1.           How can you know that the person who seated in front of you what he is thinking?  We have special aura as a radiation to feel anybody and can know what he is thinking.
Creativity forms by practicing meditating. We all know that we are staying as one family in home but they all are existing in their own different world.
Whatever we are thinking continuously that all created into and form into some special emotion and it creates some logical formation in our life.
Which is very difficult to understand in this world?  
So first of most we must understand to it because once we started to understand itself so it means we are ready to understand the mind of other people.
2.           Only doing continues practice for staying with happy people may lead you to survive in happy life.
Therefore, try to spend life with good and positive people otherwise if stay with negative people so your mind will also be the same.
No matter. If want to become some like a successful person so talk about success people. Never talk about negative people otherwise you will also be the same.
3.           Will power comes only by doing some best or mentally thinking about God so radiation of will power will comes.
Suppose we are reading the books of successful person so their power of spirit will comes to help us.
So reading habits will help us. Will power has a special power to get and achieve success in our goal. Will power will comes only by meditation.
Always try to evolve body with mind then only possible to learn anything so quick. Body and mind both are important for will power.
Unless until we create a dedication and consistency on a particular goal, our mind always diverts from one goal to other and lastly it disappear the entire mission and target simultaneously.  
4.           Everybody has a special cognitive power and penal gland but they don’t know how to use that will power with our body and mind soul.
Sometimes we must also feel the value of natures in current situation.
We must recognize our will power through emotional level and mental level will increase only by following some mental reason.
5.           Sometimes I feel bored when I was too closed with my friend but now I am not so closed only because my interest has been changed and my goal has been changed.
I chose some other way to live.
Some adversities come only to solve and give some enormous benefit in our life. On that time we must be with our family. To feel secure you don’t leave your life.
So you feel as you are spending your life as wasting in bad activities.
6.           Whenever we started to feel to choose friends for our life on that situation we feel that we required a good relationship for any’s life.
The biggest life of human being to create TENSION of any life. So how could be possible to delete tension from any life. 
Why it created tension in any life. So these all happens only because due to scarcity of their creativity of that individual.
And that creativity will make life prosperous life and will give content and satisfaction in our life.
7.           The Theory That Links Self Reflection and Progress.   The invincible thinking is a philosophy that links self-reflection and progress.
Generally when people practice positive thinking, they tend to think it is sufficient simply to move forward in a positive and constructive manner.
However, we need to consider how to reconcile this with self- reflection, one of the basic teachings of the institute for research in human being.
When practicing positive thinking, people tend not to look into the shadows, not to look at the dark side of things. They only look to the light, focusing on the right side of the things.
It’s a personal philosophy unique to each and every individual.
Despite this, I strongly feel that I need to offer an explanation of the direction and approach you should take, so here I would like to discuss the power of invincible thinking from perspective.
8.           The philosophy started from the idea that no one can live without making mistakes.
No one is capable of sailing through life without any problems.
The reality is that people move to the left then to the right they fail and go down, they stand-up again, but always they are searching for some way to make their lives better and happier.
Invincible thinking is a philosophy that provides you with the greatest power that exist in the three dimensional world you inhabit, this world where you breathe and eat.
Invincible thinking also explains spiritual laws that are not fully understood, especially from the standpoint of this phenomenal world.
9.           I would also say that I start by saying that invincible thinking is based on the idea that all difficulties in life can be turned into nourishment for the soul. 
When you think about the meaning of life, you will realize it is not the case.
You are born here on this earth once every few hundred or few thousand years so that you may work with many types of people in new circumstances to refine your soul further.
10.         You are not here simply to have everything run smoothly for you.
Your purpose on the earth is to develop greater stature and radiate a genuine light by accumulating many different experiences, repeating the process of tail and error.
11.         The main challenge in life is how to make the utmost effort using all the knowledge, skill and ideas you possess, to cope with the problems you are confronted with and transform what you gain into strength for your sou.
So never be satisfied simply to avoid or deny a problem.
12.         Be Master Of Your Own Life.   Be a master of your own life and ready to achieve all your desires for what you want.
What is the secret formula to sharp our mind and why it need in our life so without requirement it didn’t get it? 
So it depend upon us how big problem ready to face in our life.  Sharp mind will lead only by emotional and functional condition the way you start to face the adversities.
13.         Creativity people gets sharp mind since they start to use the mind-set quality. The more we start to sharpen the saw in our life the more we start to do and achieve more in our life.
So learn something new in your life and make your mind-set sharpen. Find new solution of every problem. Only great adversities will lead you and change your life.
Our natures help to only those who are ready to touch with natures.
Our mind is a made-up of one of the best chemical which release in universe by which mind do one best things in our life. Spirituals attainment says that how our natures work.
14.     Our surrounding environment tells us how to talk with natures. All the things happen in our life.
Sometimes a human being gets angry on that time it feels very negative and form a negative energy. Spirituality tells us how to talk with anyone and how to talk with our universe.
15.         What is Spirituality?  
“Our natures automatically by default say that if you are ready to fight with nature and searching something in life so you will get it by the help of universe and natures”.
“If I want to stay alone in my life so I am one boy who wants to exist in life. Unstoppable is a system by which we try to lean in our life”.
When a soul start to stay alone so that means it starts to find some new way in life. Step by step it starts to enhance the power of spiritual.
Why some people do negative to someone, so someone feels to do some greatness by touching with God.
Only spirituality will help and give us enormous life and content to live well in life. There are some best existed things in life as a part of which must have to be understood in life.
When individual start to learn alone on that time they also feels to understand itself.
Because it needs more patients and once you finished this preservice so one day you will be genius. By exploring some new things they start to feel some best with heart and feel extrovert.
They do more practice on what he learns. By this they also feel that there is something unique in me.
And the value of the love start to increase more and more in body all the part of body stat to feel spiritual in life.
Only love will get and love is the special and spirituality to search the life better way. Those who devoted more they only can existed universe to know more.
Unlimited dimensional finds by itself and those who desire exactly they gets it sure by their frequency.
Once individual soul stay alone, so they start to find their individual should which impact to increase the level of sub consciousness by default.
Natures always waits for you and again they feel to love with everyone everybody nature in life with.
Give more services and help to people because the more you help the more your level increases whatever you need, you will get it more and more what you want in your life.
One that time they focus 100% and full concentration in life.
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