1.       How a person transformed itself into a different platform by innovating himself. How can I learn the business of life. There is a process by which every individual desires to achieve the matter.

Which will help you keep you on track and make different from you? Keep that step and make you different from others. All that people who become a entrepreneur they didn’t have the awareness of a matter, but they have the strategies of their life.

A smart people can be bold, and bold people can be smart. Why these happen? The secret of getting anything in human being is to give a best dimension in your life.

Make a disciplined routine to yourself. It’s a ongoing process and forming and achieving to those values. Maximize your potential and make wonderful your life.

One thing always reminds that you were designed to win, but programmed to lose. So powerful and true. Negative thoughts and emotions, they weaken you immune system.

The reality is created from your perceptions. The brain control your bio chemistry.

The life doesn’t happen to you, it happens from you. You just repaired television with your books, you repaired relationship with family. And slowly you may also repaired relationship with money.

In this world, no one told you what is powerful knowledge which will change your life.

Do you know what is your exact life and where it is going? Do three (03) things in a day what that is “your mentor will told you.

Make a routine, practice and innovative to give a shape of your life. You just came in education system and follow the path of routine.

Develop to yourself by practicing such a small things in your daily life by changing the way you think.

Make sure what you want and your specific goal should to be written on your note book to make yourself routine system. Because the brain will give you what you want and desire to be need in your life.

Most of the people focus on their problem that’s why they are in problem at all the time. They never tried to transformed himself. Because what you focus on what you directing to your mind.  

So focus on what you want. Next step is your idea is very powerful and unique than other so please do cherish them. Hence, idea change the world. 

Everything on planet besides nature was once an idea in the mind of a human being. Self mastery which believe on you as what do you want from you not from world.

Think that what exactly want from you and than from entire world. First you must have to pay the world than it only possible to achieve.

Because life  doesn’t give you what you want. It gives you what you believe and do in your daily practices.  If you believe that what you want is here so belief will also be there.

Life will give you every single time so self – mastery is but knowing how you feel, what do you believe. Because you are designed to be just like. You are designed to win but you’re programmed to lose the system.

It is so important to what we believe in. What matters is what you believe. Focus on good things. What you believe is very- very important. Self – mastery is your inner work.

Only you can do this, but it is worth it. Always think take action but wait. Would you think, feel and act differently than you do today. The answer comes “YES”.

What I suggest you act from that level of consciousness. Don’t wait for five years to feel like that and start to do now.

3.       We know we are just like magnet so if we truly believe to anything for what we want. Think are thought and thought are think. What is sleep? 

First wakeup in morning and act like a good and a Great Businessman. Act as a great Businessman. Live on subconscious mind. Which opens another door called collective subconscious mind.

Always feels present and subconscious of itself. Then we start to feel each and every drops of your life. Be aware of collective unconscious.

Pre-creation/ before made-up of cosmic/ un-cosmic information which are makeup of soul. Until, you are unconscious you are in healing the awareness and the whole universe.  

4.       Those who want to be great must have to be fall in deep. Whenever you are sleeping must be aware that you are sleeping. Be aware that you are sleeping and you must have to wake up in your life.

Everyone has the same time. your activity is totally depending for your productivity. If your activity is not good so productivity will also be bad.

Productivity means where mind, soul and body are investing. At least invest more than three (03) hour a day. So one day you must have to do three hour for your study. Make consistency of your own life and your own ability.

Make a carrier of itself. Narender Modi devotions dedication and sacrifice for their own productivity. Make your full responsibility with yourself.

Use your time from 09 to 11 pm dedication and sacrifice must need to improve your productive life. Every body has five senses just like nose to smell, test and texture and a part from this its a reliable picture are going inside your brain.

Consciousness means feeling hard problem. And when we aware of those things, so problem also starts to become/ converted into a solution. There are too many important things in awareness.

The good news is that it stores all type of experience which is awareness. How this is done to be complex and little understood. We are expected to exact awareness instinctively.

We must need personal reason to solve any situation/ hard problem. Awareness comes from stillness and in problem so problem is not a problem that is cognitive sense.

Happiness is hard to attain and even harder to explain. Function of your own brain depend upon the quality of our life. You must add experience to your brain to make qualities of your life.

Instead of thinking all the time about how your life should be going by a different track. How my feeling and your mind works. Add the sweetness in your life and decrease whatever feels sour and bitter.

 5.      Add to the sweetness in our life, and decrease whatever feels sour and bitter. Lower the stress and angry will feels us or favor respect, dignity, tolerance.

Go out- go out- go out of the nature, beauty to appreciate them. And be Calm at all the time. The brain is the creation of consciousness. If I practice and practice the purity, so your brain will be able to operate with much higher self-regulation.

Awareness-self regulation-automatic habit. Make a good habit of tomorrow by thinking today before seeping. Decision makes only by today and only by small and small habit.

You can also do and became a millionaire by doing a good habit. Even small thought also change the whole world so realize your own potential.

Trail is a type of source which motivates you to build you for how can you build to yourself. Beside every thought have an action. How can you can realize your own potential?

You have an infinite potential. To do list means how to do your work your potential. Design your life with professional life drawing. Circumstances and struggle is the key to open your all hazardless.

Legendry sacrifice is must need to improve their own life in systematic way. You all even small habit will become very vast things in your life. All your body wants to tell you and wanted to guide you as a mentor.

Swami Vivekananda said the day on when start to feel that we are nothing for society on that day you died. Start accepting growing. Why you are surviving these all things studies.

It only to secure your life with best and best. And the best will happens only by creating good thoughts and good thought comes only by good action and comes only by good habit.

So good and positive thought gives brilliant action. Whatever happens in your life, let it be happen. But try to learn something better than previous. Strong purpose lower distraction. Feel purpose of life and find out it anyway.

On every last of the month think and practice and give response to yourself and give credit to itself by how you managing to yourself. Stability will come 100% in our life. Starts accepting and keep growing.

So make goal and to do list in your life and how can we make your life better.

6.       Sachin Tendulkar always given example with by action not by talking. Thomas Elba Edison struggle of 10 years and its ok he made mistake all were burn and told that from tomorrow will give a new start-up.

Does hard labor till the God not fail in front of you nobody will step to you? Starts accepting and keep growing and be a kind fighter.

About everything do one thing. The more you know about the mind the more you research into the brain. Start to shape it into new patterns and possibilities.

Any changes might be beginning from your mind. You have to want to change in the fairest place, and then you must lead your brain to create than you must lead your brain to create ne neural network to support to take decision.

Our brain not only transmit the world but to you essential creates that world.

If you can master your brain, you can master your reality. Once the mind unleashed its profound power, the result will be greater awareness, a healthier body, a happier deposition and unlimited personal growth.   

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