9.     Distraction
If you really read this content so I hope you will achieve your focusa0%. It’s my promise that you will get it yin goal perfectly. 

1.           Focus means doing something at a particular time dedicaty with contiuously and consistency. There are few people in the world who can believe in the particular goal and how they can believe for doing any work. There aon three types of peoconsistency world. They change their goals at all the time :-, pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

      (a)     First man always makes comments.

     (b)   They like to do many works but not ready to do any

     (c)       They focus in only one thing in consistent.

2.           To become a successful we must have to do continuously in one things whether they get it the success or not, but after continues practice they must get their fruits by anyhow.

Be busy in a particular work. Do only one thing in which and what you interested. If you are interested in dedicatedly so you will get it he very interestingly. You must obey the discipline and do more and more practice. 

Do your work every day at least one hour and ask one question from yourself as what you did not achieved today in the same goal. Will power is the highest power which is the benefit for your purposes.

In the morning your will powers is very nice and try to do and study in the very morning so that you can achieve your goal in particular period and will achieve your success. If you want to do something best in your life so do work hard way.

How to develop our education and how to improve our focus. One focuses which will improve your goal in systematic way.

3.           Why people never get continues focus on one thing. Just try to keep one things on one thing. Problems starts while people starts to totally change to initially from inside.



If they depend upon outer side what they learnt and what they had already so they never aver get problem. But they always think to get more and more by changing itself.

Never do work on unconsciously. Our subconscious mind understands after continuing telling and repeating the same word. Like yes you can do it, yes can do it, and yes you can do it.

It understand only after continues reading/ repeating on daily basis. Suppose you are a Great Businessman and you are a millionaire. You earn one crore net on monthly basis.

4.   Subconscious mind not need any language and any grammar, but they must need their regular practices and consistent. My time is very-very important therefore I don’t want to waste my time in silly work with silly guys. Time is like God. Force to act existed in talent/ mind/ think.

To utilize the mind just act like prior. Mind always says that whatever you are doing you will get it accordingly. To know is to be transformed. Understanding anything is to be called as miracles and starts to be changes by default.

Problems created only after when people think body and clown is two different things. And that is why problem creates. Where are we going and what we want to achieve it?

It will not get it by where we want to learn mathematics and physics. It may be learn from emotion, yes emotion is the only things by which can learn the world. Doing nothing is the bad to all. Sacrifice all the things for one thing called ‘focus’.

There are two different way to exist in world and that is ‘emotion’ and ‘concentration’.

5.      6 Important Focus of Human Body. What is productive and unattractive work for us? If student so attractive and productive work is to be study. And unnecessary work is that for what we make excuse for study. Wasting time is interesting but not productive.

6.       The Limit of Your Attention.  We cannot get long-term success unless commitment of long-term process. According to profession Timothy Wilson, University of Virginia human brain produces 11 million bit produce from environment. But it produce it only 40 Bits.

That means our brain has also limited attention space which will give your only that much of fuel which is called ‘attention focus’. Full focus in a particular work. Make awareness on your particular work. Set your time on your particular work.

7.        The way I think to be a world, the same will be. After understanding the situation people can concentrate to any field. Sit quietly and feel the nature and see whether you may also get your God, but also not wait to see the God.

Try to feel the reality and understand the unrecognizable things. Never take the money of anyone or don’t take any other opportunity.

8.           Love is the main spirituality and reasonable love in the world and to be concentrate to construct. Concentration is another name of love and sacrifice.

Concentration comes if have loved and sacrifice. If God gives loves and prosperity so disasters also comes by default but thing is that how to get-rid away from adversities.

Hyper focus means continues focus on one thing. Keep your mind free to make more focus. All these habit while sleeping and brushing and whenever good thought is coming in mind, so note it down on paper or remember it for exercising.

Rest and recharging is also required while making focus in any work.

      How you can improve your brain power? Daniel Goleman said that “Nowadays while we visit marriage party that time people uses mobile instead to talk with bride and groom”.

Improve our inner focus with inner emotion. Brain matures after 20 years. If somebody is loving and annoying before and after twenty years so it also effect on child brain.

A quality of leader is to how to focus on one thing. Manage focus to do any of best activities.

Flow state means doing best but doesn’t know what happening beside you and your environment. As you are doing your best performance on that time.

10.         Deep Work

You need inner focus and deep work hypothesis as valuable in our economy. A very few who cultivated this skill, and then make it the core of their working life.

