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1.           Real happiness is that happiness by which we give happiness in to another life. How can be perfect in art of work? Happiness is a type of matter to feel anybody or anything day to day in human life.

All type of education will get it duly by concentration and meditation?

There is not any price for any happiness concentration means are just to be a finest moment life. A confident is a type of quality to initiate only after prepare of self task.

Self awareness is must essential so that we can read and understand the world. Before you must understand who you are.

Anything is hard unless we try to solve the solution. If I am asking any question so must will get it the answer by anyhow.

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But our soul has not any type of answer.  Just think that where did I come and what is truth? Buddha said that your all question answer will get it only by yourself.

Don’t ask answer from anybody. Thereafter, he told to stay one year and then Buddha replied. After one year that man understands what I asked who I am and what is truth.

We never asked any question form itself. Once we try to focus to itself. Than only I understand who am I. Who am I and what I must have to do in my life. How can we concentrate to our body, soul and mind. Just by meditating.

Try to walk with nature, spirit and concentration. A man can do it anything by the help of meditation. All the bad circumstance will be deleted as per our daily meditation and concentration. A place where sorrow existed their happiness are also existed.  

2.           Happiness is like that which dimension cannot be seen why people are so stupid. The real happiness is that happiness in which you can survive in all the circumstances.


You must have to be finding your own way to survive in this universe. We all have the age of mind, and soul. Mostly age of mind can stop after 18 years but body is just 10 years.

But soul has not any age. It’s full and perfect.  There are no any far more difference between good and bad. A man must search anything what they must deserve it. But how can you achieve the matter when your inner spirit start to act and do practice is called karma.

 Body is a type of temple to wake up in morning and do hard work. Try to find your inner spirit. Spirit to act and do practice and is a Karma.  This life never comes again so do it hard labor. 

Buddha was always been silent because they has the more sound inside the inner spirit.

He has the power to make sound at anywhere and more than physical sound. God also does not know what to do but they try to update himself.

Brahma also ask whether after creation will make any harms or happiness. What will be the effect/ impact? So why human being are not aware of the spirituality. 

Religion cannot understand meaning of science whereas science also cannot understand the meaning of religion but both are infinity which are co-related with each other at all the circumstances. 

Those who have the meditation power they have the reason to re-generate the status of power again death may tell you the reality of life.

What is life? Then only you understand how to survive in earth.  

3.           To continue any type of business there are some best Indian strategies which is called manage or Jugad.

The person who have not any skill training, but in spite they created business only by observation, experience and application of mind because of business is not a rocket science.

Junun/ burning desire-Some entrepreneur has a type of special idea/ passion which make a type of dream and goal for their life.

4.           How can I find my calling?  There are not a fix plane to get any success at fast but have a regular and continues practice to achieve the success. Awareness, fantasy and practice will give the best in your life.

So how can you find your destiny?  Awareness will tell you what you exact required in your life. First of all be aware of each and every moment of your life.

Listen your mentor as the knowledge received from reading books are called mentors. Observed to you by painful practice. Yes by using painful practice you will achieve your success. 

Without accept you yearn to do any work dedicative way so calling will achieve very fast in your feet.  We must think like logically not emotionally. Just target our emotion.

Don’t take emotion seriously rather than emotionally. If you know your enemy and property so will never lose to yourself.  Some time in interview Boss ask tell me about yourself. So people never try to give reply proper way.

Always try to learn anything new and be open mind. After learn and learn you can achieve anything new. So try to learn anything new and best in your life. Incremental approach means where you can learn easy work and then to hard.

Entity approach means suddenly think for receive a lot of things at one time. Which is very hard to solve even a small things in your life.

5.           If you have adopt a quality and ability to do and complete work in environment of sound pollution, than you can also achieve your success at all circumstances. Always try to study and practice in both and durable way.

Best sleep in small parts meditation or different type of education must require. For best learning mind and heart must require a peace level. Try to learn small and small parts of your life. Like a spinal level of art. Learn anything with dedicative way. Be committed on your work and do the work proper way. 

Achieve your focus mode to your brain. Fun and work both are required in your life. Programmed your brain time to time which will help to your life. Let us think that what you love first and what we try to do in our daily life.

In which filed getting fun and what can we do so that I always be feel energetic. Do not sleep too much because if you will sleep too much than you will not get your success for what you want to achieve.

A strong believes must need to improve yourself.  How should be best in our field. Try to do practice in your daily life.

Suppose that somebody is very interested in blogging so do blogging because you like blog writing. And by blog you get fun and dedication.

Passion is different thing and fun is different thing. Consistent is one of the best and most important things which required improving itself in our daily life to initiate any work.

6.           If you are married your wife will be the mentor for your business and next is your book. Just start to believe on your wife so does work consistently. Never fight with wife. Start to love your wife.

7.           Your work should be 100% pure and perfect. Best Entrepreneur always reads lot of books and they searched for new and various opportunities.


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