If we do not perform to do any work in our life so will not face the world. This book tells how to overcome situations. How imprisoned were survived in jail., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How to overcome any adversities. This book tells the entire problem faced by them. But how they survived and what experienced get from it.

In history, during the time Hitler’s people expressed the meaning of life. Some prisoners were doing some work in train line management. In psychology, they always feel at last their life may now be safe also.

The only curiosity of prisoners made them survive in Jail called a concentration camp.

Victor said that jailor did not have any pity for us. Instead, they had left and right. Left for jail life and Right for working life.

But the Writer got left life. They do not get dressed. Moreover, they remain nude at all.

The detailed and point-wise motivation of the chapter is explained are as under:-

  • They all believe that one day will get free from jail.
  • Prisoners had not gotten enough food to live.
  • 1945, there were great diseases that affected prisoners and it felt to believe that they were not let survive so long.
  • Writer said that sometimes prisoners find some different dances in camp to live.
  • Entertainments were the things that felt them survive like dancing, singing, and jacking.
  • Adversities come and go but the attitude in adversities is very important to survive like Davao Camp.
  • Anybody can overcome their circumstances by improving themselves.
  • You never let your desire and belief until the last moment of your life.
  • Our thinking process depends upon how we deal with the situation during circumstances.


Happiness is the fuel of our life. Happiness is is something passion, art and so read more and more books and start with your family if you want to be happy with family so design it which is the best way.
Develop every chance and handshake of all successors, develop an above every smile, excitement, intensity to win which will surely help you.

Examples and stories that fit in life what is being in your mind, if you feel that that will change in your life so that must be changing it. Stories can be used to attack sweeping generalization.
Examples from personal experiences are particularly powerful.
What is the secret to setting up a small business? To start up a new business must have to set up a small business. 
Stories are illustrated by a simple story. You may wish to extend a suggestion by enlarging it and growing the suggestion.
You can imagine an idea being put into action in the real world. You watch what might happen and describe what you see in both positive and negative sense.
How to Listen?
A good listener is very nearly as attractive as a good talker. You cannot have a beautiful mind if you do not know how to listen

A good listener shows that he or she is paying attention to what is being said. They also respect the speaker. They also value what I heard and show that he or she is getting value.
If you do not want to listen to anyone else then why anyone else should listen to you.
“Questions are a very much an important part of listening”. They show attention and interest. They allow for the further exploration of certain points.
They permit the clarification of any misunderstanding. They enable the speaker to elaborate on points that seem to be of interest to the listener. The ability to listen and the enjoyment of listening is a key parts of developing a beautiful mind.
“A good listener pays attention and seeks to get the maximum value from what is being said. There are two focuses for attention”.
You may get new information and you can probe further. You may learn the reasoning behind a point of view quite different from your own.
You may be new insights and realizations that are triggered by the speaker. You might realize there are alternative perceptions that are new to you.
Emotion and feelings are a very important part of thinking.
Ultimately, choices and decisions are based on emotions and feelings. Emotions and feelings are our way of linking our values to the situation.
Strong emotions or feelings may limit our perception. The resulting selective perception only allows us to see what fits our feelings.
The value determines what we like or do not like, values determine our choices and decisions.   
Fundamental core values are not changed by circumstances. If you are hungry so your value will be different from when you are not hungry.

Swami Vivekananda. (1862-1902)

He delivered a speech in America (Chicago) that “all Brothers and Sisters of AmericaIt feels my heart joy unspeakable to rise and be responsible for the warm and cordial welcome which you have given us. He is my hero”.

Which gave a huge sound to Great Indians? And the Great American Philosopher of American ‘JOHN HENRY” also wrote that He had more than the sum of total of all the knowledge of American Professors.   

I can suggest you new ideas only by changing and thinking about new processes in our work style.

Changed your mind you could just have a sign saying that same thinking as last month, same ideas too.


You should enjoy the use of your mind. Being right is not the only form of enjoyment. Putting forward new ideas and new insights is enjoyable. So is listening to new ideas and new insights.

Finding new always of looking at something is enjoyable. So is new information.

A good conversationalist creates an interesting discussion out of whatever information is available. Even when there is very little information, imagination and speculation can provide the basis for discussion.

Running Only 5 Minutes to Sweat

What are we doing to nurture our minds in our daily life? Only to do a walk in the morning. No walk is not only enough. Sweat for at least ten minutes to recover your damaged neuron cell.

