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1.           Denominator of success in the fact that successful people formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do. They make a habit to do and create by default a good habit to create best.

“Makes a good habit by forcing to create good habits”. They make a habit by force which average people not like it. Treat like as by force of making any habit. Do the work efficiently and dedicatedly.

Successful people do that work what unsuccessful people don’t like.

Successful people also not like therefore they try to create environment. Well-connected is not response but depend on how I like to believe on people. Only few people like to maintain their good disciplines.

“Success is not natural like, likes and dislike”.


2.           Read books more and more. When you start to read books so one day will be the enlightened day of our life. Make a habit to read good books which affect and make a good environment in your life.

But matter is that why we not do those all activities what is the most important for our life. Like Network marketing which makes habit make a life to be perform better in the entire field.

3.           What is hero to zero and zero to hero? Actually hero is those who do excellent. All those have a type of efforts which you must need. ‘First develop to yourself and then develop to your businesses. Only good strategies will lead you the best roll in your life.

Believe on action and try to improve you action by anyhow. My style was small, my thinking was wrong, my all style was bad but still all my activities are in good way.

The way which I was surviving it all was bad way to the success and indirectly it affected to my entire life? 

Therefore it is necessary to get ready and keep ready to yourself in such a way so that you can win you all styles and your life as best performance.

4.           If you not try to improve yourself so you will be the same what other has not and your desire will be disappeared and evaporated. Sales are the way to give full benefit to your life.  Now, this is the time to change you to change yourself. If want to become a successful so be aware.

What is Spirituality is scientific way?

5.           If you want to enjoy 70% best of your life so be practical and do hard labours. Create an ability to inspire by vision. We always see, we don’t observe that much.

Ability to how I will be healthier in my carrier. An ability to think and work against the convention and re- thinking your goals is to give more IQ & EQ for our human life.

Never Ever practices to un-ethical to grow.  This is the most urgent work for our human life. All my wrongs will possess to give Beyoncé force means bad to you.

Try to decrease your wrong activity from your life. Re-think, re-design and re-build your all activities and evaporate all those thing and make/ condensed a new thinking in your life.

My thought, my behavior make good and bring in your life. If, I decide to grow so also decide to mature our life generally.

6.           Increasing our materialist possession is all my grow which is added by ethic which means disciplines is called progress. Growth plus ethic is progress and that is mortality, humanity is called success.

Added by morality life, spirituality life in your business is called success. Be clear in your thinking. Be very clear about your concept and act of your life.

7.           The relationship and working module is to serve and smile to improve you. So re-thinking in your goal for making a habit for creating a new life in our system.

So please face the books don’t be Facebook’s. Evaporate you laziness and make your habits in your courage’s. Take a life changing decision. Avoid low density fun. What are the things which keep away from your identity?

8.           The first principle of science of getting rich. How the things are made so that to think about new construction without manual labour, it is necessary to believe the following fundamental faces. All the things are created by our thoughts.

Human desire wants only by his thought. God has given us a one of the finest solution. Make a plane and design the plane in such a way so that it may be develop to the procedure and create some very best in our life.

Increase our life in different in different process and improve the level of conscious and sub- conscious mind. These are the fundamental formula way of success.

Understand the strategies of your vision and follow the strategies what you required in our life. We just want to make a producer and want to believe on our life.

How richest come to you?

A strong will power will tell you how to follow the rules. Whatever will ask will get it to you.  Ask will be given to you, knocking gate will be opened for you, seek path will be shown to you.

Whatever we need for abundance in life, the basic element is doing the work of sending it to us and will the work of sending it to us and will always do it.

Don’t hesitate for your expectation and for achieving from our God. Be gratitude and faithful for your life. Whatever, you want in your life. Just follow the path of success.

You required consistent for your gratitude. “A grateful mind always gives a good thought possession”.

Make a habit to solve your negative and positive gratitude situation because your situation will not come to you by dictation. ‘God has always created a good in our life but we never ready to consider our best in our life’.

9.           Thinking In a certain Way.  

              Never waste your time for your negative topic. We will train our brain to receive our thought. But rather than people couldn’t believe to accept the matter on reality.

Once we start to feel the reality than reality converted in to the reality. ‘Will power will help you to get your goal’. And try to follow your best strategies, if you want to become rich.

