1.         The body is like antenna. If we hold it in the right position, it becomes receptive to all there is in existence. If you hold it another way, you will remain absolutely ignorant of everything beyond the five senses is called ‘INNER ENGINEERING BY SURENDAR THAKUR-3‘ .

Here is another analogy that our body is like a barometer. If we know how to read it, it can tell us everything about us and the world around us. The body never lies. So in yoga, we learn to trust the body.

We transform the physical body from a series of compulsion of flesh, blood, and hormones into a conscious process, a powerful instrument of perception knowing.

If we know how to read the body, it can tell us our potential, our limitations, even our past, present, and future. That is why the fundamental yoga starts with physical body.

It is as simple as this. The more we know about our telephone or any other gadget, the better you can use it.
A few years ago, the cell phone companies conducted a survey, and found that ninety-seven percent of the people were using only the smartphone here, but the dump one.
Even with that simple gizmo, people were using only s even percent.
2.        We are doing all kind of trivial things with it because right now our whole perception of life is limited to the physical nature of existence. But your body is capable of perceiving, the whole universe.

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the inner engineering -3

If you prepare it properly, it can grasp everything in this existence, because all that happens to this existence is happening, in some way, to this body. The very essence of dhyana, or meditativeness, is that you push yourself to the highest possible intensity where, after some time, there is no effort.
Now meditation will not be an act, but a natural consequence of the intensity that has been achieved. You can simply be. Our physical body, as yoga reminds us is annamaakosha, or a food body just heap of the nourishment you ingest.
As incredible as it sounds, if you maintain your physical body in a certain way, you will become aware of subtle changes sensitive to it, your whole body feels everything happening around you.
At the time of its construction, it was located exactly on the magnetic equator which has since shifted.
Even sambar requires more ingredients. But in yoga both the human body and the cosmos are based on the magic of only five elements earth, water fire, air and ether. Such staggeringly complex phenomenon and just five variables.
Our creation is just like that, hugely magnified. Those who  have looked within themselves closely and attentively realized there was no need to look at the macro version.
The entire cosmos is just magnified projection of a little occurrence happening within themselves closely and attentively realized there was no need to look at the macro version. 
If doors are always opening up for you, then for you a door means a possibility.  They say how long a minute is essentially depends on which side of the bathroom door you are.
4.           Every spiritual practice in the world is related in some way with organizing these five elements. The most fundamental practice in the yogic system is bhuta shuddhi the cleansing of the elements in the physical system so that they work harmony.
All yogic practices are essentially derived from the cleansing of these elements. When you achieved a level of expertise in your yogic practice, you approach what is called Bhutan siddhi, or mastery over the elements. With this mastery, life opens up its bounty to you.
Health, well-being clarity, enlightenment none of these can be denied to you anymore. Life a bit likes that which is a complex web, but there is one simple pin. And that is your identity.
The play of five elements is highly evolved and complicated but the key to freedom is your limited persona. If you pull the plug, it just falls apart and you are free.
If you know how to pull yourself out, life’s complexity collapse and everything’s settles. The simplicity of perfect alignment with existence is suddenly yours. 
The simplest thing that you can do to change the health and fundamental structure of your body is to treat the five elements with devotion and respect.
Just try this and every time you are consciously in touch with any of the elements. (Which you are every moment of your life).
5.      The most intimate part of physical creation for all of us is our own bodies. The physical body is the first gift of which we are aware. It is also the ultimate machine.
Every other machine on the planet has come out of this. The physical body is designed and structured to function by itself without much of your intervention. You don’t have to make the heartbeat, the liver perform all its complex chemistry, or even try to breathe, everything that is needed for your physical existence to manifest itself is happening on its own.
If your force our self to fast without preparing your body and mind sufficiently, you will only cause damage to your health. But if your body, mind, and energy are properly prepared with the necessary practices, then fasting can be of much benefit to you.
The entire aim and endeavor of yoga is to open up the cocoon of the physical body to the larger sensory body where you experience everything as a part as a part of you. Fasting is an extension of this logic.
It is a way of nourishing yourself without any active ingestion. It may be done as a detoxification process. This is why every spiritual tradition in the world has fixed a certain period of fasting for its adherents. In the yogic tradition, the fasting period was fixed according to the lunar cycle.
Everybody thinks their job is stressful. No job is stressful. There are many jobs that could present challenging situations. There could be nasty bosses, insecure colleagues, emergency rooms, impossible deadlines.
When a person doing the right type of meditative practice, you will find that the pulse rate would range between the thirties and forties. Even after a good lunch it would stay in the fifties.
If you sleep without a pillow, it is best to lie on your back in a supine position, rather than on your side, Lying in this position is referred to in yoga is very good technique.
Our body is just a loan from this planet. What your call death is just Mother Earth reclaiming the loan that she offered to you? All life on this planet is just a recycle of the Earth.
You may think right now that you are going to your office, home or football match, but as far as your body is concerned, it is going, moment by moment straight toward the grave.  Right now, you have forgotten, but slowly, as time passes, body.

If you spend more time and pay attention to the way of earth, this sensitivity will increase dramatically. We must view the ingredients which constitute our body, like earth, water, air, and food, as commodities and not as an organic part of the lie process. 

Recognizing these small changes in the planetary system, the ancients tried to make use of them not just for their own well-being, but for transcendence. The magnetic water of the planet flows through India.

A few thousand years ago, yogic pinpointed the exact location of the magnetic equator specific reason. One of the most famous temples is the south India temple of Chidambaram, which was set up for those who sought ultimate spiritual union.

The kind of spiritual system described above makes use of natural phenomena to support human efforts at spiritual growth. Another system of meditativeness or inwardness completely ignores the changes happening in creation and focuses solely on the inner journey.

3.      They surya namaskear is an important process to enable that to happen. On a rudimentary level, it is a complete workout for the physical system, a comprehensive exercise form without any need for the physical system and comprehensive exercise form without any need for equipment.

But above all, it is an important tool that empowers human beings to break free from the compulsive patterns of their lives. 

There are variations of this practice, depending on an individual’s aspirations. Someone who seeks muscular fitness can practice a basic process that is known as surya Shakti. 

Through the practice, if one attains certain level of stability and mastery over the system, one could be introuduced to a more powerful and spiritually significant process called the surya kriya. Life is a game of just five ingredients.

The body is like a doorway. If you are always facing closed doors, then for you a door means a deterrent.

This is just one parameter that indicates the level of restfulness that your body is experiencing moment to moment. We cannot slow down our system the cost of activities.

What is necessary is to keep your system in such a way that activity does not take its toll upon it. How much sleep does your body need?

If you sleep without a pillow or with a very low pillow, which doesn’t’ allow the spine to get pinched, the neural regeneration of the brain and the cellular regeneration of the neurological system will be much better.

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