There are few advantages of performing deep work.  There are four core rule for improving your mind so that to transform your work habit.

(a)          The Deep Work Hypothesis.  The people who work with intelligent machines and technology. The most important characteristics in these ‘SUCCESSFUL WORKERS’. The ability to take on hard tasks/ things and master them at pace. Producing content/ products/ services considered an ‘Elite Level’.

(b)          Once you think that your death is sure so your all work will be come on route and you will be start to complete your all flawless consistently.

11.         Those have not feeling of fearing of losses they can achieve their goal easily. Create good habits for more focused and eat good things for focus and also respect to others.

We have our ups and down success and failures elations and disappointments. Nothing is certain but change. Winners turn losers and vice versa, for that is the law of nature. Im-peramance is a permanent feature of life.

The best way to deal permanent features of life. The best way to deal with the transiency is to learn to maximize our spiritual quotient.

Stephen Covey is his Seven Habit of highly effective people elaborate on habits we need to acquire in order to be effective. Twenty virtues have been elaborated by Krishna in the Bhagwat Gita.

This virtue, if perfect, can lead us to the Ultimate Truth. The first virtue is humility, amanita. Having acquired wealth or education, position or power, some turn arrogant.

And this is the beginning of the end. That’s why humility considered the most important quality for spiritual evolvement. The second quality refers to modesty, adambhitam, the state of agelessness.  

Krishna also talks of detachment to the sense object through bairagysa. This quality assumes great significance in today’s when people are increasingly becoming more pleasure seeking and materialistic. Who can measure the infinity of time?

The flow of time is permanent, so it would flow on even if the entire clock in the world stopped ticking. Night and days, month and years roll on, but to the end death assumes prime importance. From this measure of time emerges the ethical value of that time.

Depending on the wave of human aspiration from time to time, the ethical values of an era get shaped. The value of a period leaves an impression on the life of any person who may live in that period.

It directs the values of personal life and according to his own inner wisdom, a person shape his relationship with family and society.

Through day to day experience and inquisitiveness a person observe and stores in memory the action and reactions around him, sculpting his own life, changing circumstances and making history.

Times change, taking people to unexpected destination, creating challenges which often disappear by themselves.

These events remind man of the limitation of human endeavor. We live in a world of opposites where gain and loss, good and bad, pleasure and pain life and death are as inevitable as the two sides of a coin. Yet, there is an underlying unity between the two contrasts.

One of the principle polarities in life is the one sublime union between these two aspects is symbolized by Lord Shiva’s depiction. For this we need to maintain a balance between good and bad, between winning and losing, and so on.

This will help us to follow the path of right conduct in an unattached and fearless manner.

In science, existence of opposite extremes in nature is best described by the concept of positively and negatively charged particles of matter which combine during chemical reaction to achieve neutrality.  

12.         Today world you must have to become a fast skilled person to survive in this world. Those who have more capital they can also survive best. So we may be rich only by highly skilled.

And this is only by deep work approaching. Deep work means highly concentration requirement. Any work may be achieved only by focus and for deep work. Which is very difficult to maintain deep work?

Does any work with more dedicate way to be more talent? Just like my blogging. While I typing my blogging so I used to maintain my time and my decline to post on Google accordingly.

Give you full attention while doing any work. While reading so read proper way. Routine life is just like to follow the same thing. Once we make a routine that means we can do it many thing in our life.

Only routine is the root of my life. Monastic Approach which you sacrifice your all things for one things. Your goal must have to keep away from your distraction.

13.         So friends for deep work you must prepare your routine of your work. After deep work you must also require rest after having more work. Deep work means doing best in your work.

Bill Gate who is the richest man in the world. Who done his best as Microsoft Company only by Deep Work. Once we understand the meaning of deep work that means we can obtain our best in our life. My blogging is my deep work. It is science based work.

14.        How To Do Deep Work.    Make a secret/ silent place in your room where you can do it your deep work. Do work like Bill Gate. By modal do work where you satisfy your work. Journalistic way also you can do it. So deep work means doing your goal perfectly.

Decide your goal in limited concentrated work. Keep your all distraction away from goal and place. Take a breath for your work. Deep work also keep you strain you.

Make your list and prepare your goal in such a way so that you can do it best in your life best. So first of all for more focus you must make routine so that you can achieve your deep work and more focus in your work.

        Shut down your work accordingly to your views. Take a time and place to complete your work and best of luck for your goal.

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