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Far away in the land of Andalucía, Spain lived a Shepherd named Santiago. He loves to travel. He always takes to sheep with him. He always went to outside to sold wool for money. One day he decided to go Tarifa. HOW THE ALCHEMIST FIGHT WITH NATURE BY SURENDAR THAKUR

Which he visited once before. To sold wool to a merchant, whose daughter he admire. It becomes dark when he reaches at the village.

So he keeps sheep at empty church and himself sleep under the tree for the night. In his sheep he dreams that a small boy playing with sheep and takes him at Pyramids, the boy tells him here is a treasure. Moment he told about the location he wakes up.

He becomes stresses as a dream came to him. Same things happened several times before. That time he realized that. There is a woman name Tariffa.

Who can solve his mystery for him. He goes to Tariffa nex day to see her and tells her about the dream. The woman on another hand demanded one tenth of the treasure explaining to him, the meaning of him of mystery.

Santiago extremely excited and agreed to the condition. She tells him and she find a journey in Egyptian and returns from there. He goes to nearby market.

There was an old man approach him. He notified Santiago he who helped to find a treasure. But Santiago just ignored the man. The old man reveals that Malchizepek King of sale.

He can help to find him. He loves to travel so he always changes his appearance so no one could recognized him. The man at Santiago that he can give him address.

If he agreed 1/10 of his sheep.  The old man advise him a “If a person desire to achieve something the whole universe will help him to fulfilling the desires. Santiago replied that he can give 1/10 of his treasure instead of his sheep.

2.         To this a man says if he promises to give something which he doesn’t even have yet then he will loosed the desire to achieve it also.

The next day Santiago gives him a share of sheep’s. The man tells him that he has to go to Egypt for treasure and gives his two stones. Uranium and antomum to read the nature signal.

He sent Santiago on his ownership to Africa. When Santiago reach Africa than Tangier Morocco. He was robbed by the people. He thinks to himself that now he doesn’t have money.

Even his sheep’s and he is in complete new place. He regret to trying to find his treasure and leaving everything behind. There he sees a crystal merchant shop on a hill.

He goes there and tells the owner that he can clean the crystal and makes it shiny as new in a return of food. The owner offered a job and Santiago agreed to work for some time.

And when he has sufficient money he will go back. While working for few days he noticed that the people get tired after climbing the hill. There he knew that no food shops on hill so Santiago suggested to owner to start selling tea on crystal on move.

In a year Santiago and owner earns lot of money.  Santiago considered going back to the village and double the amount as from sheep’s he had, but then he recall the old man what he said.

Santiago joins a Caribbean handing towards Egypt. Where he meets an Englishman who searched of alchemist. He tells him Alchemist two years old and turns him gold.

Santiago helps the man to find An alchemist. Santiago was very excited to meet with that girl. After meeting of the old man said that and asked to give him 1/10 of this cattle’s.

Santiago replied that I will pay will 1/10 of that wealth of what I will achieve. On his replied old man said that “the things still have not achieved and you ready to offered me before then the desired of that things automatically be starts to become less.

That means you will never be get the things. Santiago thought that these sheep’s/ girls were not more valuable than my parents. If my parents are surviving without me. So these sheep’s would also start to live without me. He given 10% of sheep’s.

He told to Santiago  to go to Egypt (Pyramids) and also given two stones which will give you the direction of your goal and understand the signals of natures.

When he reached to city of Tenser of Africa there he was stolen by some thief’s. On that he thought that he had done lot of mistake to arrive there.

Now he has lost everything’s and thinking where he will go. “Just he reminds the matter what the old man said whenever you desire to achieve anything with your heart than all your entire natures will starts to attract to meet you”.

3.         Santiago thinks that this place is also not too bad. Thereafter, went to a hill where a shop was. There he told to a shopkeeper to give him food to eat.

In return he will clean the shop and do work for his shop. He was thinking to do work for making money as much to arrive Egypt and same returned to home where he left his sheep’s and parents.

On the hill he opened a shop so that he can manage lot of money and he earn lot of money. Suddenly he again remembered that a man should never leave their dream half unless achieved the goal.

After arriving Egypt an old man of 200 years meet with Santiago. This Englishman was searching an Alchemist “The meaning of An Alchemist means who make gold”.  

When they reached to village of that Alchemist there a battle started. Santiago was very tense and thought that on that he thought that why can’t I help to this Old man to search an Alchemist.


After few hours they reach to a home where meet with a girl who’s named was FATIMA. Santiago started to admire the girl and same to FATIMA also.

Fatima given the address of that Alchemist and then they left for there. Alchemist told to an Englishman he was searching me for last 10 years.

Were you ever tried to make gold. Englishman said no. If you would tried so can be able to make gold. To achieve anything must have to be consistent.

Now you go and make gold. Then he went from there. On other hand Santiago always started to meet with Fatima. They both love to each other.

One day Santiago seen that two eagle were fighting with each other. Instantly Santiago feels that its a type of message which going to be bad happened. Might be some other villagers were ready to fight.

On that he tell this to King of that village. King told that if it will be wrong so you have to be suffer lot of problem. Suddenly a troops were attacked on the village but before they were ready to fight and they were also won from them.

He given him 50 coins of gold. And he told him from today you are a councilor of this village. He thought to stay there because he loves to FATIMA too much.

And now he want to survive with FATIMA as he also got a job to survive. One day Santiago told to Fatima why don’t I stay here because I love you. But Fatima replied, no you go and achieve your goal because I am ready and if our love is true so again we will meet with us.

Lastly when Santiago completed his own mission then he returned to his admirer village and him meet with Fatima. They both married survived happily.   


Surendar Thakur

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