Your determination to overcome whatever fate has thrown in your way does not mean you need to undertake something huge.

You just need to open a new path, starting with something close at hand. What are the qualities in you, your siblings, friends or teachers admired when you were young?

Devise Way of Becoming Invincible

Always keep in mind that the more privileged my circumstances, the opportunities to help others. However, though I intend to work harder, I sometimes feel there are physical limits to how much I can actually achieve. Face with the limitation. I can apply invincible thinking.

That is why I constantly try to recover my problem and device new way to achieve more.

You should not let your own emotion; restrict the work of your whole. What people consider to be limitation is simply a lack of idea. People do not lack the ability to do the work; rather they lack ingenuity and creativity.

A good idea will grow only if you can find someone to work with.

Two Secrets for Achieving Success

There is limit of what person can accomplish single, so if you really want to succeed in the world, you have to have other people on your side, supporting and helping you.  You need have as many people as possible willing to help.  Essentially, there are two secrets to success.

 (a)         Find Demand

The first secret is always to be on the lookout for things people want. You should constantly have your antenna up so as to be sensitive to what people need. Where there is demand there is always work to be  done.

If you are working hard but finding it difficult to make profit. It means there is not any demand for   what you supplying.

(b)        Think About Further Development

 Next you need to consider whether this demand can be used as a springboard to help you achieve further  development. Always think a way of developing. If you do this, you will be surprised to discover that there are always many possibilities.

It is always important to ask yourself if there is way you can open up a new path before you. Try not to see your resent difficulties as insurmountable, rather always be on the lookout for a chance to get ahead and for ingenious method of overcoming difficulties.

You should not let yourself be swept away by the tides of adversity, nor should you just complain about your situation. Is it possible that you are putting limits on your own abilities?

People who put limits on themselves will never become more than they think they are. It is important always believe that you have the potential to do better than you are now.

If you are worried that your weakness lies in intelligence, firstly do not complain that your abilities are limited. Instead, try to make an effort to learn, to adopt a wider perspective, and to achieve some understanding of a wide range of topics.

Once have managed to do this, you will find there is no longer any need to suffer this inferiority complex.

I sincerely hope that you are not limiting yourself, and truly believe that you become what you think you are.


The Importance of Creating New Ideas.  People, particularly those interested in spiritual matters, quickly perceive the difference between good and evil and so they tend to think in a dualistic way.  

What is important in this situation to change your outlook in other words, adopt a new way of thinking?

So always ask yourself if there is some other way of seeing a situation. “Another important point is to be willing to make the effort to devise new ways of improving a situation”. It is very important to practice doing this.

 I had to face with my dilemma of whether to stay constant or to move ahead with my book reading habit which I can speak such motivation and spread over entire world as new ideas and the world starts to accept my views and start to write books.

And this all was one of the best ideas to solve my dilemma. Every People’s life come dilemma but once we started to face in positive ways so it all disappear automatically.

The more I practice, the more new ways I will come up with to free our self from a dilemma.

If you do this mental exercise, you will no longer see problems simply as a question of choosing between good and bad outcomes so you will realize that every problem you face, both in your environment and in your relationship with those around you can be solved by finding a different approach.

And it is a very interesting experience.

The next thing you will think about is what others will think of you. This is probably the main reason you do not want to take any time off.

To achieve this, you need to create a manual that explains everything in a clear and concise way. Be able to say, please manage this situation in this way. Always turn into an opportunity to take the next step it forward.

If you experience failure, think of how you can use it as a lever with which to achieve something positive. This is one aspect of putting into practice a revolution in perspective.

Think how you can use all the resources within your reach. Nothing is ever wasted. You can make use of every event and situation that occurs in your life.    

The lessons you learn from studying others become your personal savings.

Do not regard a deposit simply as the money you put into a bank. The lesson you have learned and confirmed for yourself, through your own experience and by observing others, are stored as your own deposit.

This world was created by God and He created it with the best of intensions. He intended it to be a marvelous place, good, beautiful pure, otherwise people often seem to be faced with problem.

When you see the world in this light, your thinking will change.

You will realize that up to now, you have put yourself in a position of judging the world and criticizing other people.

This world is created by God and is very wonderful place is the very beginning of everything. Once you are able to think like this, you will start to ask whether your way of looking at life and your attitude could be mistaken.

Everything that exists is here for you as nourishment, to enrich your soul.

Once you adopt this way of thinking, you will understand that nothing in this world is waste. You will realize that the problems we face right now reveal what kind of challenges you have to overcome in this life. Life is like a workbook of problem to be solved and what is causing you.

Once you are in the ring of your life or born in world so don’t so your weakness instead you must hide your weakness and gave it your best shot.

Do not let your opponent know he has a chance. Through you may only weigh a hundred and forty pounds; you must stick out your chest and behave as you weighed more, to make your opponent afraid you will knock him out.

You always need to think positively. Adversities are always being existed in the world but in between we must find some alternate way to solve the current issues which is created by our past.                                                                                                                                                                                               



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