1.       Our conscious mind must have to be connecting with the mind and give command for what you want. Identity is that what you can reconnect to you with your interior. “How can I win and challenge to my success, just think all the time”.

Man are touching and giving sound to other people, but other’s has to be also a sense of ability to listen. There is not any sensibility of nature and human being. How can you improve to my soul? A child has more ability to feel than anything. They can feel it, but mature people have not ability to heard., pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The people who has more knowledge, they take more breath from stomach. Life is a full of sorrow. Gajani learned a lesson from spider, as seventeen times failed to climb up on wall but in last he succeeded.

Rich are ingredient of love. Tomorrow will came and far better than yesterday. What is sad?  When trust started to break. Then only people may dismay. How can I evolve to myself in all circumstances?

Think deeply what I am doing. Understand philosophy of life and start to do work with dedication, just think who I am. I am is stranger, who meets with other stranger. 

Never force to anyone for accepting any religion. Create respect for any religion.  Religions are the way to achieve peace and harmony of life. Just respect one light as a form of love. Meanwhile you feel shine from inside and itself.

2.       Build some very best. Never be compromised from very best. Be serious about your project and be dedicated on your personal life. If you are reading books, so must have understand and give meaning of your own life.

Be linear and more productive of your work. Personal development means doing some very best of your own work.

The people who need more money so just have to labour on itself. Because earning is different and continues earning is different things. It is called personal development. If I want to earn some more so learn some very more and do dedicative work.

If I am reading books so must read books means developing value to itself. Good habit must have to be making to form a better life. Habit makes life rich habit makes rich and bad habit makes a poor. How to read books. Understand what you required from book. Buy a book and read a book.

Time will tell after 10/15/20 years as a king size work. Do good readers make habits? Read good books like Geeta and Ramayana. If I read it so it may be miracles. Everybody has the same times 24 hrs.

All the bad productivity work has the time but don’t have time for doing well for enough. Time will change you. Wake up in the morning and do lot of work. Do more and more work and less sleep.

A man can be known by his habit. Therefore, a man need good habit to do more and more work than only he can do lot of good things.  

3.       How will I ride to my life, give respect to your life so that time will also respect you. Life will pray the price as you ask. One of the greatest singer who was singing without listening. So how efforts they made. Increase our intuition power and changed our mind by creating to itself.

God can be achieved only by devoting all my dedication  also by learning and reading books. If we want to change our things so we must have to be change first. I must have to be change. And it is possible only by learning and reading book.

What is our strength and also know what is our weakness see feedback of our last two years what I read and what I learn, use our maximum strength. Focus on strength and manage strength.

In future I can also be a great successor unless until we focus on our inner strength. Try to become a best listeners. Ask more question with itself that how can we perform my best. So focus to improve on your work 120%.

Give more values to your work. Focus on your strength and give value to your wishes and your desires.

Think what I can contribute to yourself like increase value, focus on your strength instead of weakness, focus on your right typing inspite of wrong typing, what should your contribute, how can you improve personal life.

HOW CAN I WIN AND CHALLANGE TO MY SUCCESS. “Your income will not far exceed than your salary so do hard work and keep patience on yourself”. Because the more I study the more I learn some very best things. How to learn our best things in our life.

An extreme will help to our convince live up of small promises in our daily basis. That will change our life. How to wake up in the morning to be committed on itself for doing more and more work. Those who wakeup in the morning, they can do very best things in their life.

May all the miseries in all your life can shape our life. All my small promises will give us the very best things in our life what I do daily regularly that will give us perfect in my life. Work on your daily basis and do some very best things in my life.

Decide things in your life just like you are a Perfect man. Always fix life in transaction not in comfort zone. If you do very hard and tough work in our life so one day you will achieved your very best.

Never away from transaction work just feel it and do one things. Choose one thing and do hard work unless I may not got specialist.

4.       Creativity of doing work.  How to developed and improve itself. How can we use our feeling into the reality? How can we use our feeling into the reality. Success in measured in wining. Strength and wining line of the strategies of the life.


Divide goal in two parts. Dream and keep dreaming. What you want to do in your life and what I want to learn in my life don’t lose the dream for becoming very perfect in your life.

The strong feeling of my life will change my life at all the time. Celebrate our achievements. The joy of wining and winning feeling in life. Economy necessities all have a choice.

We all affected by five factor. Designing of life for next ten years. How can life be created, follow your life by writing some very best things in your life. Success measured in wining. Strength and wining live of the strategies is called life.         

5        So friends design your life for next ten years and just think how to create the life. Then only enjoy the result.



Follow your life by writing some very best things in your life as I sincere in your life. Quantum physics tells the reality of your life. Quantum physics theory works as proton. Imagination is more important than knowledge as preview of the life which has no limit.

Nothing is miracles. Open your eye and open your life. Life can achieved any things. Don’t think what other are doing so must try some thing new. Do more and more mistake and live for today and hope for tomorrow. Never loose present live in present. Decision makes us strongest.

A life which should live for other is called a human being life. Success is no accident. There is no quick fix. Lead a life like a great people. What I have is up to me don’t let anything on you.

Never stop learning. Feed your strength some things new on every day. The more you grow the more you learn. No matter how you reached. Never loss present. Accept where you are where you have to be go. Think that my life is better than before. That will lead to be far better mood. Focus on your path and walk on that path/ direction.

Never stop learning and feed your strength everyday. Don’t chase to money, follow your purpose. Do nothing for the sole purpose of money. While you start to learn and help to other people in reality then only money start to come automatically.

Chase your purpose. There is no such failure, failure is a learner. Successful people fail most of the time. End of the result will get lot of the things. Patience is a tower. So keep going on.  

And must be prepared. Nothing can be happened. Develop a better habit. Make it important to me in itself. Go far what you want in your life. Successful people have clear goal. Believe for growth.

With integrity living the live of true. Give your all entire force to your work and you can change the way you feel. The true failure are never give up. Successful people are successfully who successfully end the process.

Keep going and start by today and fight for that, set goal in the mind with one step continually.  “How Can I Win And Challenge To My Success” This is the fundamental of success friends. LIFE

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