less frequently and to find it easier to recover and to progress.

I know that with your letter and feedback to me. Without the wisdom and inspiration of the masters, this content would never have been written, for these quotes are stepping stores to the ideas and practices that are presented in the chapters.

The thoughts and concepts contained in the message are like special seeds that have grown and ripened in my mind over the years into beautiful flowers, and these flowers are now presented to you.

We all are rowing the same boat, and there are ominous dominate our world.

We need to row in harmony. We need to have the courage to do the right things. We need to love and respect one another to see and appreciate the innate beauty and dignity of every one, because we are all soul, all of the same substance.

 The Cycle of Life

We go through so many stages when we are here. We shed a baby body; go into a child, from child to an adult an adult into old age.

Why shouldn’t we go one step beyond and shed the adult body and go on to a spiritual plan.

Our body is just a vehicle for us while we’re here. It is our soul and our sprit that last forever.

We choose our parents, who usually are souls with whom we have interacted in prior lifetimes.

We learn as children adolescent and adults, are evolving spiritually as our bodies evolve physically.

After our souls leave our bodies at the time of physical death our learning continues on higher planes. Which are really higher levels of consciousness?

We review the lives we have just left, learn our lesson, and plan for our next life. Learning

We revive the lives we have just left, learn our lesson, and plan for our next life. Learning does not end with the death of the body”.

There are many levels of consciousness that we visit when our soul depart the physical body.

One important level is the learning stage, where we review our lives.

We re-experience every encounters, every relationship and can fell and understand the emotion of the people whom we have helped our hurt, loved and hated or affected positively or negative.

And we feel the emotion of the people whom we have helped or hurt.                   

Imagine and visualize a beautiful light above your head. You can choose the colour.

Imagine that this is a wonderful healing light, alight of beautiful energy, and a deepening light that will bearing you to a deeper and deeper level of peace and light in your life.

This is also relaxing light, relaxing you completely. It is a spiritual light just feel and seen in your eye.

You just pick the color and feel in your mind and let it come into your body now, through the top of your head, illuminating brain touching every cell and tissue and fiber and organ of your body with peace and love and healing as you go deeper and deeper.

After healing the matter when I count backwards from ten to one.

Then go so deep that your mind is no longer limited by the usual barriers of space or of time, so deep that you can remember everything, every experience that you have ever had, in this body or in any previous body you have had, or even in between bodies, when you have been in a spiritual state.

You can remember everything. Counting down is an effective Deeping technique.  

In this beautiful state of peace you imagine and visualize that you are in garden, a garden of peace and safety.

Go into this garden and find a place to rest. That time our body is filled with light and surrounded with light so continue to heal the light and just feel it the light.

The deepest level of your mind can open up, and you can remember everything. To show you this, let us begin going back in time, at first a little bit, and then more and more.

       Let a childhood memory come to you. If you wish to keep it a pleasant memory, that’s all right, or it can be a memory that teach you something or that has some value in helping you to feel more joy or peace or happiness in your life now.

Let yourself remember completely, with feeling, with sensations using all of your sense. If you ever feel uncomfortable you can always detach from it and float above the scene.

Then slowly you start to talk with your memory that deep state and yet stay in a deep, deep level and continue to experience. But now as all of your sense.

A childhood memory. Five four just count back and remember everything in nature.

Life is meant to be that way. While we wake up from concentration or meditation we take it back with us that memory what we feel in garden of love and realized it the matter of love.

Whenever we meditate so on that time we just feel it the matter of love and peace which get it in our mind.

And this all surely will help us to find to itself in our nature of love. Where I am, who I am and why did I came to earth?

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