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1.         Create Emergency Starter Fund

            Everybody get requirement emergency of finance during health, medical, accident or any type of requirement. So try to maintain emergency fund. Suddenly losing job and doing some best work or any critical situation during the time it required. It is not for your celebration and your marriage party. It is only for emergency purposes.

2.         Start Paying Off Your Debt & Grow Your Emergency Fund

            We are surviving in that environment where we feel that loan is good but it only for assets not for vehicles and celebration. A man can only be free unless he not free from debt. Finish your Debt and increase your emergency fund.

Finish your credit card debt also, because it is also not good to you. Then only you may be free.  Try to finish your loan. Starts to finish your loan with small too big. And increase your fund for next 6 (six) month amount approx. two lakhs for emergency fund at least minimum as per calculation for middle class people.

3.         Invest 15% of Your Income in Mutual Fund for Your Retirement.  Plan to be stressful life for your retirement. Which starts your family problem for your long term benefit. Think for Growth and income fund and equity fund, International funds and aggressive funds.


4.         Planning for Your Children Education.   After investing and planning all those above things we must focus on children education so we can give our best education to child. Saving for education fund will help you how may be free from all sides.

5.         Paying Off All Your Biggest Loans And Become Debt- Free.  If you invested your money in right places so be live a free and good life a financial free and secure future with secure family. Grow your wealth & give away money and enjoy your life better way.

6.         Mind Set For Money.   Poor/ middle class mind set people always think to save money but rich mind set always think to earn money with valuable and saving time.

This mind set rich to people. Middle class people always think to save money but rich mind set people always think to earn money. Rich mind set people always think to earn money by doing a lot of good and skill things in their life.

A rich people always think to innovate something new and same proceed for improving and developing to it. Fast execution will help you to get you speed money return. So learn fast and earn fast. ‘Ratan Tata’ said that “I cannot believe for doing right decision instead I take decision and I try my best and 100% how to make the decision right”.

‘Who’ is better than ‘How’ so think for who is the person. Like Donald Trump failed with debt but after failure he tried and gets success by his labors. Do any business and do the right things which will be the better for your life.

7.         UBER company owner Travis Kalanick this his creative and made his creative how to solve problems of human being. First of all think creative thinking is must be required rather than competitive thinking. A rich people always think for ‘WHO’ not for ‘HOW‘.

A poor mind set man always think to how could be rich it is possible so will have to do all the work with itself, that is the problem of poor mind set people. And they never dream to become rich. Though and Character must be need to become rich. Which lines comes from ‘Science of Getting Rich’.

8.         The Psychology Of Money (Middle Class People). 

Your thinking should to be high and for money makers, how to be get rich and how to earn money from the world. Read the psychology of money than it is possible how to get free from financial problem. Suppose you are a middle class people and invested approx.

8 lakhs money for purchasing land, so first of all you purchase land investing the money and again after two years make home, rent house so  that rent house will pay you for your whole life. On that you will get it three thousand per rent so you will get it 18000/- in six room. And this 18000/- will help you to solve you your all loan problem.

Daily rent house make at least four/ five and family rent house make six. Family six rent house will give you five thousand so 30,000/- and daily will give you different amount. Over all you will get it 40,000/- per month as a salary income person.

9.         Face your risk and understand the psychology of money how outcome will come in our life. You never think that you your decision were wrong so that you fail or you think that you succeed because of taking right decision.

Don’t think like this instead you think how to change you and it every time so update time to time.

10.       Gain your full information and learn more and more so that you can win the race and can be achieve your best in your life. Getting wealthy vs. staying wealthy. Getting rich is easy but keep up rich up to life time is very hard.

11.       In book “why didn’t they teach me this in school?  What is money management? We are not getting rich because of financial knowledge. ‘If we learn so can get it’. We should to marry only that girl who is good in financial education. Share your money philosophy with your partner. ‘Do you believe on saving or investing’?

Have you the ability to take loan in your future or not? What is your spending habit? You can become rich in fast way by saving good and healthy married life without divorce life. Our society always thinks to take high pay job.

12.       “Spend Just One Hour Each Week Learning About Personal Finance.  At least one hour spend for your personal finance so that you can learn best for your life, how to get free from debt and how to free from finance. And how to earn more and more. Use your library so that you can learn too much things. Find your mentor.

Mentor means doesn’t means to find best successful people who give you success. Talk with that people who has more knowledge in finance. Never hesitate to make mentor to anyone. People also like to give the best mentor in the same situation. Take patience to your life.

13.      “Realistic Financial Goals And Your Net Worth” Make your short term and long term goal. If you don’t make short term goals & you don’t track them. It is difficult for you to achieve anything in your life. Make realistic to long term goals.

14.      Develop A Written Budget And Evaluate It every single Month”. Every month analyze it the money. Expend less and save more and more. Save more and invest less. So that you can do more and more works.

Focus on saving instead of investing money. Analyze the money so that you can save more and more. Save 50% of your salary if you can.

Whenever you are getting any bonus so keep that money in saving account. Which will growth your saving plan? At least 70,000/- save at all the time during real problem. ‘So starts by today’.

15.       Budgeting and Saving Lesson”    

Develop A written Budget and evaluate it every single month.

