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1.       Life is a game depend upon us to believe it or not, if we are believing so its ok otherwise needless to perceive and convenience once I feel it then I got it. Its a huge magical word.

 Life is not much critical as we thinks. Why God made this world, no body know that what is right and wrong. Some people are opening shop and goes everyday to open shop for earning money. 

God never create this world to earn money inspite the worriers created by humbleness. Children plays so they creates energy. 

The Great Pablo Picasso said why all the people ask from me why don’t they ask from himself. Life does’t mean to earn only money rather than the meaning of life and humanity thought.  

Energy is the light its doesn’t mean to leave the leela (propaganda). So do the only very best things what you love to yourself.

2.       Religious ethical is that people who do not required anything from entire world. If really wants see the PRMATMA so do not think to see the PRMATMA. 

There is no any name existed in the universe. His experienced to show the minor ethical concept of life. Kohinur is type of value which is mostly created from inner thought. 

Diamond the value of infinity world. Those who know the value of sadhu only they are sadhu. Bad shouldn’t need to betray, it already wrong in itself but good has minimum power and it starts with slow but not least. That is the path of success. 

Dharma means I may be conscious of what I feel it from my inner value and my inner side Dharma is a bunch of flower and need respect. Dharma who know is called Krishna I shouldn’t given punish to myself but my work decides and gives punishment. 

This world is very incredible. Mind it to never fear it I will perceive of what I do it if I do good so be good achiever otherwise will perceive bad. Krishna is a type of value what is God.

 God doesn’t mean that God is only God but God is everyone but thing is that what is God. God means in this world whatever existed are called God. I must feel that either you may also be but how may be perceive the God.

3.       So do only that work what successful people are doing. Half of the life has already gone as interval already finished only have to do after interval parts in our life.

4.       LORD said that if you people are really interested in business field or ethical works so be aware in under mentioned points :-

          (a)      Follow my inner position.

          (b)      Warren Buffet said follow only on that field in which field I am genius so be away from
          negative people.  

          (c)      Nobody can believe it when indl starts to do works so be continue it.

          (d)      Focus on 5% of passion which will give us 95% of satisfaction.

          (e)      Give focus on priorities.

          (f)       Say no to 99% and focus 1% for 99% of devotion.

          (g)      Take maximum benefit of time.

          (h)      Understand what my fear is.

          (j)       Use LAPTOP for my personal works and focus where I am genious.

          (k)      Be passionate to being passion.

          (l)       You follow your own dream.

          (m)     95% of works will bore you only 5% will be best so focus on 5% of work.

5.       A core ideology doesn’t means to get profit at all the time. Visionary company always focus in future business maintaining. It never be compromise and never satisfied. Bold and very clear tangible action for the very best ideas. 

Bold people like you always run with their own power. Visionary people are the best for us and ensure to focus best. Visionary company thus a high quality people to make core of ideology idea to be free at while they are in any circumstances.

6.       You prepare to himself for 25 years early age like starts from now. Search different ideas and learn how to earn and motivate for practice so be dedicative for long term pattern so do continuous practice. Teach to my mind how I need how to learn to teach with practice.

7.       In each and every people should have their own life history. As a leader story must need to preached people or to share our thought to people so that emotionally people come realised and do the work at once. 

Leaders preached thought to express feeling to the employs by story. To inspire the public must need a story to motivate us whether we studied the rule or not. To inspire the public must need a story whether we studied or not. 

Use our best story what i have done in my life because it only developed the will power. If I have not any best story in my life so couldn’t attract to anyone.

8.       Use the power of the subconscious mind. Whenever we are in serious disease that time one thing must have to be think that still I am in alive and what can I do for to make alive. 

Yes self determination is the one of the best medicines. Love your wife as much as a solution expert because its our shadow where we can see ourself or to share our thought very easily. 

In this world nothing can be done unless we determine. Everything existed in the world but have to remind it determination is the only medicines by which can be serving in this world. 

There is only one thing existed in the world and that is love only to entire world. Love can exist in the world. So just love the World as much as you can.

9.       Live long life and happy life as much you survive in the world but be happy and expose yourself to the world like mirror. Find reason to survive. Without reason don’t live because it is the only one thing which remind in the lost moment of our life.

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