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1.           For many days’ people were thought that to use the time as without their own planning. But time is actually uses through proper planning, focusing, habit, well defining, time management includes also.

This content will help you to how can you utilized yourself with your available times. Which always was kept you away from your success and growth? Leadership coach and counsel were actually all are managing only by this activities. 

Author always been trying to help only those people who are ready to show and bring their consistency and unity in entire nation.

2.           What is Focus?

              How to get an undeterred focus in this distracting world? How can we get our full focus in our life? How can we understand the focus? How can we grow it to focus on any particular things?

Focus is the central key to all locks of life. Consistent effort & persistency. By keeping multiple items in mind and not concentrating on one thing at a time, the person makes oneself the victim of the non-achievements.

If person strongly decide anything just like blogging so they can achieved anyhow. It must be known that how to feel the reality with dedicated task. If I don’t know what I want to do so how could be able to do anyway?  



To focus any work it is very important to know how to concentrate it any matter.  What are the major distraction of personal and professional life?

One hour concentration and dedicative work will get more time after starting again while we leaving for an hour. Without value/ reason there shouldn’t be any discussion, so don’t waste your time for time wasting meeting. Those who are focus and dedicative.

They Always have the meaning of the reason and the target to achieve their own success. To make any routine they need regularity and focus. Those who makes their plan and makes to their own planning they always have their own destination.

Ideology is co related with good idea. Everyone has the same time to execute any work. If you have high expectation so you have the high value of right dimension to execute any work.

The method should be planned to bring the best of everything save time, increase productivity, and provide results and satisfaction to the performing insaan or organization.

Track progress is a like a regulation to follow our desire. If result is not getting so think that what and how to be implement so to be achieve the best output.

To wake up in the morning in the fix time and execute your own life. Start your day with right way and refresh your day with active way. Make your plan with right dimension and execute the work.

The benefit of structure to execute.  Structure life is that those who have not their vision and the cognitive life they always have not any decision and bad habit to execute any work. 

Habits are like a best type of oxygen which will provide you the best in your life.

3.           How to develop a Good Habit?

              ‘Habit is the important part of our life’. Good habit saves us the time and avoids the time wastage waste. Don’t stray there or sit there where your time is wasting or distracting to your life. Please try to avoid such a things and implement in your life.


Routine is also like that in which how to build a rock-solid routine? Successful people always try to rich that location where they want to be going God also helps to those who help themselves. Everyone has their own set of opportunities and disasters.

Single things more precious than all the valuable of this world is time. We only have 24 x 7 times. Depending upon us how to utilize this time with our task. 

Instead people couldn’t understand why they wasting their own time. If a man following define and discipline so they can achieve lot more.

R-Routine, O- Operate, U-Update, T- Task, I- Ideology, N – Negative, E-Expectation.

So keep to yourself in regularity.  To make a routine must need regularity. So update a list and follow the routine. Think for your plan and make your own system.

Task is redefining your work with prescribed result. Which gives you all the best reason? You have limited hours with co-related with expectation.

The methods should be planned to bring he best of everything save time, increase productivity, and provide result s and satisfaction to the performing insane or organization.

Track progress for execute the result or progress if desire result is getting so it means you are in the right path otherwise you are right dimension/ habit. Your environment must be the best. Make your to do list and do some very best things in your life.

Start positive and strong the benefits of structure matter which focus to all the things in your life.  Strong will power will also be helpful for your life. ‘A healthy man has always a right decision’. A better relation and connection which help you the best in your life.

If you not make best habits in your life so it’s very impossible for your success. If we choose the best in your life so will better in your life. Decide your best how to initiate and to change in your life.

So first decide and WHAT IS SPIRITUAL LIFE AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT stick on the decision so it do on autopilot to make any habit. Regular move on a good direction. Starts with good disciplines and good habit. Which grows to our plan and habit?

Don’t lose your track and never away from your tracks. Consistency, habits or skills are the best creation and initiation of your life. Consistency means do all the small and small things in  your life.