So don’t think about poor just think about richness and how to become and what will you do after becoming rich.

Don’t feel about the richness. Never think about poor mind-set and your for-father role what your ancestor had done in their life. Believe your dream and do hard work on right dimension. 

10.         Ideas required best efforts to develop our source. Efficient action need for improving my best in our life.

Low of attraction will only help you how will achieve your success. What is the secret behind your success?  Whatever you think that will convert in to your wealth. Your thought will change your life.

You are the magnet and you can do it your work definite way. We always get what we forced to think continually. Whatever we think that converted in to action with the help of our universe.

Attract the good instead of the bad. Why & what is not required that is getting automatically because they are thinking continually and daily basic and also they are talking on their daily basis. Therefore, they get the same.

11.         Never Be Negative Always Be Positive

              Whatever we are complaining that are receiving slowly by slowly that all are the action and thought which created by us. Approx. 60,000 thoughts come in a day. Our thought is the base of our life.

Our thought is the reality of our life’. Law make us and creates us our life. Think good thought and received a good thought. Love the greatest emotion in our life. ‘Love is the greatest emotion’. Low of attraction will help you what we want to receive in our life.

We must will love our situation and the best strategies of our life are to improve our best at any movement. How to use the secret and how to obey the best in our life.

Universe are ready to give you what signal has given by you. If you are giving a good signal so universe will give you a good signal and if you give negative signal so will receive a negative signal.

Just believe that you are receiving your goal what you are thinking. Universe will give you exactly what you are thinking.

12.         Make a good process and follow your best strategies to be the great businessman and a great success man.

How long time taking doesn’t matter but how efforts are you giving that are the matter. Time travel and time is the most urgent things to learn the philosophy of receiving/ achieving.

13.         If universe is delaying that means I am not believing well way. So be clear from your universe and ask big from your universe. Which is called creative thinking?

Advance thinking is the most important things to believe and act. Learning the biography of successful people will tell you what you want to read and how you want to become successful in your life.

Garbage in garbage out. Negative in negative out, good in good out, positive in positive out.

14.         There are lot of corporate house and corporates who changed their life by adapting the law of success. The big brand showing and brain washing you.

You watch only that movie which will give you reference point in your life. Whatever, the achievements will get it to you only by not watching TV in your life.

You are missing the right strategies. Only dedicated people win the game with the system of belief system.

Only belief system helped to change the life. A man win races only by his own dedication and dedication with reason and a reason should be with perfection.

If you don’t help you to help yourself, nobody in the world can help you to help yourself. If body’s life has incredible life. Increase your dedication so that your dedication will improve your life.

“You don’t have to be great to start; you have to start to become great”. Which is called a Golden Statement? Rich people they don’t to act, they


15.         What are the habits of Billionaires?

          Focused thinking.  Focused Mind-set and focused Goals. Focused Conversation. Action oriented people are and magic of the orientation. Don’t wait for the good luck to happen.

Habits of billionaires are doing wait for anything. Inherently solution oriented. Dream Big and act big and Starts with Small.

While thinking so be focused. Laser –Sharp- Focus need to invent for each and every people. Parkinson’s Law said that “Work Expands so As to Fill the Time Available for Its Completion”.

Don’t wait for time. Meeting only for 5 minutes so five minutes will change your life.

You don’t need more time but I need more in same time”.  Busy is not important but things are that in which direction you are going and processing to your logic.

16.         What is value of money?

    Avoid spending money which doesn’t contribute to your success. What is the risk taking ability? It means courage. Which will only help you with taking your calculated risk.

Starting your life will be very puzzles and your possession will develop your life. King of Risk called as Elon Musk, Founder (SpaceX/Tesla). Discipline with health and their fitness. If you want to grow your business so have keep healthy and daily walk-out.

17.         Conclusion

Either train insane or remain the same. Self-learning is the big game changer. Just think I am a extra ordinary learner and have the ability to face the life. So study life is the best way to improve yourself and how is the possible and to improve yourself.

Television will help you and how to learn the strategies of business.  Increase one percent  to each and every day so that you can change your life better develop your life better.

So friends lastly “Success Is a product of daily habit Not Random Activities. My net worth is depending on my financial habits. Your Knowledge is the major of your learning habit”.

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are surely readers.  


Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.

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