How will you survive? So do exercise in your life and do practice in your life. Be grateful in your life. Be thankful for your systematic life and do some better in your life.

Documentary of Life compared with IPL Match

Do you have any documentary summaries so what do you have to listen to any things in your life to change your life forever? What type of notes are you making.

So these all will make your life changes. The regular type of change is called legendary mode.

Think about it how much you utilizing on the matter and what benefit are you getting in your life.

Only 5% of the population are doing things in life. So only by doing and reading books you will have the talent and will get that much of knowing what you ever achieve.


Education is the sole of our life. The victim comes all the time near entertained and world-class also denied to receive knowledge. Who is an eternal student?

Those who learn last of the breath. They have more persistent and they have a clear concept of their goal.

So how will you deliver your thought on your goal?

It’s big practicals. 95% of people are not doing anything they just earning money only by enjoying and meaningless but only 5% people who are earning with reasons.

Whatever I am doing. If I am interested so must become perfect in my life and nothing will stop in my life. Jack ma, Warren Buffet, and Elon-Mask are the Great in their own life.

They are willing to do something for their creativity. Visionaries want to make and creates world-class module and they can’t compare with anyone.

Success Is The Masterful Consistency Around The Fundamentals. Genius is a very simple person. Expertise in the basic principles. Work on your mindset.

Focus on your work. You will change yourself. Make strong to your relation.

Work on your characters. Work on your values. Make better your habits.

Strongly prefer these above sentences. Consistently doing like a tortoise you will become perfect in your life and will become a golden chance in life. Therefore, success is all about a fundamental process.

Inner Emperors Realise Outer Emperors.  Work on your interior emperors. Just like your identities.

You will never make more money than the values and the quality of your self-identity.

Learn from emotional life, relational life, and spiritual life.

Discomfort is the price of world-class. Passionate Entrepreneurs are the best ones. Leaders have the quality to maintain life as they think. Leaders pay the price for their dream.

There is a lot of power which is more than the IAS’s power. You try to become eternal power. Material power is fake power. Never live in safety. The most dangerous life to live safely which most dangerous place in the safety zone.

Sunder Pichai has not do do do more than what he wanted. He had not as they also think about what money they have.  

Never live in fake life. We are not surviving for belonging. Access to your reality is your greatest power. Never be with your fake people. If you have self-respect so you will have a specific desire in your life.

Make your reasoning mind into a knowing mind. They know what their possibilities are. You must survive and give to yourself maximum potential.

There are a lot of opportunities in life which may get all the time but must realize them and find them. It is very important.

Better Awareness Better Choices and Better Results. Genius is not genetics they are from habits. Be humble with your life.

Master in your genius life. Just like the example of “Come sir please sir ok sir nice sir” so these are the best humbleness word in your life.

Genius has its great habits. You will be a victim never be a leader. So follow your strategies.

How will you get mental mastery?  Top players have some commitment, they have special creativity to perform better.

An absolute personal response is the leadership mentality.  You need consistency in your life. Think about it.

Self-knowledge knows who you are and what you want to do with your life. Self-knowledge is about how you feel about yourself.

It has a lot to do about your philosophy and philosophy has to do with shaping your attitude. How do you feel about life, direction, and another surrounding?

Self-preparation and being ready for self-real. Being ready for all. Dedication to hard work on a goal will meet the goal.

I wish to find the goal so will get it anyhow. Be faithful to my dedication. Whatever today I am doing will tell me what will I want to become in the future.

So study at least four hours a day with self-preparation. Figuring who I am and what I am doing.    

What does your future look like? Go for the expectation high to develop skills.

Setting Goal

Don’t set your goal too low. Don’t compromise and don’t sell out which will help to become you successful.

A good life will not happen after the incident. If I wish to do so will get it so much in our life. Rich is not bad but with morals, it needs to make life brightened.

Take your time how much you want to take for your work but find something realistic from that solid reason and result.

The key is to become a self-mastery, not a maid. Self-confidence will come from the ability to rise above our circumstances.

All my little challenges are my big challenges. What are you becoming? Values make a difference in our life.

So here the author is saying that if want to be happy in your life so must have the willpower happiness for how to care for love and happiness proportionally with money.

In that situation will change occur by default? Don’t be comfortable and be genuine with your life.

It’s a big deal in our life and our family

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