Consistency is a best type of skill which may be maintained by you. And it is depending upon you. How to create your best skills and connection with good habit. Those who controlled to itself they can also develop to themselves easily.  

If specifically if I am giving the time to which I am interested and which will change my life decide our life with innovative morning and dedicative morning. Do that work in morning in which I interested.

4.        WHAT IS THE SECRET OF SUCCESS BY SURENDAR THAKUR Energies mean how we feel energies while reading and studying. Physical activity required to get energies to improve our mind, which is very important for our body our mind can be getting strong while we read book.

And to keep our time right we must give physical exercise to our mind. What successful people do so that their mind is so strong?

Keep focus in your work so that you will be get more concentration and best output in your work to maintain the series of your life. 99% of people want to get success, but they never want to do labor on right dimension.

We never distract with our work. So keep focus on the work in which we are interested. Make a list of distraction in which we must avoid.

If I am ready to avoid distraction and to keep focus so only will able to make success in your life and maintain your life better. Your distraction life like mobile, time wastage etc.

5.        Routine is also like vehicles so that make speed like what and where we want to go and what will we achieve to arrive there. Make a to do list. Than only possible can achieve the goal in life.

‘Habit will make our life better’. If my habit is good so only will do better. ‘Every successful people have their own success habit’.

So keep good habit. ‘Time management is also play role in our life. Once we understand how to get time management so will achieve our goal best way’.

6.           To follow the time and set your time as how can you conquered over the time. We have lot of work which have to finish but have not to do list.

For that make a priority to set your work and then only you will able to finish your work. If we think how to process our work so only we initiate any work. We must also focus on our income.

How money will come so will invest in such a way so that you will able to do any things in your life.  How to slow down. This book is split in four sites.

(a)      Highlight      (b)    Laser     (c)      Energies       (d)     Reflect

              Think about your time and how you spending out. Become a morning person. How you say morning is a productive time and it changes our life which is kind of crazy time.

Every morning when you wake up on that time you have must tea so that you will be getting free from lazy. A real set goal. Also skip the morning check in.

How can I use my time for my work and how can I use to my life with my entire energy. I have heard many- many times morning is most productive medicines. Wake up in the morning means we lot of chance to win the game in my life.

Actually we have real set goal or little bit earlier. It is just passive. It is really tough but once we try so it becomes very easy for us. Starting our day with more energetic way.  


              Without any action there is no any meaning of planning. Make a list than only we will make our work productive. Give priority to for most important work.

Complete your work with priority. Make a priority looks. Which make life effective?

There are somethings which have to be focus in our life. As money is also important in our life so do not waste money and find any source for creating money.

If I am doing hard work so our money should also do hard work for us.  Just imagine what important work I did it in last week. That means life is busy but useless.

There is not any meaning of life. But actual the time where must have to be invest. There we never give time to invest ours elf to get more and more.

              In this book author expressed that why people are too busy with their life, but they are not actual surviving in personal life.

Without meaning we are wasting to our self. All the things what I am doing in my daily life. If not getting benefit and out put or extra resources from that work/ business so it means we are wasting time.

Satisfaction will give us only the meaning and utilization time for right purposes with right dimension. We must make our schedule and make a to do list so that our life will be meaningful.

Important things is to get more focus in our life. And we know that how focus will get it.

Focus will comes only by initiating best with right time and with good purposes. Stop those all social media application by which your time wasting. This all are bad and worst to your life. 

Turn off your all the notification in this way we never conclude to our moment. This is the best tricks to get more effective in our life. Keep yourself daily updated in your life.

Once we want to have some best in our life so will do it if we not able to maintain our disciplines, time management so it is not good for us and it will harm to our body as well as to our daily life.

These are the best rule to maintain our life. If you are right so only your all relation will also be give respect to you.

If you not able to control your emotion for all bad activities that means you are losing all those relation, and achievement what you expected in your life or what your relation, father mother relatives expected from your life.

So try to maintain good habit and follow good habit so be the best in your life and best your environment


Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.


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