Save / invest 50% of every salary increase.

Save 90% of every Bonus (Or Non-Planned Income).

Always have an emergency fund.

Shop around discount an all products and services for maximum benefit.

16.       “Don’t try to Keep Up with The Joneses They are Going Bankrupt”.  You never copy to other life style and use your life style:-

Don’t copy to others life style and keep it simple and don’t compare.

Buy last year models of things which you really want.

Spend now to save later.

17.       I just recommend you to read book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” so that you get the best financial education how to be save your life.

18.       Financial means that you want to reach a point in your life where you no longer have to depend on knowledge. Money is like a game, and it has a bunch of rules that you just have to follow.

There are two main reason why people don’t get the financial education they need despite it being extremely cheap and , in some cases, completely and totally free :-

Conventional Wisdom, financial education is not conventionally ok. Most people will give youamindset of scarcity and if your mind-set is wrong, you will never attract money, Money doesn’t grow on trees so money is the root of all evils.

 These lies that people tell their kids are the stopping people from taking the necessary steps to a better life financially.

Negative connotation towards debt. Debt is not that bad (if your know how to use it), but still, people demonize it because they don’t have the appropriate education.

So, you have to stop listening to those that aren’t financially literate and financially confident. You should start listening to those that actually know how to generate money because they are the ones that can gives you tips on how to become financially educated.

In order to successful you to step out of your comfort zone and take risks. For example, if you want to start your first business, but you don’t have any money, you might first of all have to take the risk of getting a loan from your bank, and putting yourself in thousands of dollars in debt which is out of a lot of peoples comfort zone.

If you don’t have the confidence or are some of the key ingredients you need to become rich. If you don’t have the confidence to take action, you will never become rich. Confidence will give you the strength and the courage to take risk and perform under. So, now that you know all about why people don’t get financially educated.

19.       Rule No1.   Don’t invest in what you don’t understand. Investing is very important especially when you want to multiply your money. Specially when you multiply your money. You will never, ever, get rich long-term by working for someone.

You have to start investing. There are many types of investments, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and forex. Just to mention a few, but I want you to know the single most important investment. Single most important is that to invest in yourself.

Before investing in anything else you have to invest in the development of your money-making machine, your brain. Getting the knowledge necessary to operate a business (financial education included) is not an optional.

Your industry and your niche are going to eat you alive unless you are always updated on what’s going on. Stay up to date on all information that matters to you and to your success.

20.       Invest In Your Business.  If you buy or create a business, you will probably at one point want to expand it. If you want to do so, you need to put some money into your business in order for it to grow. It’s like a car, in order to make it run, you have to put gas in it.

book reading 2020

And business is no different, in order to keep growing, it needs to be fed money. Investing in your business might be anything from marketing to research or developing a new product. Invest in real Estate. Real estate investing, like others investments are buy low and sell high.

A simple concept with very complicated steps. Most real estate investors starts with regular homes, then they move to commercial real estate, Hotels, Big commercial centers, offices and more.

Basically, you find units (structures) with potential that have been mistreated, you fix them up, you wait for the price to rise and then you sell that unit in order to make a profit. Invest in Stocks because stocks(or shares) are literally a part of a company that is for sale to the public.

21.    When buying stocks, you have the right to a part of the profit of that business, which is the equivalent of your initial investment. Just like any other investment, the stock market is pretty risky, and there are a lot of people that lose a lot of money with it. So these 4 most important and well-known types of investments.   

22.       However, independently of the type of investment that you choose, you have to know what you are, getting into. There are rules to follow but equally there’s a lot of misleading information out there. A lot of people are willing to scam you just to take your money.

So you have to be very-very careful who you listen to, do heavy research before putting your money in something new or seek advice from a professional in that industry, preferably someone with skin in the game. Remember this rule; never invest in something that you do not understand.

Debt Is A Powerful But Deadly Weapon. This one might be controversial, but the power of debt is underrated”.

There is good and bad debt. Bad debt is anything that you know that you won’t be able to pay off, for example, student loan.

This is extremely painful and it destroys the financial life of many people.  shouldn’t ask 18-years-old to make financial decision of hundreds or thousands of dollars, without considering the consequences, so be careful with that one  and only get in debt if you know what you are doing.

23.       On the other hand, good debt is the type of debt that you are absolutely sure you will pay off (or you have a plan to pay it off), and it will also make you money.

Getting in debt is a tool that you can use to get rich. For example, you might want to get a loan in order to start your business. If it all goes as planned, you will pay off your debt and will be free to expand your business as long as you are always paying off your dues.

24.       Think Rich


            Thinking rich is seeing you rich and acting rich. Essentially you are playing the, of a rich person, and this might include living above your means.

Living below your means is a defensive concept invented by financial gurus that to the most part is solid wisdom; I mean we shouldn’t live way beyond what we can afford, because this is how most people end up in serious financial trouble.

As long as you disciplined and wise about what you are doing with your-money, you have to also spend your money on things that give you confidence, and make you feel good.


Surendar Thakur

Do not take any decision so fast mostly while taking decision for our life. Negative thinking always stop to achieve our success. Positive thinking is very important for any person to improve itself. Flexible mind may increase us. Being updated to itself and adaptability is very important in optimistic world.


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