1.           Angry is also a type of concentration. But in normal condition you don’t have power to utilize your full power with your energy. ‘How to be grow younger and longer?’, pub-3845220525239736, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

So how could be possible to enhance your energy with positive energy for better purpose.

But think what is right and concentrate only on that. Then only your actual energy will increase and slowly your power will also increase more than angry power.

    Be safe from negative. It is very hard but also not impossible. All the places where full of negative rather than positive. “But if you concentrate on positive you will find peace on dark also. Nobody can delete dark but can get it light”. ‘

You cannot delete negative but can get it positive in your life’. If you are getting angry so be patience and be calm.

The more you make harm to people the more you distract from your destiny. Never regret on your badness, just do some best and help to others also.

If I am in love and regret to be happened for what mistake happened on that situation they feel that this is the biggest mistake in the world and with me. No it’s totally wrong with human mentality.

The day when I feel that the sorrow is also made by me so that day will become bright moment for me. But once I must realize that sorrow is created so happiness may also be created.

Nobody can understand the sorrow. Once you feel and say you are the creator, you are the inventor of your life and from that day your life will start come in light day by day.

All the time you say with your life that you are the master of your life and you can achieve all your desires whatever you want in your life. So always think straight and very best by changing your mind set.

Our nature of being happy will do better in any circumstances at any circumstances at any direction. So be the examples of your modules. Be who you are.

“Every day in every way, I am increasing my mental and physical capacity. My Bio-stat is set at a healthy and years of age. I look and feel healthy”.

When you have focused your attention on bodily sensations that accompany an emotion, you have stopped all interpretation, and your mind becomes silent.

You become the silent witness of the sensations in your body. When you can maintain this inner silence, inner centeredness, inner presence, even in the midst of outer activity, you will have new relationship with time and everything.

Change Your Perception of Your Body  


              The prevailing worldview looks at the body as material vehicle, similar to an automobile, in which parts inevitably break down until body is no longer serviceable. Our body is like a flame that is constantly metabolizing new material.

To grow younger you must change your perception of the body, relinquishing the idea that it is a bag of flesh and bones.

By cultivating the habit of thinking of your body as a field of energy, transformation, and intelligence you will begin to experience it is a flexible, dynamic bundle of consciousness, rather than as a fixed, material thing

              Your body is a field of energy, at one with the energy of the cosmos and constantly in motion.

The successful person never gives up as they always try to do some very best at all the time. The leave regret and give up value with inside.

Our work is our signature. Make your fundamental of your life what you want you consistency on your work and then whatever field you choose you surely will succeed like Doctors, businessman etc. Because habit build us. Wake up in the morning.

I am the hero of my life and do the entire story. Make sure of your life and post in your internet. Make your good habits and control your original version of your life.


How we aware the generation of our country so create awareness. Entrepreneurship means how to earn from one rupees to next rupees. Why I want to become found of my company? It’s a not profession its state of mind. Attitude will help to grow basic skill also.

All the adversities come only as of money so how could be uprooted the problem of money. Can I become a good friend of myself and can do better for it?

The power of intension is the meaning of the life by which we can we perform better in our life. It’s a visible field and our energy can be tracked in our life. My reputation define what I am spending, I also understand to myself what I am doing for my life.

Just connect my life with my body.  Be commitment and give training to itself.  So that further can understand our intellectual. It’s an uninscribed state.

How these all habits gives field/ emotion to us to do any work professionally and better way. This will gives lot of energy. Intension is a physical material existed in inner body. It’s inner awareness to understand clearly.

Which will help us how to enhance our prospectus better? Beauties are a life of our curiosity. Intention power is a receptivity which creates lot of ideas. Without judgement they never give any receptive in any’s life.  Imagination is already existed in us. 

Author saying you must be determinant think what we should do to achieve our goal in our life.  

Track the circumstances of our life and think for what should do in future.  Think and start with end and act on intention.  And how our energy level makes energy with university.”

We are a type of energy system which is in internal emotion feelings. Our energy can neutralize inner energy. 

This world is a materialist world and make programmer of each and every field. The more we fast shift our weak thought to strong thought and every person can do it very easily.

Who are you?

You are a type of sprit who connects with God as an almighty authority. You will get it the confident to do the word prominently. It’s a high quality of spirit.

First try to become “ATMASWAROOP” karmayogi. Experience of atmaswaroop you can see all the things what you want.

You are a Atma and you connect your atma with Pra-atama. Doing concentration with yourself will get it want to achieve on your life. While you start to connect with pra-atma then you will try to open your all the files of atma whatever you want to connect with ‘Atma’.

Knowing Atmaswaroop means realizing the awareness of sub-conscious and enhances the cognitive spiritual in life.

Doing meditation 20 minutes in everyday you feel to concentrate of your third eye which means awakening the awareness of consciousness of your spirituality.

What is the Meaning of Earning Source?

Earning money is not hard but focusing on your word dedication will change to adopt work ethics. We must focus on time, not on money.

Financial Independent

Whatever thinking my action and my decision will be the best for what I am thinking, so think always positively. Positive thinking means not to get you all the things what you want in your life. So control your habit to carry your own destination. 

Bad habit never come within one day instead it comes it by past many more days. Fill your life with good habit. For becoming successful person you fill your life with good habits and good thought. Successful person practice their good thought and good habits.

The decent behavior is one best to know. So achieve good habits and try to learn some best in your life. Habits will become your good habits then only your habits will change your life strategies. All our good neurons will do better for our life.

Most of the time we attract positive and control on our thoughts. So focus on your attention truly. Same opportunity will also come. Don’t focus on negativity. Spirituality will also help your to endure your life. As same process your money will also get it to you.


Suppose every year I want to earn one million so for that first you dream big and think consistently to process it dedicative way.  Because only good habit s will give you and change your all the best in your life.

If I am saving small amount so one day that will change my life drastically.

Try to help more and more. Study and read the biography of successful people. By reading successful people biographic we can learn many more good habits and do much more better thinks in our life.

I am loving better way in my life so will have the enjoyable mission and target in our life. Only your dedication and consistency on peculiar work will ingredient you the best in your life. If your goal is clear than only you can take a good and definite decision.

“Do what do you want/ love to do in your life




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